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UPDATE 19:00: Heavy fights are in progress in Gorlovka, Donetsk Airport, Shyrokyne, Pesky, Artemvisk, Medium fights registered in Kyivskyi district — Militia, Resident Source — Confirmed

UPDATE 19:00: Today near Artemivsk Ukrainian Forces used 122mm howitzers 14-17 times on Militia and civilians positions — Militia Source — Not Official Confirmed

UPDATE 19:00: The attacks on Donetsk region increased , Ukrainian Army is using more and more heavy artillery ( 122mm,152mm shells ) and tanks — Militia Source — Confirmed

UPDATE 13:00: Ukrainian Army is trying to gain ground near Shyrokyne but they didn’t manage to gain anything (only loses on their side), They were repulsed by Donetsk Militia — Militia, Resident Source — Not Official Confirmed

UPDATE 13:00: The fights intensified in Kuibyshevskyi district and Donetsk Airport, Ukrainian Forces tried to breakthrough militia lines near Avdiivka but they were repulsed by Donetsk Militia–Militia Source — Confirmed

UPDATE 12:40: Fights continue near Shyrokyne, North Gorlovka and Donetsk Airport– Militia, Resident Source — Confirmed

UPDATE 12:00: Novorossiya Militia continue to fix and repair the helicopters and fighter jets taken from Ukrainian Army, 2-4 SU-25 are ready to go,Militia Pilots are ready to fight — Militia Source — Official Confirmed

UPDATE 12:00: In the area of Pesky and Avdiivka Ukrainian Army gathered around 1000 soldiers and heavy weaponry ( maybe more,Because in the area the fights continue almost non-stop the exact amount can’t be estimate ) — Resident, Militia Source — Not Official Confirmed

UPDATE 12:00: Near Artemivsk Ukrainian Army has between 800-2200 soldiers and heavy artillery (Majority of the soldiers and equipment arrived in Artemvisk between 5-15 April) Militia, Resident Source — Not Official Confirmed.


Foreign mercenaries fighting for Kiev exposed


The EU funds Ukrainian “Donetsk Guantanamo”!

You get a guided tour of a US style prison that was no joke-being EU funded right there in DONETSK! Makes you wonder how many more of those they had in motion and where else are they? Not something anybody is going to see on CNN and the rest of MSM.

New UA government started building these objects right away after they came to power in early 2014, they were built in short terms, 2-3 months, but were abandoned as the frontline formed around Donetsk in July 2014


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