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An important text for understanding the project of the Empire of Chaos.

By Maurizio Blondet (translation from Italian by M. Sator)

“For the United States the primal fear is the German capital and the German technology, combined with the natural resources of Russia and the Russian labor: it’s the only combination that scared the US for centuries”

This is what George Friedman, the founder of the Stratfor strategic analysis center, said in the speech he made at the Council on Foreign Relations on February 4th. It’s worth showing it with due care, because it does deserve to spread virally.



Friedman, who is a jew born in Budapest in 1946, is a man of the American-militarist ‘deep state’: professor at the US Army War College, an expert at the National Defense University and the RAND organization (the megaphone for the military-industrial system ), he’s expressing here, with unprecedented frankness,the Washington strategy to maintain global dominance. According to this strategy, Europe is a puppet, and a tool, of which Friedman speaks with infinite contempt.

The weapon to be used, will be destabilization: “in Ukraine is what we have done in Afghanistan already. We abandon any ambition to establish democracy; once we have destabilized the country, we have done our job … ”

It’s worth a listen. And observe his cold smile, or rictus, while exposing his program.

George Friedman

In summary, this is what Friedman says:

  • – Europe does not exist. – Only a Germany-Russia integration can threaten us, we will not allow that(1).
  • – That’s why we support Kiev.
  • – The army of Kiev is our army, to such an extent that we give medals to their soldiers.
  • – We are placing weapons in all countries of Eastern Europe, taking advantage of their Russophobia.
  • – Obviously we act outside the framework of NATO.
  • – Our aim: to establish a cordon sanitaire around Russia.
  • – We can invade any country in the world, whereas no country can invade us.
  • – However, we can not occupy Eurasia; our tactic is to make sure that countries could tear down each other.
  • – For Russia, the status of Ukraine is an existential threat.
  • – “It is cynical, it is amoral, but it works.”
  • – Our goal is not to defeat the enemy, but to destabilize it.
  • – The destabilization is the only aim of our foreign actions. It is not to establish democracy; when we have destabilized a country, we have to say: “Mission accomplished,” and go home.
  • – Our unknown variable is Germany. What will she do? She doesn’t even know herself. An economic giant and a political dwarf, as always in history.
  • – “Europe will suffer the same fate as all the other countries: they will have their wars. There will not be hundreds of millions of deaths, but the idea of a European exclusivity, in my opinion, will lead to wars. There will be conflicts in Europe and there have already been, in Yugoslavia and now in Ukraine.

The Saker website compares this program with what Vladimir Putin said in the long live television broadcast on April 6, in which he answered to questions from the Russian public:

  •  – Russia will not attack anyone, she defends only her interests.- We just have two military bases outside Russia, they have more than a thousand bases in the world, and would we be the aggressors? Where is common sense?
  • – The Pentagon’s military budget is ten times greater than ours, so is it really us who lead an aggressive policy ? By the way, is it us who have bases on the borders of the USA?
  • – Who is installing missiles on the border of the other?
  • – We want equal relations with the West, in accordance with our national interests.
  • – Economic sanctions are not the price we are paying for having taken over Crimea, but for our will to exist as a free nation and civilization.
  • – We have waited twenty years in order to be accepted by the WTO (World Trade Organization), making many concessions; now [by imposing sanctions on Russia] the WTO rules are violated, as well as the UN rules and those of international law.
  • – We want to cooperate to the problems of humanity, security, disarmament, terrorism, drugs, organized crime.
  • – After the Berlin Wall fall they promised that NATO expansion to the East would be stopped. Today NATO is everywhere at our borders. Westerners have decided they were the winners.
  • – Whatever we do for diplomatic thaw, we always met with reject and resistance from the West . The last Winter Olympics in Sochi have been slandered and discredited either before, during and after; Why?

One note: Russia, as a member of WTO, has appealed to it, because the sanctions imposed by the US and EU would violate WTO rules; The WTO is the overseer, the policeman, the judge of global free trade, which – according to the dogma – should be duty-free and free from other obstacles of any kind. So, no trade sanction should be imposed, unless it is passed by the UN Security Council – which obviously did not happen. I do not think that WTO will support Moscow reasons.

Despite that, Putin has achieved two results. One, demonstrate that US and EU violate the very rules they have given to themselves and they have imposed on the world; that globalization is nothing more than a system of American dominance; and that WTO is not the objective referee of free trade, but another political weapon in the hands of the Anglo-Western system.

The second result is that Russia, as a victim of unjust economic retaliation which violates the rules of WTO, can exempt herself from international trade rules dictated by WTO itself.

The first and most severe of these constraints is that WTO prohibits favoring domestic industries against the foreign competitors goods. The ongoing embargo obliges Russia to increase the share of national production in their industries and other economic activities; if well used, it can be an unexpected opportunity to strengthen her industrial system under a partial shelter from foreign competition, with protection measures that would not be accepted by the “international community” or by its population.

The sanctions are causing difficulties; delaying the upgrading that were already under way (thanks to German Industries), so in a few years, Moscow could begin to produce for the market “German quality” goods in industries where she has leading products (created for military reasons) that is unable to impose globally: chemicals, pharmaceuticals, turbines, chips, opto-electronics and micro-electronics, independent software (from the rear doors of NSA) etc. (for an exhibition of projects and ability to excellence Russia, see also https://www.les-crises.fr/l-isolement-de-la-russie-3-la-russie-ne-produit-rien/).

In short Russia has the opportunity to start those industrial policies that we Europeans, as coward and stupid vassals, have accepted to be totally deprived: from devaluation, made impossible by the euro, to the exchange rate control and to the forbidding of capital flight.

These were the traditional measures of any sovereign government, and now they are forbidden by the Treaty of Lisbon and, to the same degree,by WTO who forbids us to defend our industries invaded and devastated by below-cost goods. At the same time, we let our neck tie with the ultimate hangman’s knot: the TAFTA, the transatlantic treaty, with which we will be subdued by US regulations even for what we shall eat.

Europe therefore is sinking into a crisis (caused by the US finance and its terminal capitalism), sinking into her vassalage to Washington; a servile accomplice of US sanctions, she is losing a great opportunity of development of the Russian economy – an immense task, requiring huge funding and therefore huge foreign investment, which will be provided alas by China.

And what does she get from Washington in return? Destabilization projects and internal wars , as Friedman promises.

That is for us the saying of Plotinus: “That the cowards are ruled by the evil ones– it is only fair.”

As for America, and its historical and metahistorical destiny they should fear another saying, if it is said: “Blessed are the peacemakers,” what curse could ever be hanging over these antichristic sowers of discord, over these geopolitical arousers of hatred and violence?

1) In 1939 the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)of Rockefeller, then directed by Isaiah Bowman, reached the same conclusion after a careful study of business relations of the entire planet, CFR decided that Continental Europe (with Russia integrated into Germany) would constitute a “self-sustaining block”, contrary to the national interest, as the mega-American corporations were in need of ” free access to markets and raw materials “of that part of the world. A War and Peace Studies Project was formed (with a hundred lawyers, industrialists, politicians, diplomats, bankers) provided with strong funding (the only Rockefeller Foundation gave $ 300,000 at the time), outlining an entire project to let USA enter the war, and after the war set up a new world order: the IMF, the World Bank were already conceived at that time. The results of the study were presented to Roosevelt and convinced him to join the war against Germany and Japan.


(In Italiano)

Il nostro vero nemico è il grande alleato.
La prova definitiva


R E L A T E D :

George Friedman [Chicago Council on Global Affairs]: “The priority of the USA is to prevent the German capital and technology to be united with the Russian natural resources and labor, to form an invincible combination” ~ [Eng-Fra]




By Maurizio Blondet - Maurizioblondet.it
translation from Italian by M. Sator
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