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In a remarkable outburst, the Turkish FM Mevlut Cavusoglu publicly stated the US & Turkish regimes would provide air cover to their terrorists who are trying to illegally overthrow the Syrian government, without being able to elaborate how.

Cavusoglu’s statement faces numerous obvious legal, practical and propaganda obstacles.

Daily Sabah 25 May 2015

‘a global vision’ to slaughter any civilian that stands in their way

In legal terms his statement is (further) evidence of a criminal intent to commit war crimes.

In practice it would be difficult for the US & Turkey to bomb Syrian civilians in major cities without exposing that contrary to their propaganda the Syrian ‘Opposition’ and ‘Islamic State’ terrorists are the one and same.

The real obstacle the US and Turkish regimes face is that as time has shown, it has been impossible for them to take major cities in Syria.

The ‘fog’ of war has long ago cleared, and everyone in Syria knows all the terrorists of all shades are funded by the many shaded faces of NATO and their Gulf allies.

Obviously NATO and the Gulf Allies along with bought and paid for terrorists would have many difficulties trying to build too many castles in the sand of the desert kind, so to speak.

In a nutshell, a Time Line below (after the latest Turkish statements) indicates that NATO and their terrorists are being legally and militarily squeezed.

On May 19th following the Qalamoun military victory, the Syrian government filed a second formal complaint at the UN over foreign governments training Syria bound terrorists.

(It was Dennis Halliday from the UN publicly saying the murder of 500,000 Iraqi children by the US & UK regimes through illegal sanctions was Genocide, that led to NATO taking the ‘alternative’ route of invading Afghanistan and then Iraq. Now people are wiser to the machinations of the UNSC etc)

A formal complaint by Syria to the UN extends to legal difficulties for and beyond the UN and both Turkey and Jordan which were named by Syria.

erdogan the terrible building sandcastles

Turkey and the United States have reached a “principle agreement” to provide air support for some Syrian rebel forces [terrorists], in a move that could signal growing involvement from Washington in the conflict, a Turkish official said.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu told the Daily Sabah on Monday that up to 15,000 moderate Syrian opposition forces that are currently being equipped and trained in Turkey would be provided further support in Syria.

“They have to be supported via air. If you do not protect them or provide air support, what is the point?,” Cavusoglu told the newspaper. “There is a principle agreement on providing air support. How it is going to be provided is in the responsibility of the army.”

Washington could not be reached for comment, Reuters reported.

The U.S.-led program to train and equip [IBTimes] the moderate opposition to the Islamic State group has faced significant delays and difficulties. The Syrian government has slammed the program, claiming Washington is providing direct support for terrorists, while some rebels have dismissed the program as ineffective or criticized its focus on fighting ISIS instead of Bashar Assad’s regime.

Turkey has long said that any support for the rebels would need to include taking direct action against Assad’s regime as well, whereas Washington has maintained that Assad would need to leave as part of an agreed-upon political transition.

Although the U.S.-led coalition has initiated a bombing campaign [Washington Post] against ISIS in Syria since last October, Washington has been wary of providing a “safe zone” for rebel groups to operate out of, for fear of being drawn into direct confrontation with Damascus.

Cavusoglu added that while fighting ISIS is the current priority, the “regime must also be stopped.”

two nato devils

…He [Mevlut Cavusoglu] said…that the U.S. and Turkey had agreed in principle to provide the trained and equipped moderate forces with air protection in Syria. He said that the air cover for trained Syrian forces was not part of the comprehensive plan put forward by Turkey that included setting up no-fly zones and safe zones in Syria.

Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu said that Turkey and the U.S agreed [who, when and where ?] to provide air protection for the moderate Syrian opposition forces that are currently being trained as part of the train-and-equip program which started in the Turkish province of Kırşehir recently and aims to train up to 2,000 fighters until the end of this year. Regarding the allegations that Turkey and Saudi Arabia have agreed upon an operation in Syria and Turkey will become a part of a sectarian war, Minister Çavuşoğlu said that all of these claims are conspiracy theories and he underlined that Turkey is against sectarianism…[it is nato propaganda which has been filled with the sectarian canard of divide and rule]

There was speculation on the train-and-equip agreement signed with the U.S.. Is there a problem or contradiction with the U.S.?

There are no problems or contradictions; there is only a delay. A day is named; however, due to a delay in technical preparations, it may become obsolete. There was a delay in logistics and the arrival of the personnel.

What are Turkey’s expectations from the train-and-equip program?

We aim to consolidate the moderate opposition in Syria both politically and militarily.

We advocate a political resolution, but a significant alternative in the field is also needed. Both ISIS and the regime forces continue their assaults and killings. Aleppo’s defense against these forces is extremely important. Superiority in the field must be provided. As there are no military operations against these forces currently, with this program, we are trying to achieve a balance. The opposition forces are fighting on both fronts; while the fight against ISIS is prioritized, the regime must be also stopped.

Are there any developments regarding the no-fly zone in Syria?

No-fly and secure zones are a part of the extensive resolution for Syria. However, to provide security for the personnel that were trained and equipped, these are partial solutions.

Is there cooperation with the U.S. in providing air support for the train-and-equip army?

Of course. They have to be supported via air. If you do not protect them or provide air support, what is the point?

Does this air support include the use of armed drones from the İncirlik air base?

These are technical details. There is a principle agreement on providing air support. How it is going to be provided is in the responsibility of the army.

There was news that alleged that Turkey and Saudi Arabia agreed on an operation in Syria, and Turkey will become a part of a sectarian war. How do you evaluate these allegations?

These are only conspiracy theories [it is a matter of fact that divide & rule is colonial ‘policy’]. We are against sectarianism. We advocate national unity in every country that is in a crisis. This is true for Yemen, Libya, and also for Syria; however, in Syria, this must be accomplished without Bashar Assad. He delegitimized himself when he killed 300,000 people. It is not possible for him to govern Syria anymore; he will not be able to unite the nation. There are not any agreements with Saudi Arabia regarding Syria; however, we are of the same mind regarding the regime in Syria, ISIS, and extensive strategy. While we had different opinions on Egypt, there were not any differences concerning Syria. The leader of the main opposition party even claimed that we were going into war in Syria. As the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we are not obliged to answer every wild speculation made every day [it is an undeclared war on Syria to try and avoid the many legal consequences]…”

The U.S. has finally realized that the Assad regime [government] is the source of the instability in Syria and a solution in the country involving Assad is not a viable option

State Department representative, special envoy for Syria and very experienced diplomat Daniel Rubinstein visited Turkey last week and held meetings with his Turkish officials.

His trip, which started in Geneva, continued to Moscow, where Rubinstein met representatives from the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, including Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Mikhail Bogdanov. His trip will include Saudi Arabia after Turkey, where Rubinstein is saying “in between the lines” what roughly the U.S. State Department stance is for a solution to the Syrian tragedy. I have already had the opportunity for a brief meeting with Rubinstein, but as the meeting was “on the record” he was extremely attentive not to say anything that could be considered speculation. His views were simple and straightforward. First and foremost, the U.S. will not put up a military solution for Syria, including its own military. This does not mean that air support cannot be extended for supported armed movements, but it would be limited to this only [which in real world terms involves the illegal overt use of US military]

Secondly, Syrian President Bashar Assad has no future in Syria. No solution including Assad will be accepted [in legal terms the US have no legal standing in Syria so it is irrelevant what they want] This part is very clear. What remains unclear is whether the Baath Party, or what is left of it, will also be banned. There is definitely no hint at all that the U.S. will want a wide “de-nazification” type of sacking in Syria, as Paul Bremer did in Iraq back in 2003. Syria, very much like Iraq, has been living under the authority of a single party and a single type of highly centralized administration for decades. After the demise of the Iraqi Baathists and the Iraqi army, there was virtually no competent alternative authority to replace them. This has created a very long period of “establishing a viable administrative capacity and network,” which still has not given any promising result. The U.S. will certainly not commit the same error and would like to keep at least some of the infrastructure from the Assad regime in those people not directly involved in the killings. The Russians have probably loved the idea of keeping some of their friends from the Baath Party in the administration, which they probably see as a guarantee to keep their military naval base in Tartus. This is perhaps why, after having met Rubinstein, Russian authorities have been heralding buoyantly that there would be no solution without Assad and that the U.S. has at last come to understand it. Their way to negotiate a deal, which ultimately puts Assad on the bench but not his administration nor his Alawite elite, might need such an exuberant distortion of the deal, but will not change the fact that Assad will have no role to play in the future of Syria [that arrogantly presume the US does]

According to Rubinstein, Assad’s continued [secular] presence atop the Syrian regime [government] is exacerbating sectarianism and extremism not only in Syria, but also in the region as whole. This shows that the U.S.’s first and foremost target to establish a semblance of peace in the regions will be the removal of Assad first and the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) and all the other terrorist organizations right afterward. Without removing Assad from leadership of the Baath Party and what is left of the Syrian army, there will be no perspective to offer to the part of the society and armed forces that have remained loyal to Assad. They have been remaining loyal mainly because of the fear of what could happen if the status quo is destroyed. In view of what really has happened, their fears have proved to be very mild compared to reality. So the “elite” of the Syrian armed forces and population need a viable and hopeful solution to fight ISIS and to make a deal with the anti-Assad movements, mainly the Syrian National Council and Free Syrian Army.

So the [lie of the] non-military solution of the U.S. will be in fact to neutralize and calm Russia’s apprehensions for the post-Assad period by removing Assad probably through a palace coup, but maintaining his camp. In doing so, a platform can be formed where the Syrian National Council and the new “reconverted” Baath Party members could forge a deal within the parameters of Geneva Communique. Such a coalition could put up a viable alternative and army to fight and defeat ISIS and other terror organizations. From the Iraqi side, there is already a large war waged, and mostly lost, by the new Iraqi army against ISIS. The Iraqi forces that have been united under a joint command recently will need the opening of a second front from Syria to effectively combat ISIS.

Turkey’s already accepted approach to train and equip the Free Syrian Army will be implemented, but will only be effective if there is a much larger front encompassing the remains of the Syrian army. What remains unknown in this equation is the situation of Iran, which reiterates at every level its support for Assad. How would the Iranians want a deal? Their position for negotiations is very weak in the long term, but strong in the short term regarding their military support for the fighting factions.

When I asked the question of how to deal with Iran, Rubinstein smiled and answered that it would be totally speculative to give an answer within the parameters of my question.

In a way, this whole article is speculation, but I fail to see how the U.S. approach can be translated otherwise. Already, seeing the Russian and Turkish reactions to Rubinstein’s proposals, one can affirm that this is [not] brilliant diplomacy, giving every party [but those actually affected in Syria] an argument to be satisfied.

Let us do away with the dangerous lie that the ‘news’ media who unquestioningly repeat the declarations of criminal intent to commit war crimes, which are the most serious crimes known to humanity, do not know what they are doing, not least because this is always followed up with the non-existent ‘defence’ that it was all a ‘mistake’.

Many innocent civilians have died in what has already been years of observable criminal colonialism.

There is no place in this day and age for any of the language in the articles above that gifts some people power over other people’s lives, that they do not have.

Take a look at where Australian cities are and the rest of that country and you will see what I mean about desert propaganda.

nato terrorists don’t control the major cities where most civilians live

When you compare their latest finger painting (above) with an earlier one (below) with the accompanying statements made by the Turkish regime on October 17th 2014 you can see the mounting problems NATO really face.

the turkish proposed ‘safe zone’

There is zip, zilch, nada chance of any kind of UN ‘mandate’ of any kind.


The European NATO countries know that the second formal complaint from Syria puts a kybosh on much of their ‘UN’ propaganda, and creates legal difficulties for them and the UN itself.

NATO will obviously not have much to crow about at their Paris pow-wow on June 2nd.

Of course the ‘political’ leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood find themselves in an inescapable black hole of propaganda they have dug themselves into.

The treacherous likes of the political leadership of the Palestinian Muslim Brotherhood comfortably sitting in Qatar while Palestinian civilians die in Gaza in Palestine & Yarmouk in Syria, while Meshaal is trying to pretend Gazans are fighting a different enemy to civilians in Syria, are finished.

(source) zionist ‘muslims’ erdogan and meshaal are the fake syrian ‘opposition’/’islamic state’ in ankara turkey september 30th 2012

The simple truth is the one and same enemy of the people in the Middle East is long colonial Genocidal NATO who have Uncle Tom Muslim collaborators.

The political leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood who pretend that some arm or leg of the NATO enemy is their friend only causes other civilians to die.

In all legal and practical terms Khaled Meshaal is like Abbas working for the enemy.

It is a simple equation that you either illegally support NATO and it’s many collaborators or you do not. 

If people like Meshaal wish to make a deal with the devil that is their business but they should not pretend otherwise, including that they are ‘resistance’ to that devil called NATO.

Quite what propaganda the US & Turkish regimes envision using and how they would in practice bomb Syrian civilians in major cities in sovereign Syria remains a mystery, that can only continue to expose the likes of Meshaal who likes to wail about Gaza being bombed by…errr…the same people.

While NATO et al are entirely ambivalent about laying waste to human life across Syria, they do not want to publicly expose who they all are, not least because that will increase resistance.

N.B: SANA (English) has been blocked in a number of countries for nearly one week now, while the NATO Palmyra propaganda has been circulating. While in some countries you might now be lucky to get the front page, the content is still being blocked.


The Press TV front line exclusive exposes the very valid point that US satellites have of course been tracking their own phoney NATO ‘Islamic State’ terrorists across an open desert without conducting any air strikes against them.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the US regime have been using their air force as part of a military support and supply line for the phoney ‘Islamic State’ who are the one and same phoney western backed Syrian ‘Opposition’

The Syrian army has launched a major offensive against the ISIL Takfiri terrorists who recently overran the city of Palmyra in central Homs province, a military source says.

“The air force struck more than 160 Daesh (ISIL) targets, killing and wounding terrorists and destroying weapons and vehicles equipped with machine-guns” on the outskirts of Palmyra and elsewhere in the province, the source said on Monday.

Various military operations are also being carried out in the areas around the al-Suknah, the Arak, and al-Hail gas fields and all the roads leading to Palmyra, the source added.


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US: Safe zones in Syria linked to Turkey’s steps




Brian Haw ~ Parliament Square Peace Campaign, 25 May 2015
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