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Hezbollah Kills Dozens of Nusra Terrorists in Tofeil, Brital Barrens

Al-Manar ~ Well-informed sources told Al-Manar that Hezbollah Killed or wounded dozens of Nusra terrorists in Tofeil, Brital barrens in Bekaa, eastern Lebanon.

The sources added that Hezbollah mujahidin (fighters) ambushed and fiercely clashed with Nusra terrorists, destroying their vehicles and equipment.

Syrian Army 5-2

Syrian Army Foils Terrorist Attack in Qalamoun, Kills Dozens of Militants

Al-Manar ~ The Syrian army killed 20 terrorists and wounded 50 others as it targeted their remnants in al-Jibba and Assal al-Ward barrens in Qalamoun after their attack on its posts had failed.

Well-informed sources told Al-Manar that a state of disarray and confusion prevailed among the terrorists, and their commanders trade accusations of treason and cowardice.

The Syrian army and its allies had frustrated an attack that was carried out by the militant groups in the barrens of al-Jibba and Assal al-Ward in Qalamoun as the military units ambushed the terrorists, killing or wounding dozens of them.


Security sources told Al-Manar that a number of terrorists were killed or wounded and their vehicles were destroyed as they attempted to attack the military posts of the Syrian army in the barrens of al-Jibba and Assal al-Ward in Qalamoun.

The Syrian army and armed forces units assumed operations in pursing, targeting, killing terrorists and destroying their equipment and ammunition on Monday across the country.

In Damascus, the Syrian authorities killed all members of a terrorist group while pursuing them at the east of Rouken-Eddin neighbourhood in Damascus, while one of its suicidal blew himself up.

Hezbollah fighters

Hezbollah forces kill dozen Qaeda-linked terrorists

Fighters from Lebanon’s Hezbollah resistant movement have killed at least a dozen terrorists from the al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front group in eastern Lebanon.

PressTV ~ Lebanese satellite television station al-Manar reported that the fighters, who engaged in heavy battle with the terrorists near al-Tufail and Brital towns close to the eastern mountain range near the border with Syria, have also destroyed many vehicles used by the terrorists.

The report came after Hezbollah’s Deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naeem Qassem said earlier on Tuesday that the fighters were getting prepared to clear the strategic Qalamoun region of the ISIL Takfiri terrorists.

Hezbollah fighters alongside the Syrian army forces are aiming to gain full control of the eastern Lebanon mountain range, security forces say.

Reports also say that the military arrangements for the battle for the eastern mountain range near the border with Syria have almost finished.

The sources said the Syrian army has brought a number of rocket launchers, artillery batteries and cannons and has deployed them in strategic areas and hills in the Syrian town of Zabadani, close to the border with Lebanon.

“This battle is the battle of protecting Lebanese villages and preventing Takfiris from expanding and achieving their goals,” the senior Hezbollah official said.

Over the past months, Lebanon has witnessed an increase in terrorists’ activities on the border with Syria, suffering from attacks by al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorists as well as the ISIL terrorists.


Dozens of Jabhat Al-Nusra terrorists were killed by Hezbollah and the National Defense Forces on the Qalamoun Mountains.

Hezbollah Overwhelms Jabhat Al-Nusra in the Qalamoun Mountains.
By Leith Fadel, Almasdar News.com

On early Monday morning, the militants from the Syrian Al-Qaeda group “Jabhat Al-Nusra” launched a surprise attack on Hezbollah positions in the villages of ‘Assal Al-Ward and Jaroud, attempting to overwhelm the Lebanese Resistance Army with a large contingent of combatants to take these areas in the Qalamoun Mountains.

Unfortunately for Jabhat Al-Nusra, Hezbollah’s frontline defenses were impregnable on Monday, as the attack quickly turned sour for the Al-Qaeda group, resulting in the death of a confirmed 26 enemy combatants and 42 others that were reportedly wounded during the fierce engagement.

At the village of Jaroud, Hezbollah destroyed a convoy of three armored vehicles mounted with 14.5mm anti-aircraft machine guns that belonged to Jabhat Al-Nusra; this coincided with the latter’s failed infiltration attempt to break-into this Hezbollah stronghold near the Lebanese border with Syria.

RODENT CONTROL-2015-archive

Early reports from Jabhat Al-Nusra social media activists stated that dozens of Hezbollah soldiers were killed and much of the territory captured; however, a source in the Qalamoun Mountains confirmed that this news was in fact false, as Hezbollah suffered only four casualties during the firefight with the enemy combatants.

The news in ‘Assal Al-Ward and Jaroud came three hours before a large convoy of Hezbollah soldiers crossed the Lebanese border from Ba’albak and entered Syria via the Al-Zabadani crossing – despite media reports of thousands of Hezbollah soldiers entering Syria, the Lebanese Resistance Forces have only begun the process of gradually redeploying their men to the Qalamoun.


Leith Fadel at Almasdar News.com
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