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The jihadists, who have demolished several ancient sites in neighbouring Iraq, had advanced to within a kilometre (less than a mile) from the Syrian archeological site of Palmyra, UNESCO world heritage site, one of the jewels of classical architecture.

Provincial governor, Talal Barazi, said that the army had recaptured northern districts of the modern town of Tadmur which the jihadists had overrun on Saturday.

The terrorist attack was foiled and the jihadist mercenaries of the Daesh-ISIS gangs have been ousted from the northern parts of Tadmur, Palmyra.

Bomb Squad and Special Units of the Syrian Arab Armed Forces are still cleaning up the area and the roads from the explosive devices placed by terrorists.

The offensive was launched by the mercenary gangs of Daesh across the desert last week, starting from their stronghold in the east part of the Euphrates Valley, engaging ferocious fighting with the Syrian army, which has its major base just outside the oasis town.

Military sources reported that more than 130 Daesh mercenary terrorists have been killed in the fightings.

The Syrian Armed Forces are working hard to give a quick humanitarian aid to the civilians in fear, reassuring and protecting them with heroic bravery.

Palmyra’s Antiquities Chief, Mamoun Abdulkarim, said he remained concern for the ancient site and its adjacent museum, in light of the destruction wreaked by Daesh barbarian terrorist gangs on pre-Islamic sites like Nimrud and Hatra in neighbouring Iraq.


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