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NATO henchman al-Saud exposed spreading disinformation over failure to defeat Yemeni resistance
Parliament Square Peace Campaign, 4 May 2015

The House of Saud propaganda machine is desperately spreading disinformation, following it’s inability to defeat Yemeni resistance.

The unelected House of Saud publicly claimed, to save the blushes of the discredited UNSC, that they had concluded their bombing campaign against Yemeni civilians, when the bombing campaign against Yemeni civilians actually continues.

The House of Saud then claimed that their bombing of civilians in Yemen happened because of material Iranian support for Ansralluh and because Ansralluh were going to launch Scud Missiles but naturally was not able to offer any evidence of either.

The execrable BBC ran with the Saudi non-story purely to peddle anti-Iran propaganda, because the colonial world has not yet got over itself being thrown out of Iran by the Iranian revolution.

The translation of Riyadh as psycho is accurate.

All the NATO propaganda in the world cannot disguise that no civilian population in the Middle East could possibly actually want long Genocidal NATO or those they have installed like the unelected House of Saud, occupying their country.

The House of Saud do understand that any civilian population would want to be rid of them because they present themselves as false idols whose sloth and greed like that of their masters in the similarly unelected House of Windsor, is entirely and utterly obscene.

As Ansrullah so succintly explicitly stated, they do not need the ‘permission’ of the UNSC (or the GCC) to defend their own country from foreign aggression.

The UNSC have a huge problem now because their outright deceit over the rights of Yemeni people to not be attacked by ‘Arab’ Gulf States aggression is going to come back to haunt the UN very big time.


Brian Haw
Submitted by Cem Ertür
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