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Turkey along with the US, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are openly supporting and funding al-Nusra terrorists in Syria, in the vain hope this will help weaken the Syrian nation.

the shared in…humanity of revolting genocidal nato and turkish ‘governments’ who do not represent civilian populations anywhere.

The situation in Idlib and surrounding areas is serious and reflects the pure criminality of NATO who are openly lining all their terrorists up behind al-Nusra with the most pathetic anti-Iran rhetoric that only bemoans the fact the Iranian revolution did actually get rid of…NATO.

the turkish government is openly
supporting al-nusra terrorists


Damascus, SANA – The Syrian Foreign and Expatriates Ministry sent two identical letters to the head of the Security Council and the UN Secretary-General on the Turkish government’s continuing illicit involvement in providing support to terrorist organizations.

The Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said the recent terrorist attacks on the city of Jisr al-Shughour and the town of Eshtabraq, and before that on Idleb, Kasab, and Aleppo, were carried out under logistic support and intense fire cover from the Turkish army, which constitutes a direct Turkish aggression against Syria and proves the open involvement of the Turkish government in supporting terrorism and violating the sovereignty of a UN member country in blatant violation of the UN Charter and Security Council resolutions on counterterrorism.

Jisr al-Shughour

The Ministry said that following up on prior letters on the indirect Turkish involvement in supporting terrorist organizations and these organizations’ criminal activities that target Syria’s stability and security, Syria would like to relay to the Security Council and the UN Secretary-General information of the utmost gravity about the Turkish government’s clear and open support that allowed hordes of terrorists to infiltrate the cities of Idleb and Jisr al-Shughour and the town of Eshtabraq two days prior to this date.

The letters said that terrorist organizations, including Jabhet al-Nusra which was provided with training and weapons by the Turkish government, committed massacre two days ago in Eshtabraq in the countryside of Jisr al-Shughour, with terrorists slaughtering around 200 civilians, most of them women and children, leaving the victims’ bodies lying around in farmlands in the open, showing not only the barbarism of Jabhet al-Nusra, but also the barbarism of those who support them including Turkish, Saudi, and Qatari officials, adding that the Syrian government will provide information to the Security Council about those innocent civilian victims.

The Ministry went on to note that officers from Turkish intelligence agencies based in an advanced center on the Turkish-Syrian borders, with support from Saudi Arabia and Qatar, provided and managed logistic support to facilitate the infiltration of around 5,000 foreign terrorists – most of them from Jabhet al-Nusra which is listed among terrorist organizations by the Security Council – into Syrian territories, with the hordes of Jabhet al-Nusra terrorists storming Jisr al-Shughour after firing thousands of rocket shells on it for several days, running amok in its neighborhoods and murdering entire families, which caused the forced displacement of thousands of civilians.

The letters noted that the Turkish government has and continues to provide arms, funding, and training for thousands of terrorists for the purpose of destroying Aleppo city and displacing its people and occupying Idleb city, and before them the target was Kasab city, and that resulted in the murder of hundreds of Syrians, the mutilation of their bodies, and the decapitation of many at the hands of terrorists, which constitutes war crimes and entails that the sides and states that commit or fund or instigate these atrocities be held accountable.

The Ministry concluded by stating that Syria demands the Security Council exercise its authority to stop this Turkish aggression and hold its perpetrators and their supporters accountable as it constitutes a threat to security and peace in the region and the world, in addition to demanding that immediate and deterrent steps be taken against the Turkish government for its aggression against Syria and its violation of Security Council resolutions on counterterrorism, specifically resolutions no. 2170 issued in 2014, no. 2178 issued in 2014, and no. 2199 issued in 2015.

NATO ‘news’ media have been trying to downplay the brutality of their latest savagery in Syria.

The NATO propaganda in Turkey (which like Britain has elections coming up) is being peddled through all their outlets.

Turkey make no pretense about openly supporting al-Nusra terrorists, dishonestly portraying them as fighting for Syrian people against the Syrian government, when they are simply paid up NATO mercenary terrorists.

Words cannot describe the criminality of the wholesale support for terrorists by NATO, which only really exposes their own ‘official’ armies have always been terrorists.


Al-Nusra Front-led opposition groups have made significant advances in the city of Idlib and are preparing to move on to Latakia while Assad’s forces are believed to have weakened significantly

A month ago the opposition groups under the umbrella of the Fatah Army captured the city center of Idlib, which was hailed as a huge gain against the Assad regime in Syria. The rebels have proudly declared that they have seized control over the city and released several videos showing the people of the city saluting the fighters and thanking them for expelling the regime forces. Syrian President Bashar Assad, whose forces hold positions in Latakia, Damascus and some parts of Aleppo was, as understood from his statements, frustrated at the loss and accused Turkey of facilitating the fall of Idlib into the hands of the opposition groups, although the regime forces since the beginning of the war in 2011 have lost large amounts of territory. The opposition sympathizers on social media claim that the regime is facing its worst days since 2011 and is “anxious.”

Consequently it has become more aggressive as more barrel bombs started to fall and the prisoners held by the regime forces have been executed prior to the capture of the rebels. The opposition groups, after ending the internal conflicts except with the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) [a massive NATO lie] continue to make gains in the rural parts of Idlib, near Latakia , which is one of Assad’s strongholds. Jisr al-Shughour was the last town captured by the opposition fighters after a rapid surrender on Saturday. The capture took 48 hours and regime forces evacuated the town completely. Robert Ford, a former U.S. ambassador to Damascus, now a senior fellow at the Middle East Institute told the Guardian, “Despite constant Western media assessments that Assad’s situation is secure, the reality is that the Syrian war is one of attrition. And minority regimes usually do not fare well in prolonged wars of attrition.”

The changing balances in the war have been attributed to Saudi Arabia’s new King Salman bin Abdulaziz’s ambition to eliminate the Iranian threat. The fact that Saudi Arabia leads the coalition against Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen, who have attempted to overthrow the Saudi-backed and internationally-recognized Yemeni government, is considered as proof of the oil-rich country’s concentrated policy toward Iran, which has recently agreed an agreement over the nuclear issue with the U.S.

Iran has critically helped the Assad regime through dispatching thousands of soldiers, mobilizing the Lebanon-based Shiite Hezbollah group and delivering millions of dollars despite its troubled economy due to international sanctions. Yesterday Syrian Defense Minister Fahd Casim el-Freyc paid a visit to Tehran and said “the two allies will be cooperating militarily in the purpose of defeating the rebels.” The Secretary-General of the Istanbul-based Syrian Turks’ Association Ahmed Vezir told Anadolu Agency, “Syrian opponents are fighting against Iran, Hezbollah and secret powers rather than Syrian troops in Syria, adding that Iran was increasingly having a “greater say” in Syria. He also said Iranian troops were taking an “active” role in the country. Vezir said that “opposition forces in Syria had united in many locations across the country, making significant gains against the regime troops. The strengthening of the opposition has weakened the regime, causing disintegration and cracks inside the regime.”

It is, however, uncertain how long Iran can sustain its position in Syria as the opposition groups unify and advance into the strongholds of the regime, meanwhile the Saudi-led coalition has weakened the Houthis in Yemen. Moreover, the U.S. and Turkey have voiced their concerns over the Iranian presence in Syria, Iraq and Yemen. Saudi Arabia seems to have gained a position more advantageous than Iran in the proxy war that continues in Syria and Yemen. As a result the opposition groups expect more victories as the regime forces have been dramatically weakened following the capture of Idlib.

Erdogan the terrible completely exposes himself as a NATO rent boy supporting terrorists and opposing…Iran because they got…rid of…NATO.

BEIRUT (Reuters) – Syria has accused Turkey of providing supporting fire and logistical help to enable “terrorist groups” to capture the Syrian city of Idlib and the strategic town of Jisr al-Shughour, state television said on Tuesday.

“The terrorist groups’ attacks on Idlib city and Jisr al-Shughour… were carried out by logistical and fire support from the Turkish army,” Syrian television quoted the foreign ministry as saying.

“This is direct Turkish aggression on Syria.”

Syria has recently stepped up its accusations that Turkey is aiding opposition fighters in its civil war and allowing thousands of foreign jihadi fighters into the country.

Ankara has rejected such charges.

The capture of Idlib, near the Turkish border, last month and Jisr al-Shughour last week dealt a blow to government forces who have suffered a series of setbacks in both the north and south of the country.

On Monday, a coalition of Islamist fighters seized an army base in northwestern Syria, bringing them closer to Latakia, a stronghold of President Bashar al-Assad.

(Reporting by Mariam Karouny; Editing by Mark Trevelyan)

It is impossible for Erdogan to deny since his completely controlled ‘news’ media is openly promoting Turkey et al illegally supporting al-Nusra et al.

The US, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey are behind the al-Nusra attack on Jisr Al-Chouhour.

Daily Sabah front page April 25th 2014: Turkey-based “interim prime minister of Syria” Mr Ahmad Saleh Touma is circled in blue.

The former New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark has just pulled a refugee figure out of thin air, such is her vulgar kowtowing to promote her own self-serving whoredom to NATO at the UNDP which is just another front for laundering money to terrorists. 

typical NATO war whore has a problem with any ‘veto’ over war

NATO terrorize and murder civilians to try and bring them under their control in one way or another, including in refugee camps, which are used by NATO to launder very large sums of public money to terrorists, not refugees from their wars.


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