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“While Syria’s army and people are combating terrorism across the country and working to bolster national unity, the French government, motivated by its colonialist interests, is working to undermine these efforts and even providing military support to terrorist gangs”

Syria: Conference of US-led alliance and its statement show failure of its counterterrorism strategy

Syria criticized the positions announced by the French Foreign Minister and the contents of the statement issued at the conclusion of the conference of the US-led international alliance held on Tuesday in Paris.

An official source at the Foreign Ministry told SANA that the conference and the statements show clearly the failure of the alliance’s strategy for combating Takfiri terrorism represented by ISIS and Jabhet al-Nusra, as evidenced by the barefaced attempts to lay blame for this failure on the states that are actually fighting terrorism.

The source said that erroneous Western policies provided a fertile soil for the spread of terrorism, which has become a threat to regional and international peace and security, something which Syria had warned of along with many active international forces that had called for an international cooperation to fight terrorism within the framework of the United Nations and respecting states’ sovereignty.

The source went on to say that what raises suspicion about the Paris conference is the fact that states like Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Qatar participated in it, as everyone is now aware of their destructive role which manifests in providing all sorts of support to armed terrorist organizations and facilitating the entry of terrorists into Syria in blatant violation of the Security Council’s resolutions of combating terrorism and the foreign fighters phenomenon.


“While Syria’s army and people are combating terrorism across the country and working to bolster national unity and to interact positively with all efforts and initiatives to resolve the crisis, the French government, motivated by tawdry material interests and its colonialist heritage, is working to undermine these efforts and its even providing military support to terrorist groups, while not only deprives it of any credibility in all the issues is proposes, but also makes it a full accomplice in shedding Syrian blood,” the source concluded.



SANA - Hazem Sabbagh
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