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1st Division headquarters at Camp Tariq near Fallujah bombed by USA coalition

1st Division of Iraqi Army and Popular Forces headquarters at Camp Tariq, near Fallujah, bombed by USA coalition: 14 Iraqi soldiers killed

Fars News Agency ~ Fighter jets of the US-led coalition against ISIL once again struck the Iraqi forces’ positions in the province of Anbar, in Western Iraq, on Saturday.

The US-led coalition warplanes hit the bases of Iraqi army’s Hezbollah battalions in Fallujah in Anbar province, killing 14 [updated from 6, sfp] soldiers and injuring 8 others.

In early May, the anti-ISIL coalition forces struck the position of Iraq’s popular forces near Baghdad, killing a number of volunteer forces.

The US-led coalition warplanes hit an arms production workshop of the popular forces near the Iraqi capital, destroying the workshop and its ammunition completely.

Two members of Iraq’s popular forces were killed in the attack.

The US has repeatedly struck the popular forces’ positions in different parts of Iraq.

On March 29, the US fighter jets struck the positions of Iraq’s popular forces during their fierce clashes with ISIL terrorists near Tikrit, injuring a number of fighters.

The US and coalition forces conducted eight airstrikes near Tikrit, but they hit the popular forces’ positions instead of ISIL.

In February, an Iraqi provincial official lashed out at the western countries and their regional allies for supporting Takfiri terrorists in Iraq, revealing that the US airplanes still continue to airdrop weapons and foodstuff for the ISIL terrorists.

“The US planes have dropped weapons for the ISIL terrorists in the areas under ISIL control and even in those areas that have been recently liberated from the ISIL control to encourage the terrorists to return to those places,” Coordinator of Iraqi popular forces Jafar al-Jaberi told FNA.

He noted that eyewitnesses in Al-Havijeh of Kirkuk province had witnessed the US airplanes dropping several suspicious parcels for ISIL terrorists in the province.

“Two coalition planes were also seen above the town of Al-Khas in Diyala and they carried the Takfiri terrorists to the region that has recently been liberated from the ISIL control,” Al-Jaberi said.

Meantime, Head of Iraqi Parliament’s National Security and Defense Committee Hakem al-Zameli also disclosed that the anti-ISIL coalition’s planes have dropped weapons and foodstuff for the ISIL in Salahuddin, Al-Anbar and Diyala provinces.

In January, al-Zameli underlined that  the coalition is the main cause of ISIL’s survival in Iraq.

“There are proofs and evidence for the US-led coalition’s military aid to ISIL terrorists through air(dropped cargoes),” he told FNA at the time.



Washington bombarde encore le forces populaires irakiennes

IRIB – Le raid d’un avion, non identifié, contre la ville de Baiji, dans le Nord irakien, a causé la mort de plusieurs membres des forces populaires.

14 membres des forces populaires irakiennes ont été tués, suite à l’attaque, par missile, d’un chasseur non-identifié, aux alentours de Baiji.

L’attaque, par missile, des avions de chasse américains contre une position de l’armée irakienne, aux alentours de Falloujah, avait fait, auparavant, des dizaines de tués ou blessés.

Dans le même temps, le Porte-parole du commandement des opérations, à Bagdad, Sa’d Maan a fait allusion à la découverte du plus grand atelier de fabrications d’explosifs, dans la région de Bani Zeid, à l’Ouest de Ramadi, et de préciser qu’au moins 1.000 bombes artisanales, plus de 50 conteneurs d’explosifs puissants et une quantité d’armes et de munitions ont été découverts et saisis, lors de cette opération.

De même, le porte-parole des brigades Ahl al-Haq a réagi à la mort de 14 membres de ce groupe, dans l’explosion d’un dépôt de munitions, dans la région d’Abou Ghraïb, à Bagdad, pour dire qu’une commission d’enquête sera créée, pour examiner les origines de cet événement.

«L’implication des chasseurs américains, dans le bombardement d’Abou Ghraïb, ne restera, sans doute, pas sans riposte», a précisé ce porte-parole.




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Fars News Agency, 6 June 2015

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