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15.06.2015 Military Report of Novorossia

Warriors of Donetsk People’s Republic have destroyed 4 Ukrainian artillery battery shelling Petrosvkiy district of Donetsk. Petrovskiy district was under hard artillery fire last night. At least 10 people were injured.

Pro-Kiev militants have been continuing attempts to capture positions of DPR forces at Donetsk Airport and settlement Avdeevka. Positions of DPR warriors and residential areas are under fire there.

Firefights have been going in the sector of settlement Peski. Town Gorlova, settlements Aleksandrovka and Maryinka are under hard artillery fire of pro-Kiev forces since last week.

A big column of Ukrainian Armed Forces including battle tanks, self-propelled artilery guns, truks with troops and fuel have moved from Dnepropetrovsk region (Cherkassoe and Gvardeyskoye) to the frontline today.


15.06.2015 Crisis News: Kiev to Provoke Russia-NATO Clash over Transdniestria…

A France Presse journalist Alexander Gayuk was wounded in shelling of the Donetsk suburb settlement Oktyabrskiy on Sunday. The journalist was taken to a local hospital.

“The shelling was very intensive. I was lucky,” he told the Donetsk News Agency over the phone. Apparently, Kiev government has already prepared a statement reporting that AFP journalist has shelled himself.

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s intention to deploy air defense systems on the border with the self-proclaimed republic of Transdniestria clearly pursues the aim of dragging Russia into another regional conflict to which NATO might be a party, which should certainly ring the alarm bell for the EU countries, the president of the International Centre for Geo-Political Analysis, Leonid Ivashov, stated.

Earlier, The Odessa-based Internet resource Timer says with reference to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry the S-300 air defense complexes have been set on the border with the Transdniestrian republic. Meanwhile, the governor of the Odessa Region, Mikheil Saakashvili, has been planning to close 450-kilometer-long border between Ukraine and Transdniestria. In fact, the Ukrainian authorities will lay siege to a region with a population of half a million.


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