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Between two TV appearances … the geography of Qalamoun and the Eastern Mountain Range changed!


In his first TV appearance over Qalamoun on Tuesday May 5, Hizbullah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah set that Tuesday as the zero hour for the post-snow battle as he laid the broad lines for the military operation. He did not magnify the scope of expectations and hopes; he rather kept all the field details secretive whether over the goal of the operation, the number of partaking troops, or its geographic compass and time span.

During that TV appearance, “the Sayyed” aimed at breaking the “psychological war” launched by the US-backed Saudi-Turkish-Qatari troika to the effect that “everything was over following the fall of Idlib and Jisr Shughour”.

However, in his appearance tomorrow Saturday, the Sayyed will announce the victory and talk about its strategic significances and some field details. He will interpret a section of the operation process, and once again, he will assert that the Resistance – as well as the Syrian Army – is capable of achieving the set targets. Thus as the operation of deterring the danger in the South in Quneitra was staged, danger is being deterred and the terrorists are being eradicated in the Eastern Range. Moreover, he will assert moving forward in this battle until the terrorists are defeated as he affirms that the allies in the Resistance axis are one heart and one hand.

In the field, it is a “clean” battle from a militarily perspective. It took less time than was expected though it covered a wide and broad area extending from the border with the Lebanese villages to the international road that links Damascus to Homs, and from the rural areas in Homs in the North to the outskirts of western Damascus Ghuta in the South. It is also a main route for the provision of the armed men between Lebanon and the Syrian interior.

As for the casualties in the lines of Hizbullah, concerned sources assert that they are less than what Hizbullah was willing to offer – ten martyrs. That took place at a time all the terrorist groups suffered a quick and terrible collapse. The terrorist groups comprise mainly from “Nosra Front” along with some of the so called “Fatih Army”, “the Free Army”, and “the Qalamoun troops”.

In the field, the focus now is on pursuing these groups to the places they fled to and proceeding in driving them away from the area. On a parallel level, they are moving practically in deep-rooting the control over the regions they captured (Assal Al Ward, Ras Al Maarrah…. among other hills and posts) as Hizbullah fighters and the Syrian Army now control almost half of al Qalamoun.

The most important fact about the controlled area is that it includes the so called “ruling hills” especially “Moussa Hills” (2580m) and “Barouh Mountain” (2460m).

The victory is of major importance, and perhaps “Israel” was the first to read this importance and is the first to grasp its significance. The resistance reconnaissance recorded highly significant signs over the “Israeli” coverage of the battle to the effect that in “Israel” some believe that this enormous operation which is characterized by precise cooperation among several military sectors and various arms including blocking roads, erecting ambushes, penetrating, merging between guerilla fighting and regular fighting over a vast geographic area that is very uneven and strongly fortified is such a strategic training for a possible battle in Galilee. In other words, the banner which was deep rooted by the Resistance over Moussa Hills was inspected by telescopes from Tel Aviv.

On the internal level, the importance of this field achievement which was made in several days lies in the following:

  • – Protecting the Lebanese villages that face the field of the military operations in Qalamoun and deterring the danger of the terrorist groups from them.
  • – Deterring the risk of rocket shelling away from the Lebanese villages noticeably in Bekaa.
  • – Relieving the Lebanese military forces and making them more able to move on the borders and in the other places they exist in on the Lebanese-Syrian borders.
  • – Controlling by fire all of Irsal’s barren mountains what makes penetrating to and from them very difficult as there is not any safe spot or route from Irsal barren mountains to the Syrian internal. Consequently, Irsal’s barren mountains were separated from the Syrian regions of Zabadani, Sirghaya, and Madaya.
  • – Besieging Zabadani and isolating it completely from Qalamoun. As for Zabadani, the situation there might be finally settled in a later stage that might take place in the near future.
  • – Deterring any potential danger away from the strategic road between Beirut and Damascus.
  • – Securing a back protection for the Syrian capital Damascus.

Moreover, Hizbullah considers “that what was achieved in Qalamoun is as important or perhaps more important than what took place in Qseir. Putting a decisive end to the battle in Qseir was a turning point in the track of the battle, and today Qalamoun is further completing the first achievement. The major importance in completing the Qseir achievement lies in the fact that it was made following the Saudi war on Yemen as well as following the Saudi-Turkish-Qatari troika was created against Syria and was manifested in Idlib and Jisr Shughour coupled with a psychological war and an attempt to kill the morals of the Resistance axis.

Some assert that the battle in Qalamoun came to a decisive end in principle on the levels of both improvement and fortification. As for the end results, their repercussions will influence the track of the field balances in Syria, and perhaps the days to come will show these results on the practical level.


Alahed News
by Nabil Haitham, al-Akhbar via al-Ahed News, 16 May 2015
Submitted by Cem Ertür
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