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Local Arab agencies reported of US-led coalition air strikes, which theoretically and virtually were targeting the DAESH gangs positions, killed instead at least 52 civilians in Northern Syria.

According to the press releases, the air strikes by the US-led coalition started on Friday morning over the village of Birmahle, in Aleppo province, killing 52 Syrian civilians.

It is also reported that between the martyrs there are over ten children, and dozens of people are still trapped in the rubble.

Local sources comment that the real target [failed] of American and allies bombing are rather some local Syrian popular patriotic armed formations, who are fighting against the terrorist gangs of al-Nusra Front and Daesh-ISIS.

If these revelations are true, it is a real direct attack on the Syrian patriotic forces, under the pretext of combating terrorism, that Americans and their allies notoriously rather support and protect.


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