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The racist white supremacist British propagandists really do insult people’s intelligence bunging a few quid the way of their latest self appointed ‘expert’ liar Mr Bill Wiley to produce an inflammatory anti-Syrian government hit piece.

Contrary to the cowardly NATO tools at CIJA, we openly showed evidence of the British regime committing Genocide right outside the British Parliament, and it is our civilian resistance who have genuinely pioneered the concept of Universal Jurisdiction being applied to the British regime before a High Court jury in Britain.

front page propaganda from the foreign office published by the far from ‘progressive’ guardian that is criminal because it’s express purpose is that syrian civilians are murdered by nato

The insurmountable legal ‘difficulty’ NATO et al have is that the true starting point in their brutal war on Syria is this.

It is NATO and it’s allies who have never had any legal grounds to be funding and arming their lethally armed ‘opposition’ terrorists who have no legal authority whatsoever to make agreements with foreign governments to overthrow the Syrian government.

unconscionable: the foreign office “source”

It is actually Mr Bill Wiley who should be prosecuted for complicity in Nato war crimes, because Nato propaganda is a very serious crime because it is no accident and has the express purpose of seeing innocent civilians murdered by Nato

a paper trail that is actually straight out of the british foreign office box of dirty tricks



 In legal terms it is an understatement that Mr Bill Wiley has an insurmountable serious credibility problem.

Mr Wiley could not rely on the ‘defence’ that he did not reasonably know that he was deliberately publishing lies for the British Foreign Office, so Syrian civilians were murdered by NATO.

In fact everyone knows that the British government and their propagandists openly courted and wrote apologias for British backed terrorists like Abu Sakr who You-Tubed eating human body parts.

It is not difficult to work out why NATO invented the phoney ‘Islamic State’ moniker to attribute their own atrocities to.

The Crown Prosecution Service in Britain know full well that President Assad is not a war criminal, which is why the Foreign Office outsource the odd hit piece to try to dishonestly suggest otherwise.

I dare say I have more ‘practical’ legal training than Mr Bill Wiley after my own 48 unlawful arrests and more than 80 malicious prosecutions brought against me by the Genocidal British regime.

I personally think it has long been past time and is do-able for the criminality of NATO propaganda to be tested before a jury in courts of law, because the express purpose of NATO propaganda is to murder innocent civilians.

NATO propaganda is not an ‘accident’.

While some people have to be really evil to take money from NATO so that their own neighbours are slaughtered, most people are not that stupid or truly wicked.

Another NATO propagandist Robert Fisk similarly has the knives out for the Syrian government.


It is incredible that any ‘tribunal’ wastes everyone’s time with what Jumblatt himself actually admitted was a ‘political speech’ backed up by zero evidence (purely for the MSM soundbite)

Contrary to the evil claim of Gilad Sharon ‘things’ do not just ‘happen all by themselves’

It is a very simple matter of fact that NATO are trying to brutally slaughter any civilian who would quite naturally want to throw out NATO like the Iranian revolution did.

If we actually put Mr Wiley on the witness stand in a court of law before a jury, the only conclusion that could possibly be reached is that he is a (racist white supremacist) criminal illegally trying to cover up the war crimes of the Genocidal British regime.

Mr Wiley is part of the long despised breed of colonialists who dishonestly try to portray that colonialism is all about ‘helping’ indigenous civilian populations all around the world, colonialism has actually brutally slaughtered.

European colonialism can be explained in one sentence.

First barbaric Europeans came for Native American Indians, Africans, Asians and Aboriginals before coming for the people of the Arab Middle East.

When people understand that the Guardian publicize themselves as ‘left’ wing that tells anyone all they need to know about the complete absence of anything but the most brutal war mongering in the British MSM.


War crime alert: The Guardian publishes latest criminal NATO & UK regime propaganda against Syria (12.05.2015)
by Parliament Square Peace Campaign, 12 May 2015


BrianHaw, 12/5/2015
Submitted by Cem Ertür
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