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Ukrainian Army has carried out massive shelling of settlements of the DPR and LPR practically along the entire contact line.

Such localities as Donetsk, Shirokino, Gorlovka and Spartak were subjected to the most fierce non-precision fire of Ukrainian artillery.

Only in Donetsk there were about 90 victims of yesterday’s shelling, 6 people died. More than 20 buldings have been damaged in Donetsk.

The heavy are continuing in the area of Maryinka. Yesterday, the Ukrainian military s fire from their position in the nearby Krasnogorovka, and then from its positions in Maryinka.

Under the canopy of massive shelling Ukrainian forces moved from Novoselovka to Maryinka and Krasnogorovka altogether two tank units and about 300 of personnel. They are still stationed there.

However, Armed Forces of DPR stopped pro-Kiev forces and took control of the main part of the settlement.

Thus, the covert goal of Kiev’s provocation was the abrupt increase of the banned in accordance with the Minsk Agreement Ukrainian heavy artillery and equipment in the outskirt of Donetsk in order to carry out the next provocation on Saturday or to storm Donetsk. Sporadic shellings are continuing along the entire contact line.

The hard clashes have been going for the neutral settlement Marynka to the west of Donetsk.

Kiev’s Armed Forces started offensive actions there yesterday. They were actively using artillery and military rocket launcher systems banned by Minsk agreement.

In turn, DPR warriors pushed Kiev’s army from the positions in the settlement. According to the reports, the flag of the DPR is already hoisted over the center of Maryinka.

The Ukrainian side disproves the information about the loss of Maryinka and claims that the situation there is under control. Meanwhile, the sporadic clashes are rising at the full length of the frontline in Novorossia.

Kiev forces shelled the capital of Donetsk People’s Republic on Wednesday killing at least 6 citizens and injuring 90 others.

The bombardment caused a great deal of destruction at the city’s Petrovsky and Kirovsky districts, over 3,400 houses were damaged.

The current escalation of violence is one of the largest since agreements signed the city Minsk in mid-February.

The Yemeni army and fighters with the Popular Committees, including Ansarullah forces, have shelled the communication networks of the Mazhaf military site in Saudi Arabia’s Jizan region. The Yemenis targeted several Saudi military bases and camps on Wednesday. Also, more than 30 rockets from Yemen also struck Saudi military positions at Zahran South in the Asir border region. Meanwhile, fresh Saudi aerial raids in northwestern Yemen killed at least six people. Also, Saudi warplanes intensified their airstrikes on Yemen’s capital of Sana’a.


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