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martyr hero Husain Shamlas

Story of a Hero: martyr hero Husain Shamlas – Syrian Arab Army, #‎Jisr_Ashoghour Hospital

One of the brave heroes who volunteered to break into the terrorists’ forces and open the way for the evacuating operation.

This was his last phone call
at the day of the operation:

– Husain: Dad, today after Friday’s prayer they will blew up the tunnel under the hospital, me and 7 of my friends have volunteered to advance towards the terrorists’ area, and engage with them to cover an evacuating operation.

– His Father: God bless you my son, and grant you victory, all your life I’ve known you a real man, and I have no doubt in you, but you gotta promise me one thing; What ever happens, never let them capture you alive.

– Husain: You have my word dad, don’t worry, beside all my weapons, I kept a grenade for my self.

Husain, and his 7 comrades had sacrificed their lives to secure the evacuation of tens of soldiers and civilians from Jisr AShoghour Hospital with as less as possible of causalities.

They step up to the fight, and fought bravely till the last bullet, harvesting tens of the savage terrorists evil souls.

Till the moment, there is no information about the 8 heroes, they loaded their weapons and headed to the fight while the operation was starting behind them, and no one saw them again.

May the souls of these brave heroes rest in peace.


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