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Political Part of Sayyed Nasrallah’s Speech on June 5, 2015


Political section of the speech delivered by Hizbullah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah during the 30th anniversary of Al Mahdi Scouts held on Friday June 5, 2015.


In His Name.

I take refuge in Allah from the stoned devil. In the Name of Allah, The Compassionate, The Most Merciful. Peace be upon the Seal of Prophets, our Master and Prophet, Abi Al Qassem Mohammad, on his chaste and pure Household, on his chosen companions and on all messengers and prophets.

Scholars, brothers, and sisters! Peace be upon you and Allah’s mercy and blessings.

First, I welcome you in all the places you are gathering: Dahiyeh, Baalbeck, Tyr, and Nabatiyeh. I felicitate you, the watchers, and all Muslims on the birthday of the Lord of our time, Imam Mahdi, the great grandson of Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him and his Household) – May Allah hasten his noble reappearance and make us and you among his supporters and followers.

I also would like first to felicitate my brothers and sisters in Al Mahdi Scouts (pbuh) on this meeting and conference that marks the 30th anniversary of the foundation of the association. Al Mahdi Scouts today is in its prime days – the years of the peak of giving, activity, vitality, and productivity. That’s how it was, is, and will remain to be Inshallah.

I have divided my speech into parts. We usually do not broadcast such a meeting on air and deliver a speech. However, I will be transparent. Following what took place during “The Wounded Celebration”, we decided to air it. In fact, we did not broadcast “The Wounded Celebration” through the media because the following Sunday we had a celebration in Nabatiyeh. So we found that it would be troubling people should we appear in the media on Friday and on Sunday too; otherwise, it was not an internal meeting. However, we learned that if the speech is not broadcast live and in case we are talking politics, the speech may be distorted or understood in an inappropriate way apart from its context.

Thus, and because of the sensitive conditions we are passing through, I will not talk politics in internal meetings anymore. Whenever, I talk politics in any meeting or celebration, we will broadcast it live, so that things would be clear; we do not have one thing to say in our internal halls and other things to say to people. After all, we are a popular movement. We live among the people, we grow stronger with people and their convictions and public opinion, and the will of the people is one of the most important elements of our strength and continuity.

Thus, I divided my speech to three parts. The first part is political. I will start with the political part. In our meetings, we usually used to keep the political section to the end. But now we will start with it so that channels could broadcast my speech.
The second part is cultural and religious, and it has to do with the occasion. It has to do with Imam Mahdi (pbuh). Channels interested in politics may broadcast the first part. At least Al Manar Channel will broadcast the second part because I believe that it concerns people following this issue.

The third part is administrative, organizational, and internal. It is related to the association. So we might be taking the time of people should we broadcast it; thus we will stop the broadcast with the end of the cultural part. This is the distribution for today.

As far as the political section is concerned, there are several topics that I would like to tackle today in this occasion.

The first topic has to do with the “Israeli” enemy. Days ago we witnessed in occupied Palestine that the enemy government was carrying maneuvers in the internal front. They were dubbed “Turning Point 8 – 2015”.

Following July War, they made an evaluation. “Israel” unanimously agreed that they lost the war. No one in “Israel” says that they won the war although in Lebanon some claim that “Israel” won. In “Israel” no one says that they won the war. They say they flopped and were defeated and broken…

You remember that they formed a committee and made their evaluation. At that time, they discovered that in July War, something new was introduced to the formula. It is targeting the enemy’s internal front. The internal front was almost always spared in wars. “Israel’s” wars used to take place on our territories; however, during July War, and surely following that in Gaza wars, the war came to take place on the enemy’s territories – the Palestinian land occupied by the enemy. The enemy was thus obliged to carry so called internal front drills to see what they may do should rockets fall over Haifa, Tel Aviv, the middle, the north, and the south. What must be done in hospitals, roads, markets, airports, seaports…? Thus they carried so called internal front drills.

By the way, every year they carry such maneuvers. Last year, they did not carry them because they did not agree over the budget. This year they did. As far as the maneuvers are concerned, several “Israeli” military and political officials threatened Lebanon with demolition, bombardment, and displacement. One official talked about displacing a million and a half outside their regions.

As far as the first topic is concerned, I want to comment on these statements.
First, this is part of the psychological warfare. It is part of the intimidation and psychological war which we are accustomed to since the establishment of the enemy’s entity before 1948 and in 1948. Psychological warfare, propaganda, and the high voice have always been part of the arms used by the enemy to defeat the Arab peoples, the Arab armies, and the peoples of the region. So first, this is not new.

Second: They are saying that they want to destroy, bombard, and displace hundreds of thousands or a million and a half. Well, what’s new in that? Since its establishment, the Zionist entity was founded on killing, demolition, displacement, bombarding, and massacres. The “Israelis” are repeating themselves. Well, it is good that they are reminding the Lebanese and the peoples of the region. O people! There is an enemy called “Israel”. Its nature does not change, it does not try to change its nature, and it does not even try to change even its print. This is the nature of its terrorist aggressive nature which it is expressing in such statements.

Third: I tell the “Israelis”: You know that the world has changed, and things now are different from what they used to be in the past decades, and the proof is the drills you are carrying. Why have you been carrying maneuvers in the internal front since July War? That’s because you have discovered that you are a defeated armed, that you are an army that is being defeated, and that you are an entity whose aggressions are retaliated on your own land and in the depth of the depth. That’s why you carry maneuvers. You threaten us while carrying maneuvers on the internal front which is an absolute and detailed acknowledgement that the Resistance has capacities that may reach all the places you are maneuvering now in the internal front.

Fourth: The time has ended, not now but before 2000 and precisely in 2006 and in Gaza wars, when “Israel” would destroy our homes and its homes remain intact; it destroys our infrastructure and its infrastructure remains intact; and it displaces our people and its settlers remain in usurped settlements and towns.
This came to an end in 2006. However, what is to come is by far fiercer on this perspective and on other perspectives too.

I frankly tell these “Israelis”: If you threat to displace a million and a half Lebanese persons, the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon threatens to displace millions of “Israelis”. Millions of “Israelis” will be displaced in the next war should it be imposed on Lebanon.

This is clear and final. The enemy leaders know that, and the enemy people know that. This nonsense and these void threats will not make any difference at all. You know that we do not fear your war or threats. Now if you suppose that we are preoccupied with Syria, Qalamoun, Irsal barren mountains, and other places and that this may make any change in the formula of the struggle with the “Israeli” enemy, we have said on more than one occasion that will not make any difference. It must rather make you more afraid and more worried.

Anyway, I tell the Lebanese people: Do not listen to these intimidations. I know that they will not by any means affect your will and determination. They are rather a kind of a high voice that expresses the anxiety and fear of the enemy; it is also part of the deterrence arms exploited by the enemy to confront the Resistance because the enemy fears it and believes in its capacities more than some believe in it.

This is the first topic. Indeed, I will cover the topics quickly to make use of the time.

The second topic has to do with Irsal and with Qalamoun too.

In the past few weeks, a topic was imposed forcefully in Lebanon whether in the media, in the field, in the political meetings, or on the table of the cabinet. This topic is the issue of Irsal – the town of Irsal and the barren mountains of Irsal and the occupation of this region by terrorist groups and the event confronting the Lebanese in general and the people of Bekaa in particular and more precisely the people of Baalbeck-Hermel. Stances were made; we talked, and others talked too. There were some reactions, comments, and developments now on the level of the field. I want to tackle this topic because it is important and sensitive especially on these days.

First, as far as the town of Irsal is concerned, we were clear especially in the speech delivered in Nabatiyeh on the Resistance and Liberation Day. In my speech, I separated between the town of Irsal and the barren mountains in Irsal. I talked about the town and the people who are our brothers …

Today, I want to assert to you too, though what I said on Sunday was clear. Still, I want to assert that we did not think and we did not plot and none of us in Hizbullah in particular said that we want to enter the town of Irsal. Let anyone provide us with a decision, a statement, a stance, a speech, or an announcement to that effect. Rather we always used to say that this town is occupied by Takfiri groups, and it is the responsibility of the state and the Lebanese Army to liberate this town and restore it and rescue it and its people. We are the children of this country, and we are the people of this country, and we know all the characteristics of this country – I mean Lebanon – and the region – especially Bekaa. We did not say anything of this sort. As far as the barren mountains of Irsal are concerned, we were clear and very clear also.

Well, what took place at that time? Here we are before one sample of political hypocrisy, political misleading, and wicked political exploitation of a mean level. Some people fabricated a battle which they called the battle of the town of Irsal. They fabricated it in their illusions. They supposed it is taking place, and they fabricated it, talked about it, and now they want to defend the people of Irsal and the town of Irsal saying that the town of Irsal is a red line and that a battle in the town of Irsal is a sectarian war so what will become of Lebanon and what would become of the region.

O my brother! You are making a supposition. With your illusions and with your diabolic mind, you are supposing that there are people called Hizbullah or the people of Baalbeck or the people of the neighborhood who want to fight or to enter the town of Irsal. Well, that is not the case. This is hypocrisy. Allow me first to be frank so that the Lebanese would know who cares for the Lebanese, who takes pains to avoid a sectarian war or a civil war in Lebanon, and who observes all the characteristics and sensitivities, and on the other hand who is fabricating lies and illusions to re-establish himself in a specific square and to present himself as a leader or a boss or a defender even if at the expense of sectarian and factional instigation.

Well, let’s decisively end the first point. We are not thinking of entering the town of Irsal. This town is the responsibility of the state and the Lebanese Army. I call on all those who are manipulating this card for sectarian or factional mobilization or for political hypocrisy or for political deception to stop doing so.
Second, praise be to Allah, I believe that the decision taken by the government yesterday at least concerning the town of Irsal is clear, unless someone wants to interpret clear things in a different way.

Well the barren mountains of Irsal were kept aside. Some might say the issue is clear; some might say it is not – this is a decisive decision. Some might say no it is equivocal. However, as far as the town of Irsal is concerned, the decision taken by the cabinet is clear. Thus in the statement it is written that the cabinet decided that the Lebanese Army must restore this town, defend it, and enter it…..
So the issue of the town of Irsal is not within the sphere of political debate or the sphere of a political decision, and it has become under the charge of the Lebanese Army leadership. Consequently, the Lebanese people – especially the residents of the region – look forward to the leadership of the army and to the army to assume this very important major national responsibility. This is not a minor issue at all.
Well, I believe this second issue has become clear. Everyone is looking forward for the time this decision will be implemented. Indeed, the government is concerned to demand and follow up with the army to execute this decision and to provide all the means that insure its success.

As far as the issue of the barren mountains of Irsal is concerned, do you still remember when we first tackled the issue of Qalamoun and said that there might be a battle in Qalamoun after the snow melts on the mountains? Some people said no nothing will take place in Qalamoun. These are just words and psychological warfare. They said that Hizbullah cannot move one step in Qalamoun and that Qalamoun will be the graveyard of Hizbullah. All the words you heard were just threats and intimidations.

Well, we moved towards Qalamoun. By the way, what expedited the battle of Qalamoun was the aggression staged by the armed groups on posts for the Syrian Arab Army and posts for the Resistance men; otherwise as far as the timing is concerned, we had a little more time. We were still getting prepared and ready. Thus many were surprised when the battle of Qalamoun started.

In fact, the direct aggression in the field is what expedited the battle of Qalamoun. The same thing happened as far as the barren mountains of Irsal are concerned. Even before the battle of the barren mountains of Irsal started, they said that the barren mountains of Irsal are a red line, Hizbullah will not dare to make such a move, the barren mountains of Irsal will be the graveyard of the invaders….
First, we are not invaders, we are rather liberators and resistance men, this is our country, and this is our land.

Second, you must have noticed that all what has been said is worthless similar to what was said before the battle of Qalamoun. Now our hero fighters, whom we address with all our regards, esteem, respect, love, and recognition of their belief, bravery, great sense of responsibility, and sacrifices, have offered martyrs and wounded. They are fighting in the depths of the barren mountains of Irsal – in valleys and in high mountains. What expedited the battle of the barren mountains of Irsal is the recent aggression staged by Al Nusra Front – Al Qaeda branch in Levant – on you brethrens in the barren mountains of Younin, the barren mountains of Nahle, and some of the barren mountains of Irsal. This is what expedited the battle.

So this battle is taking place currently. Here too our way in dealing with such issues applies. From the very beginning, how and where it moves, what is its time table and scope, what is its ceiling? From Qalamoun to the barren mountains of Irsal, we agreed that this battle will talk about itself. I will not say any details, and I will not provide any detailed reports. The battle talks about itself.

During the past few days, scores of square kilometers of the Lebanese occupied territories in the barren mountains of Irsal have been liberated by the men of the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon. That great and important advancement took place also in the barren mountains of Flita, and the areas needed to complete the achievement of Moussa Hill in Thallaja Mountain and in other posts were restored. Thus the achievements made in the past few days give your brothers in the Resistance and the Syrian Arab Army the upper hand, whether in Qalamoun’s or Irsal’s barren mountains. I can assert to you this actual, indubitable, unhesitant, gapless military achievement in the field through all the field developments that are taking place.

Well, on the margin of this battle, there are some points that I must mention. We said that should the state abandon this responsibility, the people of Bekaa and Baalbeck-Hermel will not abandon it. In fact, during the past days, the meetings that were held in Bekaa especially in several towns and cities in Baalbeck-Hermel for families, dignitaries, and tribes expressed faithfully their convictions of the people of the region. We have followed up these meetings which verify what we know about the residents of that region. We thank them also for shouldering this responsibility and their great awareness, minute and sound understanding of the risks, and their readiness to take action and offer sacrifices.

At the current stage, we need popular solidarity and moral support. Indeed, we don’t need fighters. Your brethrens in the various groups of the Resistance – God willing – have the necessary human and materialistic capacities to achieve this goal which you look forward to, call for, and believe in. What we really need at this stage is solidarity and support.

Similar to the suppositions of entering the town of Irsal, the moment we said the residents of Baalbeck-Hermel will not remain silent, some people started instantly talking about popular mobilization. When did we talk about popular mobilization? Are your hearts weak to this extent? So far, we are not in need for popular mobilization, or general mobilization. On the contrary, as I told you a while ago, the brethrens are able – God willing – to make this achievement. So we are not thinking of forming popular mobilization forces.

We thank everyone who expressed his support for his kind position. After all, we say that the Resistance men and the Resistance heroes who are fighting in the barren mountains and in hills and positions and who are mobilized in southern Lebanon are the sons of these tribes, families, villages, and towns. In fact, I also want to assert and make clear that the battle of the barren mountains of Irsal would greatly ease the burden on the Lebanese Army as it would be a kind of a prelude that would greatly facilitate the steps the Lebanese Army was officially, popularly, and nationally been asked to perform.

This is as far as the issue of Irsal is concerned. So the issue of Irsal has become clear and it does not require any more arguments. We do not want to enter the town. We do not want to approach it. This is the responsibility of the Lebanese Army and the state. We hope that -God willing – they will shoulder this responsibility.

The battle of the barren mountains of Irsal has been launched, and it will continue until the goals are achieved. We are not committed to any deadline. Let no one commit us to hours, days, weeks, or months. Let’s take our time. This is determined by field military leaders because we are concerned about making this achievement with the least sacrifices possible. Thus we are not in a hurry. Time is before us; it is open; and we will move according to this obligation.
The third topic in the political section is the government, and I will tackle it in a couple of brief words.

On the government, I hope that the officials, ministers, and political forces in the government take things as seriously as required. Let no one take issues in a time-killing manner saying that we can neglect them. No, things are not as such. I believe they have to comprehend the seriousness of the situations and their importance and sensitivity. Whoever is waiting for definite changes while analyzing that there is no problem and that they do not want to pressure the government to make the necessary and required obligation with the hope of definite changes taking place in Yemen, Iraq, Syria, or the region is misled and deluded as he would be bargaining on a mirage.

In light of this evaluation, I say that they are killing time at the expense of the country. These obligations are required from the Lebanese government which must shoulder its legal and constitutional responsibility in addressing and following up these obligations which must be addressed with the required seriousness and utmost concern without bargaining on mirage or illusions.

The fourth topic is “ISIL”. We are obliged to talk a little about “ISIL”. It is strange that more than a year ago – meaning since the appearance of “ISIL” in Iraq and in Mosel (by that time it was not indeed fully controlling Mosel but it was present in Iraq because the group was originally formed in Iraq. Its name was the state of Islam in Iraq. Later it spread and entered Syria and seized Riqqah and parts of Deir Zour province besides parts of Hasakeh and the like. Then it developed and its name became the Islamic state in Iraq and Levant. Then some media outlets and its antagonists abbreviated their name by “ISIL”; the Arabic acronym is literally Daesh. So “ISIL” was originally formed in Iraq. Since that day there was a debate over who produced “ISIL”.

When the situation developed in Syria, the rate of such debate towered. Since we are in the era of enormous media and political misleading, I am obliged to take some time tackling this issue because it was forcefully present in the past few days and the past few weeks.

Precisely when a suicide-bomber detonated himself in the town of Qdeih in Al Qatif in Saudi Arabia in one of the Muslim Shia mosques there, and later on when a similar bombing took place at the gate of one of the mosques and brave heroic men contained the catastrophe of the bombing leading to the martyrdom of some of them (May Allah reward them in heaven), many media outlets inside Saudi Arabia, in the Gulf, in Lebanon, and in the region accused Iran of being behind “ISIL”. Can you imagine that? You are a rational person and someone comes to talk to you with such logic. See in which time we are living! Iran – the Islamic Republic – which is unjustly accused of spreading Shi’ism and which is unjustly accused of not being concerned except with Shia around the world, and which is accused of all what is related to Shia and Shi’ism – all of a sudden comes to be accused of standing behind “ISIL”. Iran is manipulating “ISIL”, and Iran dispatched the “ISIL” suicide bombers to the mosques of Shia in Qatif and Dammam to bombard them. Consequently, the Shia in Qatif and in Ihsaa and in Dammam got angry on the authority and the Saudi regime and demonstrations took place and sedition was evoked…

What an analysis this is! These are just words which are not based on any proof or information. It is rather contrary to the mind, logic, and actual track of things.
The same applies to what took place in Iraq and Syria. Who founded “ISIL”? Imagine that the founder of “ISIL” according to some of these “great people” is President Bashar Assad. He founded “ISIL” and brought it to Syria and gave it Riqqah and part of Deir Zour and parts of Hasakeh and brought it along to Aleppo’s northern rural area because President Bashar Assad wants “ISIL” to hit the Syrian national opposition which is threatening the regime.

In fact, if Hollywood wants to produce a film it won’t find such a scenario. The same applies to Iraq. I don’t intend to give many examples but I read some articles on how “ISIL” was formed. That will make you laugh a little. Anyway these are days of joy merged with days of sorrow. Some articles say that a trilateral meeting took place including Iran, Syria, and Hizbullah. I was present in the meeting, and the idea of founding “ISIL” to hit Al Nusra Front and the Syrian opposition was mine! Not even in dreams this may come to my mind. This is silly. Still it is theorized, articles and books are written on it, and media outlets are devoted to it. Evidences such as “The sun is shining then you are sleeping at home!” were given. What has the shining sun to do with you sleeping at home? What has this to do with that? Such are evidences which are preludes that have nothing to do with the end products.

Here I want to clarify and remind you of issues which are clear, simple, and well known. In fact “ISIL” means the Islamic State in Iraq and Levant. Originally it is Al Qaeda branch in Iraq which was headed successively by so and so al Muhajjer and Abu Baker Baghdadi, Abu Musaab Zarqawi, and so and so in Iraq. So it is Al Qaeda branch in Iraq. Until a year and a half ago, its pledge of allegiance was to Osama Bin Laden and Ayman Zawahiri, and the entire world knows this group and its leaders, methodology, foundation, pillars, branches, financing, and ties. Everything is well known.

Later on, when they conflicted over Syria and whether it must be an emirate under Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi or a separate emirate under Ayman Zawahiri, the former revolted and disavowed himself from his pledge and announced himself a prince and later on a caliph.

So with utmost clarity, “ISIL” is Al Qaeda originally, then it split from Al Qaeda pursuant to an issue related to ruling over Syria or over the pledge of allegiance.
Well, if “ISIL” is Al Qaeda, is there anyone in the world who does not know who founded Al Qaeda? Was it founded by Iran, President Bashar Assad, Hizbullah, or who? The entire world knows who founded Al Qaeda. It is the Central Intelligence Agency – meaning the USA, the Saudi intelligence – meaning Saudi Arabia, and the Pakistani intelligence. This exists in many books, writings, papers, and documents. It was founded in Afghanistan to fight the Soviets. After that, it rebelled against those who founded it. This is the case with such serpents.

Well, this is “ISIL”. Didn’t you know who founded it still? Now should I or anyone else need to dedicate a part of a speech or to discuss and remind the world of clear absurdities to the effect that “ISIL” is Al Qaeda and that its origin is Al Qaeda? Until a year and a half ago its pledge of allegiance was to Al Qaeda. They quarreled over leadership. Nothing changed except that instead of its prince being Ayman Zawahiri, its prince is Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi. This is the whole issue. What have Iran, President Bashar Assad, and Hizbullah to do with this issue?

Well, one may say how did they seize Riqqah and how did they take Mosel? This is an open battle after all. In any regime there might be a military leader or a security official of a region who turns to be a traitor. He might be a coward. He might be taken by fear. He might have made wrong evaluations. Some regions in Iraq fell at the beginning of the events, and regions fell in Syria too. However, does that mean that the regime or Iran or the Iraqi government founded “ISIL” and handed regions to it and told it to threaten the world?

I believe that if such absurdities were explained even to children, they would not accept such an evaluation. This is “ISIL”. It is of a US origin, and there is a US confession to this effect. It is of a US-Saudi-Pakistani origin. Indeed some Gulf states provided it with enormous funds. This is from the very beginning. Later on, it came to be “ISIL” after it rebelled against its prince. Now it has a scheme, and it is being exploited, protected, and financed too. Its oil is being bought and sold; its human provision is being facilitated; and it is being invested in the battle taking place in the region.

The last thing I want to say about the issue of “ISIL” is that the entire world – whether honestly or deceitfully – is acting as if “ISIL” is an international and global threat and danger. They did not say that “ISIL” is threatening Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, or the Christians or the minorities….In fact, conferences were held. Days ago a conference was held in Paris too. The world is dealing with “ISIL” as if it poses a danger on the world. Still, in Lebanon, we are still obliged to argue and debate whether “ISIL” poses a threat on Lebanon or not. That would be valid if Lebanon is not part of this world! As such, that would be true.

However, if Lebanon is part of this world, the case would be different. “ISIL” is at our borders in the barren mountains of Irsal. It happened that the region we advanced in Qalamoun is under the control of Al Nusra. You know that the barren mountains of Irsal and Qalamoun are two pieces of land. The southern part – meaning the eastern part or the south – is under the control of Al Nusra Front who is now trapped in their fight with us. However, the coming battle is with whom? It is in the second part – the western or the northern part, according to where we stand on the map. Well, that area is under the control of “ISIL”. “ISIL” does not only exist in Riqqah, Mosel, or even Tadmur. It exists here in the barren mountains or Irsal, above Ras Baalbeck, over the Qaa project and near the area inside the Lebanese territories. This is “ISIL” which is viewed by the entire world as an international threat. Thus I hope that we all would help each other and stand together. Let no one separate us from one another or divide us when specifying the enemy. Those who are fighting “ISIL” truly in this region and with fierceness and seriousness are being accused of establishing “ISIL” and leading it – meaning the Islamic Republic in Iran, the brethrens in Iraq, the brethrens in Syria, and we and those with us in Lebanon. These are the ones fighting “ISIL”.

As for the others, they are facilitating its moves through the media, they sell its oil and gas, they provide it with money, and they open their borders so that fighters from all around the world may enter. Facts are always being twisted.

The last topic with which I end the political section of my speech is the aggression on Yemen. Today marks the 72nd day of the US-Saudi aggression on Yemen.
Indeed, now we can say that this global, international, Arab, and Islamic situation is strange, and we can also say that this is something normal. As was the case on the first day, the world is divided to supporters of the aggressions and those silent on it. We are talking on the level of states, international institutions, international organizations, governments, peoples, scholars, religious centers…..

There are no condemning stances or expressions or any things of this sort knowing that the aggression is very flagrant and blatant. Even more, if a TV channel, a satellite channel, a political side, a personality, a magazine, or a newspaper condemns, criticizes, or objectively rejects this aggression without using any harsh terms, the Saudi regime resorts to all means possible – whether intelligence, security, political, media, or financial – to threaten and silent all voices. See how democratic Saudi Arabia or the Saudi regime is and to what extent it bears dialogue and tolerates criticism and the other viewpoint! It does not want anyone in this world to mention one word about the aggression or to criticize the aggression because it does not tolerate one word. This is indeed one aspect of the nature of the regime in Saudi Arabia. Thus yes, we have found that some channels were removed from the satellites, other channels are prosecuted or threatened, others are provided with money or money were cut from them; others were tempted with money if they supported the war. This is the nature of that regime.

Well if you were right and strong, what are you afraid of? You have hundreds of satellite channels, what are you afraid of? You are afraid of one satellite channel or two? You have thousands of writers; you are afraid of one writer or two? The entire world is with you; you are afraid of one state or two or one side or two because they oppose your aggression, your war, and your massacres? This is a proof of weakness and not a proof of power.

Indeed in this framework, as far as we are concerned, we have talked from Day I. Our stance is clear, and it did not change or alter. Rather day after day, we grow more convinced of the soundness of this stance. Every moment, every day, every hour, and on every occasion, we condemn the US Saudi brutal, savage aggression on Yemen, the people of Yemen, the culture of Yemen, and the past, present, and future of Yemen. This stance will not change or alter and the tone and voice of this stance will not be lenient as long as this aggression is taking place and continuing.
Here I add: What are the horizons of this aggression? From Day 1 to Day 72, and on Day 72 I reiterate. Yes, they killed and demolished. Anyone can do that. Terrorist groups can do that. That does not require a state or a strong army. This is not a proof of power at all. Demolishing, displacing, killing, and shedding the blood of men, women, and children are not proofs of power.

Put killing and demolishing aside, of all the targets which were announced and then changed and all the goals which were later announced and lowered, and even the humble targets which were later announced in “The Restoration of Hope”, what have been achieved? None of them was achieved.

All the high ceilings put forth by their puppet – Abed Rabbu Mansour – to the effect that he will not partake in dialogue and that he will not go to Genève except if the rebels withdrew from all cities and governmental headquarters and handed their arms… Here he is now with all those behind him obliged to go unconditionally to Genève because this war has no horizons and because the Yemeni people, the Yemeni Army, and the rebels in Yemen were up to the level of the historic responsibility and historic confrontation leveled on their shoulders.

They have the determination, will, firmness, courage, and willingness to offer sacrifices. They remained steadfast for 72 days by now in face of this enormous magnitude of raids, demolition, and ugly killing and massacres that are perpetrated for the entire worlds to see and hear. Still they did not draw back or weaken. A short while ago, perhaps you were preoccupied but the watchers were seeing on the TV screen a demonstration in Sanaea with such logic, language, stance, determination, slogans, and attendance. Thus, as we said from the very beginning, this war has no horizons, and Saudi Arabia and those behind it must make haste to open the gate for a political solution, to lift the siege, to stop the aggression, and to give an opportunity because more aggressions will not lead except to more loss, retreat, and fall in image and position of the Saudi regime.


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