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Tartous Governorate received 238 prefabricated housing units, provided by China to Syria, meant for displaced families fleeing from the areas affected by looting and terror by the hands of the Obama’s ‘moderate’ mercenary terrorists.

Fifteen of those are sanitary units, which will be installed alongside the housing units.

Safwan Abu Saadi, Tartous Governor, appreciated the help and support which China provides to the Syrian people to enhance their steadfastness in the face of the internationally-devised war waged against Syria.

Chairman of Tartous City’s Council Yaser Deeb said the units, which are meant to accommodate families fleeing terrorists from other provinces, will be installed in a site to the north of the coastal Tartous that is 50 km away from the beach.

Each housing unit is 6 m long, 3 m wide and 3 m high.

They are intended as temporary accommodations, to give shelter to many displaced families, who will soon return to their homes and activities, as soon as the heroic guys of the Syrian Armed Forces will have quenched all the areas from the disgusting presence of foreign and local criminal gangs, instigated and paid by foreign powers hostile to the Syrian people and to all peoples of the world in general.


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