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Official Military sources confirmed that the Syrian Army’s offensives against the terrorists’ hideouts in the countryside of Aleppo have resulted in the killing and wounding of tens of them.


(IRIB) ~ The military sources said that the militants’ concentration centers in the surrounding areas of Air Force Academy, Tal Refaat, Mare’ and Anadan in the countryside  of the Northern province of Aleppo were massively targeted by the army men.

The sources said also that the terrorists’ suffered heavy death toll as a result of the Syrian army’s operations.

The sources announced that tens of terrorists were killed and wounded by the Syrian commandos’ offensives in various neighborhoods of the Aleppo city.

The sources said that the Syrian army targeted terrorists’ hideouts and concentration centers in al-Nashad, al-Amryeh, Jam’yat al-Zahraa, al-Lairamon, Bab al-Hadid, Aghior, al-Sukkari, Kifr Naha, al-Sheikh Maqsoud and near the air force academy in Aleppo, killing and injuring scores of them.


(SANA-journalists on the battlefield) ~ A Unit of the army and armed forces, in cooperation with members of the engineering units, destroyed a tunnel for terrorists extending from Ujet al-Kayali to Hamam al-Barhameh in Aleppo, killing all terrorists inside, a military source reported to SANA journalists on the battlefield.

Earlier, army units killed many terrorists and eliminated their hideouts in several areas in the northern province of Aleppo.

The source said that army units directed blows to terrorists’ gatherings in al-Neirab, Bustan al-Qaser, Hanano, al-Lairamoun, Bustan al-Maysar, Karem al-Qatraji, al- Sheikh Saad and in the Old City in Aleppo.

The source stressed that the blows left many terrorists killed and others injured from the so-called “Liwa al-Tawheed”, “Liwa al-Fateh”, “the Islamic Ahrar al-Sham Movement” and “Jabhat al-Ansar.”

Terrorists’ gatherings were eliminated in the army concentrated operations in Hreitan and Andan towns and the cities of Tal Refaat and Mare’ on the international road leading to Turkey in the northern countryside.

Army units also carried out operations against terrorists’ gatherings and vehicles, killing many and injuring others in Orom village and Kafar Joum town in the southern countryside.

Elsewhere, an army unit destroyed vehicles and dens of DAESH (ISIS) terrorists in concentrated operations against their gatherings in the surrounding of Air Force Academy in the eastern countryside of the province.

Terrorist organizations confirmed killing dozens of ISIS terrorists in the eastern countryside of the province including the so-called Abu Baker al-Almani the leader of the terrorist organization, Saudis Samer al-Khaledi and Abu Shayya al-Ghamedi, the Iraqi Said al-Samerrai, the Qatari Tammam al-Joheifi, the Turks Ahmet al-Sayed Ali and Abu Fuad and Ragheed Abu Salem from Kuwait, in addition to the terrorists Abu Khaled al-Falastini, Sufian Rabi’ al-Tonesi, Mohammad al-Ordoni and Abu Ibrahim al-Ostorali.

A military source said the Syrian Arab Army’s air force destroyed a weapons and ammo cache and vehicles belonging to terrorist organizations and killed scores of their members in Jisr al-Haj area in Aleppo countryside.



Excerpts from SANA & IRIB journalists on the battlefield
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