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”Policy of Syrian Alliances“, for its author Bashar al-Jaafari, Syria’s permanent Envoy to the UN, has filled a clear gap in the Arab library, in general, and the Syrian one, in particular, as it is considered one of the rare books which searches in the Syrian contemporary history, away from any ideologies, in addition to its richness in historic information and revealing of many secrets.

The topic of the book was basically the context of the thesis of al-Jaafari’s international doctorate he has gained from Sorbonne University in Paris in 1989.

The author has really derived his information from different Arab, foreign references, bulletins, news agencies and newspapers, in addition to personal interviews.

The book reveals that the events in Syria now are an outcome of attempts which date back to tens of years, by Arab and regional sides that wanted to dominate the Syrian decision and subjugate this country because it has a very important location in the world.

Al-Jaafari shows the historic importance of “natural Syria” since ancient ages, a thing that made the country lead a strategic role in defending the region where Syrian politicians have sought to join alliances in order to confront foreign aggression, reaching to the 20th century when Syria expelled the ottomans to come under the French occupation as national struggle has given fruit to achieve independence in 1946 following long-decades of military and political resistance.

The author passes through the age which followed the independence and the impact of Palestinian cause on the political interior situation in Syria and the age of military coups which took place as an outcome of Arab regimes’ interferences until the unity between Syria and Egypt.

The book refers to the efforts exerted by late President Hafez al-Assad during the seventies of last century to establish An Arab alliance which was embodied in Tishreen Liberation war in 1973.

The book is published by Bissan Dar in Beirut in 2015 which consists of 685 pages.


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