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As part of the Zionist American Lobby effort in the conspiracy against the Syrian people and the Axis of Resistance in the Middle East, the Jewish Arabist Daniel Rubinsten, U.S. Special Envoy to Syria, began his round of consultations with all the dictatorial regimes of the area, enemies of Syria because of its political-financial-military independence and because of its declared secular democratic pluralism.

His dance between NATO’s corrupted puppets and Arab-Ottomans camel urine drinkers, will start on May 15 from Geneva, with end on May 27 in Riyad. Other stages will be Ankara and Istanbul. A compulsory stop, to try to understand the moves of Russia, and possibly undermine and counter them, it will be made in Moscow.

The UN Envoy to Syria, Staffan De Mistura, will be involved as well, with the excuse to negotiate with the “moderate terrorists” groups operating in Syria, but without the participation of representatives of the Syrian government, although De Mistura himself has already expressed his firm conviction that without the participation of Damascus every effort to solve the crisis is bound to fail, and despite some so-called “moderate opposition” gangs, which enjoyed strong military, political and financial American support, have already made known to De Mistura, from long time, not to be willing to dialogue and negotiations.

This journey and diplomatic weaving between the US, Turkey and Saudi, run by a Jewish Zionist Arabist, publicly reaffirms the Americanist Zionis managementt of the plot against Syria and against the peoples and sovereign nations of the Middle East region, threatened by the Saudi Ottoman puppets ambitions, which are always most clearly and unabashedly into the hands of Israel and the most U.S. conservative pro-Zionist wing: because they are the puppeteers, whose hands are coming out more and more frequently from the shadow.

The Zionist-Western propaganda wants us to believe that:

“the USA are working with the international community and the ‘moderate Syrian opposition’ to create conditions for a negotiated political transition as the only means to end the ongoing conflict, and to help Syrians lay the foundation for a free, democratic, and pluralistic future” (U.S. Department of State).

We well know instead that :

  • 1) the moderate armed opposition does not exist, but there are only terrorist gangs and armed mercenaries working for the US, Turks and Saudis intelligence under different labels and denominations, more or less jihadists
  • 2) Syria does not need any ‘political transition’ to end the conflict, because: A) in Syria there is a government and a president democratically elected with a popular majority, and because, B) to end the conflict only need that USA, Turkey, and Saudi Qatar cease to funding and arming all terrorist gangs, from FSA, to Al-Nusra Front, to Daesh / ISIS, etc …
  • 3) the foundations for a secular, free, democratic, pluralistic Syria there were before the conflict, unleashed by foreign terrorists agents, and these bases are still alive in the Syrian society, including its institutions, Syrian culture, its Arab Army and between the ordinary people, while what right now have caused USA, Turkey, Saudi and Qatar, through their mercenaries cannibals and cutthroats, has been only sectarianism, Islamic radicalism, jihad slavery, a barbaric and primitive sharia, dictatorship by armed gangs of ruthless killers, destruction and death, displacement due to the terror, growing hatred and violence, where before there were work, progress, harmony between the different religious denominations, living in peace and friendship side by side.

These are the true gifts that American “democracy” did to the Syrian people.

A warm greeting to all the Americans, so that they can get rid of the tyranny that oppresses themself first.

We inform as well the United States tyrans (and their vicious evil allies), that H.E. President Bashar Hafez al-Assad will remains firmly in his role in Syria’s political future, because its people want him, because he is an honest and brave Head of State, because he is a Man of Honor: all values of which both, the American leadership and its Saud-Ottomans accomplices, do not even know the meaning … imagine if they can conceive their practical implementation…



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