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Another “Syria Express” Run

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

On May 19, Azov and Novocherkassk Large Amphibious Assault ships left Novorossiysk for the Mediterranean. On the next day they passed through the Bosphorus entering the Aegean Sea, while on May 23 Aleksandr Otrakovskiy and Aleksandr Shabalin passed through the Bosphorus returning from the Mediterranean.

These two ships represent the 19th and 20th sortie of the Syria Express this year.


J.Hawk’s Note: To fill in the gaps in the report, these ships aren’t there to help their crews get a tan or even to “show the flag”, but to deliver vitally needed supplies to the Syrian military which would not have held out this long without them.


Inside source: Putin will not abandon Syria or Ukraine

Translated by Kristina Rus

Once again, probably for a hundredth time we hear that Putin will betray someone. They said, he will betray Novorossia, but this has not happened, then the same tune was heard about Syria. Generally speaking, it’s not news about Syria at all. These talks hasn’t stopped, but each time nothing happens.

It’s time to once and for all clarify whether he will or will not betray them and if the Americans will start bombing Syria. So far we have said that bombing Assad is impossible, now, we’re ready to say more and reveal the cards of what we believe will happen in Syria.


Firstly, I want to say to those who want to hear the answer to this question once and for all, that there is no such answer, because there are different circumstances. What if Assad will be gone tomorrow and one of his officials will head the fight, and then it turns out that he himself, killed Assad. Will the Russian President support his fight? The point is – the situation is fluid, and we should go from facts on the ground. But let’s break this down. We can define three more or less distinguished  parties in the Syrian conflict: Assad, ISIS and the Syrian opposition, supported by the US.

As you know, a fight always involves two sides, and the third tries to incite them, so that they, God forbid, don’t reconcile and charge together against the third party. In this case, each side wants to be the third party, which is not involved in the fight. In our present story, there are only two such parties — Assad and the Syrian opposition. ISIS is  not content with sitting on the sidelines. ISIS wants to conquer territory, it can’t wait, and while things are not great, ISIS wants to capture as much as possible in this situation. But the opposition would love the Islamists to break Assad’s neck and then the United States could mercilessly bomb these Islamists, and only when everything is prepared, invite the Syrian opposition to rule over Syria. Those who plan such operations should realize that those who win with foreign bayonets, will not hold on to power. Assad would also like the main fighting to be between the Islamists and the opposition. This is exactly what is happening and will continue. As you know, the most brutal fighting is internal. That is, figuratively speaking, some species of the same breed compete against each other to secure the prey, and then move a step up from their own species. In our situation there are two sides — the challengers and the President. The “challenger” species consists of two members – opposition and ISIS. They will have the internal struggle. Each of them expects to win, and after becoming the sole winner, then move on Assad.

Syria does not border Saudi Arabia directly, but only through Jordan or Iraq, and it’s a completely different side from the events that are now taking place between SA and Yemen. This will essentially be a second front against the Saudi army. This second front the Saudis need exactly the same as Hitler needed his second front. The results will be devastating. In this situation, the Saudi capons are not at all looking forward to it, and they feel that this time the bell is ringing for them.

All of this has implications for the global oil prices. Whatever the U.S. does the oil prices will go up. Even if they just bomb Yemen, the price will rise, as military actions sometimes bring surprises and the risks are very high. It will affect not only oil prices, but also political preferences, political stability and so on.

For Europe this operation will definitely backfire as did the previous one. In this case we are talking about Libya. In this case, of course, the EU did not just sat in a puddle [a Russian saying], but fell into crap up to ears. What is happening with refugees from Libya defies description. However, it is quite fair, that the citizens of a destroyed country are fleeing to Europe, where nobody bombed anyone, and on the contrary, they bombed Lybia! Today after shattering the country into broken shards, the EU has to take all these refugees. We have already heard what Merkel said about Ebola and even blaimed WHO for being too slow. Meanwhile Sarkozy is nowhere to be heard and is hiding in dark corners, hiding his eyes from those condemning him, whom there are many. Sarkozy managed to elude prosecution for his “military activities” in the last presidential cadence, but Hollande is generally a nasty centipede. Nevertheless, Libya is destroyed and its hydrocarbons are looted by American companies.


Our readers probably know more about the situation in Ukraine than about the situation in Syria, but it’s actually not about Ukraine. This became possible because of the position of the official Ukraine. In the confrontation with the U.S., Putin relies on Ukraine only to force the West, and, to a greater extent, the USA to play his favorite game — gymnastics. Putin loves to coach the US to stretch. This is why none of the provoked military conflicts will be folded. But not quite. Putin is not going to compromise on any one of the conflicts.

If the US wants that the warring factions are separated by two steps, then both of these two steps back will have to be taken by the US, for the simple reason that previously they made these two steps forward and unleashed the conflict.

Now Putin will stretch the forces of NATO and the United States to different points of the conflict, and the further these points are from each other, the better. The end of the transit to Afghanistan through Russian territory fits into this strategy. Putin increased the cost of transit at the last stage. Now it is about the withdrawal of troops. Remember the cunning Egyptians, who take money from tourists to get off the camel. Without extra money the Egyptians do not order the camel to sit down. This is how the US will have to leave Afghanistan, but not through the territory of Russia and for a different price.

I must say that this is a pretty harsh decision. Exactly the same thing is happening in Ukraine. The Pentagon has sent his thugs there and again – it’s expenses. And don’t assume that we are talking about some 300 mercenaries, there are many more of them and again it costs America a lot of “evergreens”.

Thus Putin smears American resources around the world and doesn’t allow them to assemble in one fist. Is it any wonder that Americans are faced with setbacks and failures everywhere?

The biggest recent victory for the State Department was a joint dinner between Nuland and Tefft. As we know they had dumplings with sour cream. In fact, Tefft took a big risk posting this picture, because only God knows how many people at this moment wished him to choke.

Well, we wish Tefft good health and good luck in all his victories, because while eating the dumplings, he will remain silent — and it is no small achievement.

What you read above was learned in a conversation with one of our sources. Generally speaking, according to what was revealed in our conversation, the US cannot end the conflict in Ukraine, even though they would really like to (now we’re talking about Obama). USA is about to enter the active cycle of the election campaign and wars will not help anyone, but rather hurt. Moreover, the country really has no money even for more pressing needs, which I wrote about in the post The Republicans – robbers from a big railroad.

So, in the words of our source, Russia has withstood the onslaught of the US, everything that will happen next, will already be an inactive phase. But abandoning the war, the US and the EU leave Poroshenko one on one with the war. There will soon be a large spike in internal activity of the civilian population.

Should you believe our source? The reader, of course is the judge, but I want to inform you that this person told us that the U.S. is leaving Georgia, when Clinton went to Georgia for the last time. This man first told us that the Ukrainian army is losing strength, and its strikes are insufficient, although of course each victim is a tragedy. Now this same person is telling us that Obama lost patience and is even embarrassed by what’s happening. He said a lot of other things that we will take note of and will tell the reader next time. We will call him “source X”. We ask our readers to follow the situation and to evaluate the forecast provided to us by our source for themselves.


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