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Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech on May 16, 2015

Full televised speech delivered by Hizbullah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah on 16 May 16 2015

Full Transcript by al-Ahed News, 20 May 2015


I take refuge in Allah from the stoned devil. In the Name of Allah, The Compassionate, The Most Merciful. Peace be upon the Seal of Prophets, our Master and Prophet, Abi Al Qassem Mohammad, on his chaste and pure Household, on his chosen companions and on all messengers and prophets.

Peace be upon you and Allah’s mercy and blessings.


Before starting with the main topics, allow me to tackle a personal topic. Every now and then, some medial sides or social communication outlets or websites talk about the death, a heart attack, a stroke, or cancer.

I would like to assert to you all: Do not listen to these rumors, psychological war, and attempts of psychological annoyance and harm. To everyone who is listening: I assert first that our lives are in the hands of Allah Al Mighty. However, as concerning my health, in fact, I do not suffer from any health problem at all. I am absolutely healthy. Pursuant to the Aya {And proclaim the Grace of your Lord}, I further say that I do not take any medicine. I do not need to take any medicine. Thus let’s put an end to the topic of my health.

Still, if someone dies, is killed, or is martyred, these things are in the hands of Allah Al Mighty, and when such a thing takes place, it won’t be concealed. So they would say so and so died. The fact of his death won’t be concealed. That does not take place worldwide. Well, it might take place in some places; however, it does not take place here. I liked to mention this point first to put an end to it.

Another point that was tackled on some websites is the lemonade I drink. Yes, it is lemonade, and it has nothing to do with my health. If someone wants to talk for an hour, like me, lemonade helps to keep the mouth wet and avoid its dryness. I advice some of those who deliver speeches and need to drink every couple of words to benefit from the advantages of lemonade as it is helpful in general.

Now we start with the main issue for today.

First: I offer my felicitations on the holy Prophet’s Mabaath (The revelation) and the greatness of this day and the anniversary of Israa (The Prophet’s night journey). There are other anniversaries for consolation – the martyrdom of Imam Moussa al Kathem (Peace be upon him). There are anniversaries for drawing morals to benefit from in these hard times – the Al-Nakba anniversary and May 17 Agreement in Lebanon with the Zionist enemy in 1983 which was toppled by the Lebanese people and the blood of their martyrs and resistance men.

I usually put an outline for the topics I tackle. Indeed the duration of the speech is one hour no more. That means I am committed to covering these topics within the time limit I have Inshallah. However, suppose the hour ended without me covering all the topics; I would postpone the rest to the next speech Inshallah.

A word on the anniversary of the Al-Nakba:

I have a couple of words on the Al-Nakba. The next topic would be Qalamoun battle which is the main topic. The third topic would be the presidential elections in Lebanon and a comment on the conference held by General Michel Aoun yesterday. The fourth topic is Bahrain, and the fifth is Yemen.

As for Al-Nakba, its 67th anniversary is being marked by the Palestinian people along with many in this nation. Al-Nakba was the repercussion of the defeat that afflicted this nation – the peoples of the region in face of the Zionist-British project then. Well, this is the truth.

Consequently, the territories were occupied in 1948, and the oppressive Zionist entity was founded, hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were displaced, and a dangerous aggressive entity was established in the region, it was called “Israel”, and it was expanded further later in 1967. It carried out its wars, aggressions, and massacres against the region’s peoples, states, governments, and armies in Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, and Jordan. The peoples of Palestine and Lebanon were the most afflicted by the continuous aggressions which are still ongoing. That is manifested by the several wars such as what happened lately in July War and the wars against Gaza.

On the 67th anniversary of the Al-Nakba, we need to draw morals and lessons and explain that stage for our contemporary generations. First, we must search for and scrutinize the truth. Why did what took place in 1948 take place? Then we will explain that stage for our generation. We will explain the mistakes done in that stage which our contemporary generations are still bearing their repercussions.

Thus we must talk about the required responsibilities at that stage and the extent to which people assumed these responsibilities whether these people are the Arab governments, kings, presidents, princes, political forces, elites, or peoples.

We want to talk about the degree to which that generation comprehended and grasped the risks and threats. We want to talk about losing opportunities, carelessness, negligence, and wrong calculations.

We want to talk about putting private interests, factional interests, and regional interests before the interests of the nation, about wasting priorities, treason, and deals made to reserve thrones, posts, and establishing thrones and posts too. On another level, we must recall all the brave, great, and dear positions taken by leaderships, elites, personalities, resistance men, resistance movements, and groups expressing their sufferings and the abandonment of many of them and their forlornness in their nation. We will talk about martyrs who fought until the last bullet and the last drop of blood.

Here we must further recall two scenes – though the first scene is the greater and the more dangerous as it led to the Al-Nakba and the catastrophic repercussion which was the loss of Palestine and the sanctities of the nation in Palestine, the displacement of its peoples and what afflicted all of us whether states, governments, or peoples in the region at that time. This is what we must do. Indeed, we are not going to do it now; however, this is a call for everyone to do – everyone who considers that he assumes a degree of responsibility towards the past, present, and future of the nation.

Today we need to make another revision because today we are also before a new Nakba which is greater and more dangerous. It is the Nakba of the Takfiri project. The first Nakba was brought along to the region by the British-Zionist project. Today’s project is US-Takfiri-Zionist, and it is exploited by the USA to weaken the nation, distort it, and tighten the grip on it and on its capacities.

Today, we are facing the very old problems: the risk, the threat, the responsibilities to be assumed, wasting the chances, the wrong calculations, the factional and sectarian interests, and putting the interests of regions above the interests of the nation. This is all taking place now. History is repeating itself but in other shapes and under other topics though with the same content. However, hope is still in the awareness, ability, resistance, and confrontation of these challenges and risks.

Brothers and sisters! The new Nakba is greater and more dangerous than the Al-Nakba we mark its 67th anniversary. The Al-Nakba of 1948 led to the loss of Palestine; however, the Palestinian people remained and the sanctities remained though under occupation, and the Palestinian Cause was given birth. However, the new Nakba which is made by the Takfiris in this nation will lead to the loss of the Palestinian Cause and the loss of the sanctities.

However, the most dangerous fact is that it will lead to the loss of entire states and peoples – Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Bahrain, Egypt, Libya, Pakistan, and Afghanistan along the Arab and Islamic world where there are banners, leaders, fighters, environment, or intellectual, cultural, military, financial, and medial Takfiri provision. This Nakba will afflict this nation and this country and it will also hit all its supporters, makers and those who back it wherever they are.

Thus while benefiting from the ordeal, the experience, and the moral from the Nakba of 1948, I call on everyone to draw the moral. I call on everyone to draw the moral and benefit from the lessons of the near history which we ourselves and our children are suffering from, our fathers and grandfathers have suffered from, and our grandchildren will suffer from.

My call is that we – all of us – assume this responsibility in confronting this US-Takfiri project which seeks to cause a greater Nakba and to topple states, peoples, armies, and sanctities too and to squander everything. The scene which we always used to talk about and we talked about six months ago, a year, two, or three ago and is now seen in several countries – destruction, ruin, killing, slaughter, distortion, and disintegration. This is what is awaiting the nation if it remained silent on the Takfiri project and acted with carelessness as it did in confronting the Zionist project.

A word on Qalamoun:

The second topic is Qalamoun. We have three subtitles: facts very briefly, the end results and their circumstances to draw conclusions, and then the horizons – meaning where we are moving to in Qalamoun.

First: On facts: For days by now continuous confrontations are taking place in Qalamoun between two sides. The first side is the Syrian Army backed by popular Syrian forces from the national defense, the popular committees, volunteers, and a considerable number of men from the towns and cities of Qalamoun who offered martyrs in this battle along with the men of the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon.

This is one team. The other team comprises the armed groups in that area on top of which are al-Nusra Front and the “ISIL”. This is the other team in the field – the barren mountains of Qalamoun in Syria and a large section of the Eastern Mountain Range in Lebanon. The entire battlefield consists of very high hills and mountains and the shots seen on TV screens give a clear image for the area. We say hills but in fact they are not hills.

They are high and towering mountains some of which reach 2,500 meters above sea level such as Moussa Hill (which is in fact, Moussa Peak of Moussa Mountain) and the other surrounding mountains which form a region of linked hills of almost the same elevation. So it is an area that extends over hundreds of square kilometers and comprises mountains and valleys with tough and hard topography.

This battlefield and these mountains and hills cover a vast area and comprise a big number of military posts especially the elevations that overlook the towns of Qalamoun in Syria or the Lebanese towns in Baalbeck, Baalbeck-Hermel, or the cross-points and military posts.

Second: This area further comprises a number of training camps and natural caves and places to group armed men and store arms and ammunition. There are also several factories to booby trap stolen cars, and we have watched several such cars on TV screens.

There are also leadership rooms for running battles. What is more important is that this region comprises the routes for conveying arms and armed men to and from Irsal barren mountains until reaching Zabadani and the various regions in Damascus rural areas. We move along in facts.

In that field, a great number of fierce confrontations took place over the various stages of the confrontation leading to the defeat and withdrawal of the armed men. Battles used to take place from on hill to another and from one valley to another.

To be fair even to our enemy and adversary, what was said in the media to the effect that they fled or left is not true. They fought wherever they were able to fight. However, when they noticed that they are defeated and when they were afflicted by defeat and suffered great human and materialistic losses, they used to withdraw before the military hits.

This is as far as facts are concerned. As for results so far, we are not talking about a stage that ended and another that started. No, we are still in the heart of the battle. As for the results so far I will talk about the direct results in the field.

I will not talk about the other results which are wider and greater such as the impact of Qalamoun battle and the victory in Qalamoun on the entire struggle in Syria or the entire struggle in the region or how is the “Israeli” enemy following the process of this battle and, consequently, the impact of this battle on the confrontation with the “Israeli” enemy. Such researches are major and strategic, and I do not want to tackle them for the lack of time. I rather want to talk about the direct results.

A word on the results of the battle in Qalamoun:

The direct results:

  • – Inflicting a resounding defeat on the armed groups causing them to flee from all areas of engagement. They were defeated and fled from all the areas of confrontation.
  • – Restoring about 300 km2 of the Lebanese and Syrian territories from under the control of the armed groups. Indeed the greater area is the Syrian area.
  • – Purging the area from all forms of armed existence: camps, military posts, booby trapped factories, and consequently detonating all the booby-trapped cars so that our brethrens would not risk and dismantle them. Today you saw on TV screens a car with 500 kg of explosives being detonated. When a car is mantled with 500 kg of explosives and holding a Lebanese number plate, that means that the car will move either to the Syrian internal or the Lebanese internal though holding a Lebanese number plate indicates that Lebanon is its destination.
  • – Human and materialistic casualties in the lines of the armed groups: Though I usually do not tackle this point in figures.
  • – Linking the barren areas together whether within the Syrian track or within the Lebanese track and linking the barren areas from the Syrian interior to the Lebanese borders. That means that the barren areas of Assal al-Wared, al-Jebbeh and Ras al-Maarra (The battle now is in the barren areas of Flita) have been linked with the barren areas of Baalbek, Nahleh and Younine. Consequently, that entire area has become linked together and these barren areas have been totally purged from the armed groups.
  • – Separating Zabadani completely from the other areas where the armed groups exist in Qalamoun and Irsal barren areas and blocking the routes to the rural areas of Damascus. By the way, Lebanon is the top financer and provision supplier and the stage for smuggling operation for the armed groups even in the rural areas of Damascus, Zabadani, and other Syrian places. Despite all the procedures taken by the Lebanese Army, arms, ammunition, money, and provisions arrive at Irsal and thereof are sent to the refugee camps in Irsal, the barren areas in Irsal, the barren areas of Qalamoun, and all of the abovementioned regions. This route is now blocked in the direction of Zabadani and to a great extent to the rural areas in Damascus.
  • – Having a greater degree of security. I do not want to exaggerate. I want to be precautious thus I say there is a greater degree of security in the Syrian towns in Qalamoun pertaining to the attacks of the armed groups. Here I mean all the towns along and behind these barren areas as well as Damascus-Homs Highway.
  • – Having a greater degree of security in a number of Lebanese towns adjacent to the newly restored barren areas. I cannot talk about full security as long as militants are still present in Lebanese barren areas. They are now only present in Irsal barren areas inside the Lebanese barren areas. That means that they are now completely outside the barren areas of Younin, Baalbeck, Brital until reaching Tufeil. So as long as they are in the barren areas of Irsal and the remaining part which is smaller than the Syrian barren areas of Qalamoun, we can’t talk about absolute security.
  • – Achieving a much better geographic position through being present on the high-peaked mountains and hills, and consequently, achieving a tighter control after the seizure of high elevations such as Moussa Hill and Sadr al-Bustan, Yarouh Mountain, and Qornet Abdel Haq. That enables the Syrian Arab Army as well as the Resistance men to have a better supervision, a better visual control, and a better fire control over vast areas what limits the movement of militants.
  • – As for the number of martyrs, we usually do not talk about the number of martyrs in operations and wars. However, allow me to exceptionally talk about this point as far as the battle in Qalamoun is concerned because from the first day of the battle some Lebanese and Arab media outlets that support – and not only back – the armed groups talked about 40 martyrs. We issued a statement to that effect. After two or three days, the number of our martyrs was 3. Later the number 40 increased as day after day they add 18, 15, 30, and 38 martyrs. As such the number of martyrs rose to 150 if we are to sum them over the 10 days.
  • – In fact, the number of Hizbullah martyrs in this battle so far is 13 martyrs no more though the martyr is very dear and precious to us. So here we are not talking whether the number is little or great. We are rather revealing the intentional lies. Does the man who fabricates the number of martyrs and says they are 40, 38, and 60 have information? He does not have information. As for the number of martyrs in the lines of the Syrian Arab Army and the supporting popular forces from among our brethren Syrian people is 7. This is as far as the number of martyrs is concerned. Thus so far, we are before a major field victory and a major military achievement which military experts may interpret. It is not my responsibility to tackle this point because I do not consider myself an expert; I rather learn from the men. Military experts may interpret the importance and greatness of this achievement from the military and technical perspective especially that the combat is taking place in mountains which requires a definite class of troops needed and a definite number of troops as the battle field is no less than 30 km long and 10 km wide.

Before moving to the second section, it is my obligation to salute the souls of the great martyrs who offered their souls for the sake of Lebanon, Syria, and the nation while fighting and confronting this new Nakba awaiting the nation. I also salute their noble families and felicitate them on the martyrdom of their children in the battle of undoubted righteousness.

At the same time, I console them for missing their dear ones. I salute all the wounded who remained firm and fought and shed their blood on that pure land where Lebanese blood merged with Syrian blood in face of Takfirism and in defense of the entire nation. We also pray for their quick recovery. We salute all the leaders, officers, soldiers, fighters, and mujahideen who made this legend, exerted enormous efforts, and withheld all hardships. We bow before their heroism, courage, sacrifices, and loyalty.

As long as we have such men, never will another Nakba befall this nation. We also salute our people who followed, supported, and backed these events especially the families who offered their sons in this battle to make another victory for Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, and the nation.

A word on the stance taken by some on Qalamoun battle:

The following point is commenting on some stances taken on the battle in Qalamoun not only to tackle them but also to decide according to them how to act in the coming days and the near future.

First: Before Qalamoun battle started, the Lebanese people lived and witnessed the magnitude of intimidation, threat, and condemnation that preceded the battle. I do not want to repeat what they said, the threats they made, and the intimidations they voiced that reached Pakistan. At that time, we said that will not affect our determination.

Consequently, we say that when we have a rightful target and we seek to achieve it, threats, intimidations, and condemnation won’t affect our determination. That would rather make us more convinced in the rightness of what we are doing. So let’s put an end to this. Let no one bother himself with such performance. Also for the days to come and the upcoming stage I say: Do not misunderstand or make wrong evaluations.

If you are convinced and see that that is right and that the interest of our people, country, nation, and the battle which we disagree on getting engaged in it while we believe in it, nothing at all will stand between us and between what we are doing.

Second: Silly attempts were made (Allow me to use this term) to create rift between the Resistance in Lebanon and the Lebanese Army and to say that Hizbullah, the leadership of Hizbullah, Hizbullah cadres, and Hizbullah masses are launching a campaign on the army and accusing the army of treason. All of this is soundless and baseless. Anyway, these are their hopes.

We never wanted to get the army involved in this battle. We care for every officer and every soldier and every drop of blood of the Lebanese National Army because the army is the guarantee for this country.

We do not want to embarrass it at all. We always express our esteem and respect for the leadership, officers, soldiers, martyrs, captives, and the wounded of the Lebanese Army. That will never change. Let these sedition-seekers sit aside.

Third: This is the main point that will lead me to the last point under Qalamoun. It is the undying defense of the terrorists.

If you noticed, when the battle started – and even before it started – some political forces in Lebanon (I do not want to say names. I do not want even to say March 14 Bloc because some sides in March 14 Bloc were silent. So let’s say political forces and affiliated Lebanese and Arab media outlets which I call the satellites of the Firmness Storm) were in a state of undying defense on behalf of the armed forces in Irsal Barren areas and Qalamoun barren areas. They themselves were leading their battle. That means the armed groups were fighting in the field, while these media outlets were leading its medial, political, psychological, and provocative battle.

When the battle started – and even before it started – they made a hallow atmosphere besides the intimidation we talked about above. For example, they said that Hizbullah will not dare to get engaged in this battle. Well, in case Hizbullah got engaged a catastrophe, resounding defeat, and massive losses will await Hizbullah, and the barren areas of Qalamoun will be the cemetery of the resistance men.

Well, they talked and praised the heroism of the militants and their fortifications and capabilities. When the battle started, they said: How come! We said all what we said so that it won’t start. Well, the battle got started. They made haste and talked about 40 martyrs for Hizbullah from the first day. They exaggerated the number of martyrs.

When the battle advanced and started yielding fruits very quickly and on the first days, they started rendering the achievement feeble to the extent of denying them. Well, before the tours made by journalists and the shots of cameras (after all it is not only that Hizbullah war media distributes footages; media delegations went there and saw the mountains, hills, booby-trapped cars, camps, caves, and arms), they started saying that there is nothing of much importance. They said that the battle of Qalamoun is not important, in fact. They further said that Qalamoun in itself is not important and called on their followers to calm down and not to be agitated at all.

Anyway, all of that meant to articulate the true stance of these political forces. What is more important is the show of all forms of solidarity with these armed groups. This makes a pose necessary.

For example, what did they call the armed groups?

They called them rebels! Some media outlets affiliated to these groups say: “battles between the Syrian Army and Hizbullah on one side and the rebels on the other”.

Who are these rebels?

I do not want to argue the term. I want to argue the background of the term, and I want to address all of the Lebanese people. Above all I want to address the leadership, officers, and soldiers of the Lebanese Army and the families of the martyrs of the Lebanese Army, the wounded of the Lebanese Army, the internal security forces, and all the Lebanese families whose children were kidnapped and killed and slaughtered not to cause provocation but rather to make a categorization.

Are these rebels?

Are the armed groups who attacked Irsal and occupied the Lebanese Army posts, confiscated the vehicles and arms of the Lebanese army, killed officers and soldiers in the Lebanese Army, and kidnapped soldiers in the Lebanese Army and in the internal security forces rebels or criminal terrorists and killers?

We need an answer.

Are those who are staging aggressions and shelling the posts of the Lebanese Army rebels or terrorists? Are those who everyday or every other day descend to Irsal and kidnap the people of Irsal and return them beheaded corpses rebels or terrorists and killers?

Are those who are staging aggressions against the sons of families in Baalbeck-Hermel area (Jaafar Family and Amhaz Family) and killing them up there in the barren mountains rebels or terrorist killers?

Are those who stage and shell rockets on posts for the army and on the various villages of Baalbeck-Hermel, Labweh, Ras Baalbeck, Qaa, Nabi Othman, Iaat, Baalbeck, Nabi Sheathm Brital, Tilya, upper Sireen, and the Bekaa plain rebels or terrorists and killers, O political forces and their affiliated media?

Those who dispatched booby-trapped cars to Hermel, the Army check points in Hermel, Nabi Othman, Dahyieh, and Bir Hassan and killed people rebels or terrorists?

Notice that the discovered booby-trapped cars are no less than the detonated cars.

The armed groups who occupy from 250 to 300 km of the Lebanese barren areas of Irsal rebels or terrorists, O callers for sovereignty?

They are occupying with the power of arms. It is not allowed that a Lebanese soldier go up there. No Lebanese citizen is allowed to go up there. No Lebanese peasant is allowed to go up there, or else they would be arrested, detained, and slaughtered or they would ask for a ransom to set him free. Isn’t this what is taking place?

If these are not the facts, what are the facts then? Are these rebels or terrorists and killers?

I want to ask the political forces about the intellectual, cultural, religious, or legal authority they resort to in categorizing these groups.

If your authority is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Saudi king, or the body of senior scholars in Saudi Arabia, these had issued a list of terrorists that labels ISIL and Nusra at least as terrorists groups. Is this your religious authority?

If your authority is the international community which you talk about always, these groups come under its terrorist lists.

If your authority is the Lebanese judiciary, these are being arrested for being affiliated to terrorist groups. This is the judiciary you talk about and you want to fortify and defend….

What is your authority? How do you say that they are rebels and you wish they would gain victory? How do you provide them with political, medial, moral, and psychological support? You offered them even more than this, and we will tackle this point later.

Indeed, this is a severe problem. Well, now if we are to reach the following point and through it move to the point that follows and bloc the way before sedition in the future, let me say a clear point that I mentioned in the framework of my speech, however, I want to define and assert it again.

The Lebanese, the residents of all the towns of Bekaa from all sects and factions especially the residents of the villages in Baalbeck-Hermel, and all the honorable people have the right to look forward for a day on which the barren areas of Brital, Baalbeck, Nahle, Younin, Irsal, and Qaa would be purged of all terrorists instead of living near Nusra, al-Qaeda, and the terrorists who behead their victims. This is their right, and they look forward for such a day, and this day will come. When and how? We will keep this hidden.

This day will come. Inside the Syrian territories, this is a Syrian decision. Inside the Lebanese territories, if there is a Lebanese state or government that tolerates having its land occupied by terrorists groups and having these terrorist groups staging aggressions against its army, people, and residents, the Lebanese people will not tolerate that neither will the residents of Bekaa and Baalbeck-Hermel.

The people of Baalbeck-Hermel went to the south and fought the “Israeli” occupation, and we will mark our historic victory in days on May 25th. They went to the south and fought. They offered a great number of martyrs, and they will not accept the occupation of their barren areas, mountains, and the gates to their towns and villages. If the state does not assume its responsibility toward these towns, the honorable residents of Bekaa will take it upon themselves to ensure protection. No red lines will prevent them from achieving this target.

Thus I want to be very clear. The opportunity is still valid. I want to call on the state to assume its responsibility and on the friends of these rebels to assume their responsibilities too. As they are your friends, companions, and dear ones, let them do this favor.

The nerves of the parents of the kidnapped Lebanese soldiers are being tried every day. This is a crime perpetrated around the clock. You are supporting, defending, and protecting the kidnappers. Ask them to do this favor.

Anyway, to be precise I will read for you. Since the very beginning we said that we are moving towards this battle for sure. The battle started. However, we will not talk about its timing or time table or the limits of the places it will cover and its stages. We said it will talk about itself, and it did. I assert now that we are in fact before a battle which is open in time, place, and stages.

It is our right and the right of the people of Bekaa and especially Baalbeck-Hermel to look for a day in which our barren areas, borders, and the gates of our villages and towns do not have terrorist groups. This is a legitimate target. Seek to achieve this goal, O Lebanese state, or else, the Lebanese people have always all through history taken the initiative.

This people who had defeated the Zionist invaders with all their tyranny are able – God willing – to defeat these terrorist Takfiri groups no matter who supported them and backed them from around the Globe.

This is as far as Qalamoun is concerned. I believe this is enough for the future to come.

A comment on the press conference held by General Michel Aoun:

I now move to the next topic very briefly. Following the press conference held by General Michel Aoun yesterday on the presidential topic, I want to comment saying that General Aoun is trying to propose solutions for the presidential crisis currently taking place in Lebanon. I call on the political parties to discuss them and study them seriously. I understood that delegations from the Bloc would meet with the parliamentary blocs to carry discussions. That is good. I call for serious discussions for these solutions, for studying them, and not to turn the back with no reason saying that these are mere words. No these are not mere words.

These things must be taken with more seriousness because the internal affairs on the political level and the presidential crisis had reached a very sensitive and dangerous extent.

So either these solutions are discussed or accepted totally or partially, and whoever has other solutions let him present them. The country does not tolerate more time loss. All of us in Lebanon are saying that the key in Lebanon is in electing a president because this addresses the crisis of legislation in the parliament though we believe that the parliament has the right to practice this authority. This also addresses the problem of the 24-minister-government and the president which is being tackled. This gives the country a thrust forward before the current security, economic, and living obligations.

Well, we all agree that this is the prelude. Now should everyone of us sit in his home, no president will be elected. Should everyone hold the other responsible, we will be merely recording points on each other. However, no president will be elected. Waiting for foreign solutions is fruitless and won’t lead to electing a president.

In the previous stage, a bet was made on the dialogue between the Free Patriotic Movement and the Future Movement to the effect that they may reach somewhere as far as the presidential crisis is concerned. However, it seemed they did not reach anywhere.

A bet was made also on the dialogue between the Lebanese Forces and the Free Patriotic Movement. I don’t know if they reached any place as far as the presidential topic is concerned.

A bet was made on the dialogue between Hizbullah and the Future Movement as far as the presidential topic is concerned. We said that we have no problem in discussing this issue; however, we were clear from the very first day and said that this topic is not to be discussed with us but rather with General Aoun. There were bets on the meeting of the four main Maronite leaders in Bkerki. However, they did not reach a solution. So, all of that is over by now. Still, we call for dialogue however, with whom? The meeting in Bkerki will not take place again. Should they meet that would be great, but they will not reach anywhere. So we are through with everything we gave an answer to. We must search for solutions. Around the Globe, when they reach a crisis with no constitutional solution, they start searching for solutions.

There is an idea inspired by the ideas presented by General Michel Aoun. However, I prefer that we discuss it internally. Moreover, as long as the parliamentary blocs will meet each other, I will postpone talking about it. However, I call for taking what General Aoun said with a high degree of seriousness away from silly analyses that are similar to the analyses on Qalamoun battle before it even got started. Take things with a high degree of seriousness as they are very sensitive and important. Propose solutions, and let’s discus the solutions for the presidential crises instead of irritating each other. No one has any interest in that. We are accused of presidential vacuum. No one has an interest in having vacuum. The supreme national interest is in electing a president; thus the authority wheel will turn, and we will get out of the crisis and deadlocks. Still we are in need for initiatives and solutions.

I have a word to the people of Bahrain:

Well, good we still have a couple of minutes. The people of Bahrain are still moving along for the fifth consecutive year in their peaceful demonstrations and movements with absolute awareness and determination. They are facing oppression and torture in prisons as there are thousands of prisoners and the situations in prisons in Bahrain are very miserable not in the sense that they do not observe the basic human rights but in the sense that awful miseries are taking place in Bahraini prisons under international silence.

To the resisting, struggling, honorable people in Bahrain I say: The authority has always bet on time. They bet on time and want you to get frustrated, tired, and desperate. Thus they arrest your scholars and leaders and hurl them in prisons. They oppress your movements and close the doors for dialogue so that you retreat and feel frustrated and desperate. However, just like any popular revolution, what you call for can’t be achieved with hopes and in a short period of time especially that states and the world had failed to support you.

The only available choice is to move forward along in the rightful track that you chose. Your noble struggle needs all of these sacrifices and this deep breath which you own and are famous of. You must be absolutely certain that you are strong despite the tyranny of the authority that goes to Camp David to seek support and protection from the Greatest Devil against its people whom it fears as is the case with others. So the horizons are still open, and the movement is continuing, and loyalty is always shown to the scholars and the leaders and all those who are suffering in jails and to all the martyrs and the wounded.

You are the people of loyalty, and what you are doing today – this incessant continuing movement – will after all yield its fruit and achieve the expectations of the martyrs, the wounded, the prisoners, and the noble families who have shown much patience so far.

A word on the Saudi Aggression against Yemen:

I have a last word on Yemen. On the fifty second day following the start of the US-Saudi aggression on Yemen, we must renew our condemnation of this US-Saudi aggression against Yemen, its people, its army, and everything in it under continuing international silence and the tough developments that are taking place.

On the 52nd day, we will say what we said on the 40th day and before that on the first day. This aggression did not achieve any of its targets. Tell me about only one goal which was achieved. Indeed, they would only annoy you. Well, get the press statement or the statement issued by the Saudi coalition and see the targets, then tell the entire world that this is one goal of the announced targets of the Firmness Storm and it had been achieved.

What happened so far is mere failure and even more. What is taking place now in Yemen and what is being achieved is the opposite of these targets. So if the target is to let the Yemenis surrender, now we are seeing Yemeni rebellion and Yemeni insistence on independence, pride, sovereignty, dignity, and on refusing hegemony. If what is required is dismantling the Yemeni Army, the Yemeni Army is getting more and more integrated.

If what is required is crushing and weakening Ansarullah, Ansarullah is showing more power, magnitude, and steadfastness. If you claimed that Iran is spreading hegemony on Yemen, you have presented Iran as the major friend to the Yemeni people through its performance and conduct, and you have presented yourself as the worst enemy to this people. If what is required is to threaten the Yemenis, what is taking place today is opposite to the targets. So they did not only fail in achieving the goals, their aggression is rather achieving the opposite of the goals they are seeking to achieve.

Well the true scene that must not be neglected is what they have achieved. They achieved much destruction and killed a great number of Yemenis. These are official statistics carried by international organizations and not the statistics of the Yemeni forces who are fighting the aggression. There is a large number of children and civilians who are being martyred and wounded besides enormous destruction.

There is something strange that is taking place; allow me to tackle this in the few remaining minutes. Well it is understandable that an army or an air force does anything but indeed not attacking tombs?!

As for mosques, this is not new to them. “Israel” did bomb mosques. Allow me but unfortunately I have to make a comparison with “Israel”. However, “Israel” did not bomb tombs. In fact, war planes had raided the tomb of martyr leader Sayyed Hussein Baddrieddine Al Huthi 14 times and demolished the mausoleum that has several pillars and a dome. Why? Let military and political experts explain for us what does that mean knowing that the tomb is on top of a mountain and it does not have room for hiding ammunition or anything else. Why did that take place?

They also demolished a historic mosque and the shrine of the senior Zaidi Imam in Yemen – Imam Yahya bin Al Hussein (Peace be upn them) who is one of the grandsons of Imam Hassan Mujtaba (Peace be upon him).

Why? Let’s say you shelled the tomb of Sayyed Hussein because he established the Young Believers and Ansarullah and created a problem for you? Well then, what about one of the Imams of Muslims or of a dear Islamic sect who died over a thousand years ago. Why do you shell his shrine?

Why do you seek to shell fortresses and archeological ruins in Yemen?

I have a clear interpretation. This is their mind, their intellect, their culture… This is their Bedouin desert jurisprudence that has nothing to do with Prophet Mohammad bin Abdullah (Peace be upon him and his Household) who was sent as a mercy to mankind like in these days. They did the same thing in Saudi Arabia, and we talked about that previously. This is the intellectual authority of “ISIL” and for what “ISIL” is perpetrating in Iraq and Syria and other countries. However, some perform that through booby-trapped cars, through shovels, or through air forces. Doesn’t that deserve a thought?

You kill people, and you give yourselves excuses. However, what is your problem with the dead? What is your problem with the martyrs? What is your problem with fortresses and archeological and historic ruins? Does anyone have any interpretation other than what I said? Let him present it then.

Do you know what the most dangerous thing in this war and in this US-Saudi war against Yemen is? It is that they did not spare any sanctities. They did not spare any red lines. They did not spare anything to argue over later on or to question anyone after them: Why did you do that? Here unfortunately, I have to say the following. I am one of the Lebanese people who had lived all the sufferings with the “Israeli” enemy. This people along with Palestine and the peoples of the region had engaged in many wars with the “Israeli” enemy. This spiteful, brutal enemy had perpetrated massacres and split open the wombs of women like on these days in Deir Yasin and others in Occupied Palestine. However, they did not shell tombs or shrines. They did not bomb the shrine of Sayyed Abbass and took revenge from him in July War. They did not shell the tomb of Sheikh Ahmad Yassin or martyr Fathi Shiqaqi. They did not bomb tombs or religious shrines though the Qoran says that {You will find that the worst enemies of the believers are the Jews and the idol worshippers}. Why did you do what you did though they did not do that?

Well, what about hospitals? I made a research to this effect. In rare cases did the brutal Zionist enemy shell hospitals. Well, count the hospitals in Yemen which are being shelled now by the Saudi aggression.

My idea is that this is a dangerous precedent taken by the Saudi aggression in its war against Yemen as it did not leave for the US army, the “Israeli” army, or for any army that invades and stages aggressions or for terrorists groups any sanctity to be observed whether for the alive, the dead, humans, fighters, civilians, past, future, or dignity. What does this lay the pillars for on the level of the entire region?

Thus before this very dangerous example, we reiterate and assert what we said on the very first day. It is the responsibility of the nation to stand in face of this aggression which is founding the pillars for the worst forms of aggression and finds pretexts for those who would invade in the future or wage wars in the future on our peoples and on the states in our region for anything they may resort to.

At the end, my call is to assume responsibilities no matter what the sacrifices were:

I ask Allah Al Mighty to bestow victory, support, patience, and steadfastness on the dear Yemeni people, the dear Bahraini people, the Iraqi people, and the Syrian people among the other peoples along our Arab and Islamic world who are suffering from this historic danger which I believe is day by day proving to be unprecedented so far.

I wrap up saying to avoid the reoccurrence of the Nakba and facing a greater Nakba we must shoulder the responsibility. We as Lebanese and as a part of the nation insist on assuming this responsibility no matter what the sacrifices were. We along with all the honorable people in this nation, all the resistance men, all the armies which have historic awareness and assume responsibility, with all the leaders to escort our nation to the shore of security, to reduce this catastrophe which will be brought along with this Nakba, and to prevent the reocurrence of a new Nakba or the achievement of the new scheme or any of its goals on the level of the nation even if we were to offer great sacrifices.

We seek to live with dignity and honor. This requires making the greatest sacrifices.


al-Ahed News, 20 May 2015
Submitted by Cem Ertür
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