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‘Revolution within revolution’: How and why Kurdish women are fighting ISIS (DOCUMENTARY)

Growing up in a society where it was inconceivable for men and women to fight together, Kurdish YPJ female forces engaged in combat against the Islamic State [Daesh], have been starting their own revolution. They told RT their previously undocumented stories.

RT filmed a unique documentary “Her War: Women Vs. ISIS” about young Kurdish women in Syria, who are defending their country against the Islamic State (IS formerly known as ISIS/ISIL) militants. For three weeks the RT Documentary team lived in a training camp run by the YPJ, on the border with Iraq, three kilometers from the frontline.

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The Kurds are an ethnic group, culturally and linguistically related to Iran, which does not have its own state. The Kurdistan region spans adjacent parts of Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey.


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“I’ll go fight the enemy to keep my father safe at home and make him proud,” she said as she was leaving to train to become a fighter.

Her father, in turn, advised her: “Don’t get caught. If you do, keep the last bullet for yourself.”

IS militants on the rampage in Syria and Iraq, have kidnapped hundreds of women and young girls. They have committed numerous atrocities, which include abuse, forcing them to convert to Islam and marry the jihadi fighters.

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“For IS militants being killed by a woman means going to hell, said Chichek, 16 y.o.


That’s why they avoid women’s bullets,she added. “When IS militants hear female voices they get very scared.”

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We grew up in a society where women are supposed to be housewives, where men consider them their property and honor. And women are not even allowed to leave the house,” said YPJ commander Roni. “For women, getting married is like going to jail.”



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