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  • 15 Building Destroyed by Ukrainian Shellings in DPR
  • Russia’s 31st Humanitarian Aid Convoy Heads to Donbass
  • Yemen Attacks Kill 3 Saudi, 1 Emirati Soldiers
  • ISIS Blow Up 2 Historic Shrines in Palmyra

  • Kiev forces have violated the ceasefire regime over 50 times yesterday. A total of 54 shells of 82 mm and 120 mm caliber have been fired at the republic’s territory, DPR’s defence ministry said, adding that Kiev forces also use grenade launchers and small arms. Moreover, 15 residential buildings destroyed over the past 24 hours in Dokuchaevsk, the local administration head said.
  • The Russian Emergencies Ministry’s convoy with humanitarian aid has set off to Donbass today. The 100-truck convoy is to supply Donbass with over 1,000 tonnes of relief aid – foodstuffs and 32 tonnes of medicines airlifted to the regional capital city Rostov-on-Don. The foodstuffs are pasta, cereal, flour and tea.


  • A Saudi officer and a soldier were killed in Jizan on the southern border of Saudi Arabia, while another soldier lost his life in attacks on Asir region. Saudi military officials have also reported the death of an Emirati soldier in attacks on the border city of Najran on Monday. Yemen’s Ansarullah movement and allied army units carry out the attacks in reprisal for Riyadh’s aggression against their nation.
  • Islamic State militants have decimated two unique tombs in the historic central Syrian city of Palmyra, a UNESCO landmark. The head of the Antiquities and Museums Department in Damascus, Maamoun Abdulkarim, told AP that one of the destroyed shrines belonged to Mohammad Bin Ali, a descendant of Prophet Muhammad’s cousin Imam Ali. The second tomb, about 500 years old, was of a Sufi religious figure known as Nizar Abu Bahaaeddine.


  • 2 civilians killed in shelling of DPR
  • Canadian Military Instructors to Come to Ukraine in August
  • 14 killed, 5 injured as Saudi Jets Bomb Yemen
  • Pentagon Declaring Journalists as Military Targets

  • Two civilians were killed in the Ukrainian shelling of the town of Dokuchayevsk and a neighborhood of Donetsk, the defence ministry of the Donetsk People’s Republic has reported. The ministry confirmed the use of artillery and mortars by Ukrainian troops. More than 30 ceasefire violations by Kiev forces were registered on Tuesday.
  • Canadian military instructors will come to Ukraine in August. According to source in Canada’s Defense Ministry, a planning team that recently arrived in Ukraine will be tasked with preparations for stationing the main contingent. Canada plans to send around 200 instructors to Ukraine. The specifics of the two-year mission have not been disclosed. Last week, Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper told that Canadian military instructors will stay in Ukraine until 31 March 2017.


  • At least six people were killed, including a women and two children, as Saudi jets targeted the district of Saqayn in Sa’ada early on Wednesday. Nine people were also killed and five more injured in Saudi airstrikes targeting the province’s Razih district. A residential area in the northwestern Hajjah province’s Harad district was also bombarded by Saudi jets late on Tuesday, leaving one person dead and several people injured.
  • The Pentagon has released a book of instructions on the “law of war” detailing acceptable ways of killing the enemy. The manual also states that journalists can be labeled “unprivileged belligerents” an obscure term that replaced “enemy combatant.” The Pentagon did not specify the exact circumstances under which a journalist might be declared an unprivileged belligerent, however, the manual gives a license to attack or even murder journalists.


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