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14.06.2015 Military Report of Novorossia

Ukrainian forces have been shelling settlements Maryinka, Trudovoe, Jilploshadka and Belaya Kamenka by battle-tansk and self-propelled artillery guns. The main sources of fire are positions Kiev militants at Krasnogorovka, route ‘Pervomaika’, state farm Shevchenko.

According to reports from Novorossian warriors, the situation is tense at the whole contact line with Ukrainian forces. Pro-Kiev militants have been using so-called ‘ceasefire’ to examine the defense of People’s Republics. 3 Novorossian warriors have been killed and 15 have been injured for last 24 hours. Kiev’s side has lost 7 militants killed, 10 injured, 1 destroyed battle-tank and 3 armored personnel carriers in attempts to advance at positions of People’s Republics warriors.

Rotue Bahmutka, Dokuchaevsk and Shirokino are hot points of the frontline too. Kiev forces have been shelling the settlements. Yesterday around Shirokino the sniper of pro-Kiev militants from battalion ‘Donbass’ Pobedinskiy Vladimir, call sign ‘Krot’, was killed by DPR warrior. Firefights are continuing there.


12.06.2015 Military Report of Novorossia

Ukrainian forces have shelled territory of DPR 36 times since yesterday. Mostly, they have been using battle tanks, mortars and artillery. 2 locals have been killed by Ukrainian shell in Donetsk today. In case of day-to-day shellings from Kiev froces, DPR military has been exercising anti-artillery fire.

On account of firefights in the settlement Krimskoe 4 pro-Kiev militants were wounded. Novorossian forces have been continuing to hold positions in the sector.

2 women, 75 and 78 years old, have been wounded in the town of Gorlovka. Ukrainian forces are continuing to shell the town now.

Yesterday, 1 LPR warrior was killed by Ukrainian artillery fire at check point around Stanica Luganskaya.


12.06.2015 Crisis News

Series of explosions hit the city of Odessa in Ukraine last night. Witnesses report about at least 2 hard explosions in the center of the city. Partisans blew up 2 propagandistic constructions claiming to inform Security Service of Ukraine about so-called ‘’household separatists” – people who don’t support Kiev political regime or doubt in need of war against population of Donbass region.

Five civilians, including 2 children and 3 women, were killed in a shelling attack of Kiev forces on the Novorossian town of Gorlovka on Thursday. A representative of the Joint Centre for Control and Coordination of the ceasefire regime in the southeast of Ukraine has confirmed the report on casualties.

Hezbollah and Syrian troops have advanced in the Jarajair barrens of the Qalamoun Mountains as well as the outskirts of the border town of Arsal, Al Manar broadcaster reported on Friday. Before that on Wednesday, the leader of Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah lauded the Lebanese resistance’ fighters’ “major victories” against al-Nusra Front terrorists on the outskirts of Arsal. Nasrallah also hailed advancements made against ISIS in Qalamoun.

At least four people have lost their lives and 19 others sustained injuries after a string of bomb attacks struck various neighborhoods across the capital, Baghdad on Thursday. Firstly, a bomb went off close to a popular market in the Sabaa al-Bour neighborhood in northern Baghdad, killing two people and wounding eight others. Later in the day, a bomb explosion ripped through a sheep market in Baghdad’s southwestern neighborhood of al-Suwayd. One person was killed and six others were injured in the attack. Then, a civilian lost his life and another five people suffered injuries when a bomb blast targeted commercial buildings in Baghdad’s central Sheikh Omar Street.


11-12.06.2015 Military Report of Novorossia

Kiev artillery has shelled residential Kuibishevskiy and Oktyabrskiy districts of Donetsk today. 1 local has been killed. Also, watercourse Severskiy Donec was damaged last night. The administration of the capital of DPR has set up standby mode of water supplying.

3 locals have been killed and 4 children have been injured by Ukrainian shelling in the town of Gorlovka. A lot of residential houses and appartments have been destroyed.

Proxy advance of Kiev’s forces has been continuing in the settlement of Shirokino. Pro-Kiev terroristic battalion ‘Azov’ has reported that it lost 1 dead and 2 injured militants yesterday there.

Inteligence of LPR reports that Ukrainian army has been moving MLRS Grads to the sector of the town of Lugansk.


11.06.2015 Crisis News

Houthi purges Yemen from al-Qaeda CIA’s mercenaries

DPR and LPR announced decision to join Russia


10.06.15 Military Report of Novorossia

Ukrainian sabotage and reconissance groups have shelled motive-power depot in the town Debaltsevo. As reslut of shelling administrative building of depot has been burned up.

Since morning, Ukrainian artillery has been shelling Donetsk and Gorlovka. According to reports, there are a lot of destroyed residential houses and over 10 burned flats in the Donetsk. Wintesses report about 4 fighter jets of Kiev regime in sectors of Kramatorsk and Varvarovka. Their role has allegedly been to defend a columnt of military equipment in direction of Konstantinovka.

The clashes have been going around Bahmutka and Stannica Luganskaya. There are many casualities among LPR warriors. Pro-Kiev militants have taken control of neutral check point 29.


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