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On 26 June 2015, eyewitnesses report that FIVE terrorists arrived by boat for the attack on the hotels near Sousse. Eyewitnesses say that two boats were used.

Aljarida : موقع الجريدة, جريدة إلكترونية جامعة تواكب الأخبار المتصلة بتونس لحظة وقوعه

Back in 1987, Mossad attacked Tunisia. The operation reportedly “involved some 30 agents, who reached the Tunisian coastline in small boats.

“Some of them pretended to be tourists … Others took up positions wearing Tunisian army uniforms.”

Tourists with a License to Kill

On 26 June 2015, one gunman “was laughing and joking around, like a normal guy,’ said one witness. ‘He was choosing who to shoot. Some people, he was saying to them ‘you go away’. He was choosing tourists, British, French.'”


Was the gunman speaking in English or in French?

When I was last in Sousse I found that virtually no Tunisians could speak English.

There are mad Islamists in Kairouan in Tunisia. But no mad Islamist is likely to laugh and joke like a normal guy.video of alleged gunman seif rezgui .

This man turned out to be innocent and was later released.

Was the main gunman an Israeli, working in league with elements of the corrupt police and military in Sousse.
Israel has a history of killing the British, and Tunisians.YOUR CHIEF ENEMY IS ISRAEL.

ISIS, which is run by Mossad and supplied by the Pentagon, has claimed that it carried out the attack.


Tunisia, May 2015.

Mossad has a major base in Sousse.In 2012, Mossad bolstered its activity in Sousse and, in May 2015 a large number of Jews arrived in Tunisia.

300 Mossad mercenaries operating in Tunisia .

The attack on the hotels looks like a sophisticated operation by certain security services, rather than an attack by a mad Moslem student.

“Friends told Sky News that even two days before the attack, Yacoubi showed no signs of radicalisation, visiting a cafe and going for a walk.”

Tunisia Gunman Seifeddine Yacoubi Breakdancing.

The ‘gunman’ has been named as Seifeddine Yacoubi and as Seifeddine Rezgui, which adds to the confusion.

Seifeddine Yacoubi

Seifeddine Yacoubi, also called Seifeddine Rezgui, was allegedly one of the shooters at the hotels in Port El Kantaoui

The media prefers the name Rezgui, because some of the Yacoubis are Jews and crypto-Jews.

Jews With Ties To Israel.

At 12.30: Rezgui is cornered and shot dead in a car park at the back of the Imperial Marhaba hotel.dailymail.

Sniper marksmen scaled the roofs of buildings after the shootings in Port El Kantaoui.
The gunman, alleged to be Seifeddine Yacoubi, “calmly walked down a side street – carrying an assault rifle and grenades.”
The snipers “peppered his path with bullets” but kept on missing him.
Ex-pat Vicci Spencer, 38, said: “He was just walking along the road, like nothing had happened. 

“They were firing shots at him but just kept missing.”Tunisia terror attack: Hero cop killed fanatic with TWO bullets as police snipers kept missing him.

A policeman on the ground then reportedly shot dead the suspect.

His hair is different from that of Yacoubi?
Reportedly this is ‘Seifeddine‘ on the beach before the shootings.

Seifeddine’s Facebook page has postings about rap music, Real Madrid and the Tunisia’s chances in the Africa Cup.

It is unlikely that Seifeddine was one of the shooters.Briton Tom Richards came face-to-face with a gunman whom he said “had long black hair and a beard.”

The Guardian

In 2011 two snipers, Swedes with Jewish names, were arrested (above video).

The snipers had reportedly been shooting Tunisians from rooftops (as part of a NATO plan to discredit President ben Ali).

The Tunisian politician Mohamed Moncef Marzouki released the snipers.

Marzouki is alleged to be an asset of the CIA.

On 26 June 2015, one gunman “was laughing and joking around, like a normal guy,’ said one witness. ‘He was choosing who to shoot. Some people, he was saying to them ‘you go away’. He was choosing tourists, British, French.'”dailymail.

Was the gunman speaking in English or in French?

When I was last in Sousse I found that virtually no Tunisians could speak English.
Were the police and military helping the attackers?

“Predrag Marjanović, a 55 year old from Belgrade, staying at the Palm Marina, said: “I don’t see anyone from the police or army on the beach.

“The attack came from the beach and now there is nobody there for protection. I would expect to see the army or at least police.””We didn’t see police. This hotel has not see an armed policeman anywhere to give us security, comfort, whatever you want to call it.”

Meanwhile Glen Evans, a British tourist from Yorkshire also criticized police handling of the attack.

“My biggest question of the moment is why it took nearly an hour before a helicopter appeared overhead”, he said.Experts Claim Tunisian Government Ignored Sousse 

“Local media reports claim that one of the attackers was wearing a police uniform.” 

Tunisia Live. (Further details below)
On 26 June 2015, there was a false flag attack at Port El Kantaoui, near Sousse, in Tunisia.
TunisiaReportedly, at least 30 people were killed.

In early May 2015 there was an influx of Jews to Tunisia.

The official reason was a Jewish pilgrimage to a synagogue in Tunisia.
“Some 500 are expected in Djerba for the two-day religious festival from France, Israel, Italy and Britain, according to the organizers.”
Tunisia hosts Jewish pilgrimage .

Mossad has offices in Sousse, Djerba and Tunis.

Mossad bolsters activity in Tunisia.

In Port El Kantaoui, the gunmen arrived at the beach on an inflatable boat.

The attackers first opened fire on tourists on the beach.
They then entered the Imperial Marhaba Hotel and began firing from the machine gun that they carried in an umbrella case. 
They also carried grenades, according to witnesses.The Riu Bellevue Park is also believed to have been attacked.

Reportedly, one gunman was killed.

The attacks in both France and Tunisia could indicate an attempt by the USA and its allies to mould public opinion before launching a full scale invasion of Syria.
Jacob Walles (blue shirt) with his fellow Jews.

On 20 February 2015, in Tunisia, “the US ambassador was expelled from the presidential palace.”

Reportedly, US Ambassador Jacob Walles angered Tunisia’s President Beji Essebsi when Walles tried to pressure him into accepting a US military base in Tunisia.

Reportedly, President Essebsi not only expelled Walles from his residence but also refused a request to have a phone conversation with President Obama.

Tunisia: US ambassador expelled from the presidential …. / Massacre in Tunis | crimesofempire.

On 18 March 2015, tourists in Tunisia were hit by a group believed to be working for the CIA and Mossad.

Tunisia shooting: At least 17 killed at Bardo Museum in Tunis

In 2010, we predicted a coup was coming in Tunisia, but were ignored by the big bloggers.
CIA COUP IN TUNISIA, AIDED BY WIKILEAKS?In 2002, the CIA and its friends reportedly carried out a false flag attack on Djerba in Tunisia.

The CIA, Mossad and the Djerba Bombing..

Left to right: Général de Division Rachid Ammar (Chief of the Army, Tunisia) shaking hands with General Raymond Henault (Chairman of the NATO Military Committee). 
Reportedly the CIA has many assets within the militaries of Tunisia and Egypt.In 2010, the CIA toppled Tunisia’s moderate leader Ben Ali

False Flag Fake. THE FAKE STORY THAT STARTED THE CIA COUP.In 2010, the CIA/NATO/Mossad false flag operation, in Tunisia, began the Arab Spring.

The official story of the death of Mohamed Bouazizi, the street vendor, is fiction.

The CIA put the Islamists into power.

The Islamists then provided the CIA with fighters for ISIS, for the CIA’s fight against Assad in Syria.

Tunisia has provided the largest contingent of fighters – well over 3,000 – to ISIS.

CIA recruiters pay between $1,000 and $3,000 to prospective fighters, a huge sum for an unemployed Tunisian.


The Islamists allowed the Mossad to increase its activity in several Tunisian cities.

Report: Mossad bolsters activity in Tunisia

Tunisia, under President Ben Ali (above), was a Moslem success story.

It was liberal, run by technocrats and relatively prosperous.

In December 2014, former Ben Ali ministers won the elections in Tunisia and got back into power!

Now, the CIA and Mossad seem to be hitting the moderates once again.

“Local media reports claim that one of the attackers was wearing a police uniform.” 

The media reports that the man above is one of the Port El Kantaoui gunmen after he had travelled on to Sousse!

When, some time before the attack, we travelled from Port El Kantaoui to Sousse, the journey took 25 minutes by taxi.

We noted that the road is patrolled by police cars and we noticed a police road block.

Both Port El Kantaoui and Souse had a large police presence.

So, how easy was it for the gunman to reach Sousse?

Maybe the journalists do not realise that Port El Kantaoui and Sousse are different places.

Above, we see the ‘corpse of the gunman, who is believed to be a 23-year-old Seifeddine Yacoubi.’dailymail.

He has very white legs.

“Weapon in hand, he prowled the streets of Sousse.”dailymail.

Reportedly, this is Seifeddine YacoubiMEP’s Tweets – EUwatch.eu

“The depraved assassin – believed to be 23-year-old Seifeddine Yacoubi – was shot dead by the police as he stalked the streets of Sousse with an AK47 after massacring dozens on the beach.”


Reportedly, this is Seifeddine Yacoubi
The Mail tells us: “Most witnesses spoke of a lone gunman who was later shot dead by the Tunisian security forces.”dailymail.

Earlier reports spoke of more than one gunman.

Tunisia terror attack: Gunmen used inflatable boat.

“Witnesses in Sousse said the terrorists used a jet ski and a boat to access the beach and hid their machine guns in parasols while dressed in Western clothing.

“The body of one gunman lay at the scene with a Kalashnikov after he was shot in an exchange of gunfire with police.”


“A second suspect was later arrested near a motorway.

“Pictures (above) showed him being punched in the face by a furious woman as he was marched through the town by armed police.”

Does the man above look like an innocent patsy?”A hotel worker said: ‘He opened fire with a Kalashnikov. He was a young guy dressed in shorts – like he was a tourist himself.’

Eyewitnesses have described how the depraved gunman ‘laughed and joked’ with holidaymakers on a Tunisian beach before he mercilessly opened fire on them

Tunisian media have named the terrorist who was killed as Seifeddine Yacoubi,23, an aviation student from Kairouan, an hour’s drive from Sousse.


Reportedly, this is Seifeddine Yacoubi

The gunman was reportedly dressed like a tourist and had LONG hair.

The Guardian

Mohamed Becheur (above) was a Fulbright Scholar from 2010-2012.

He was educated at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas
He is the boss of the Hotel Imperial Marhaba in Port el Kantaoui in Tunisia.

“The hotel manager, Mohamed Becheur, said he had no details about the tragedy that befell his establishment, arriving later when notified and after the attack.”

Terror on the Beach.

A retired police officer Steve Johnson said that a man in red shorts was also shooting tourists.

Mr Johnson said: “It was a guy in red shorts, walking down from the hotel into the pool area. He just had red shorts on, nothing else on his legs or his feet or his body.”And he had an automatic rifle in his arms and people were just running from him.”

The retired officer later reported his sighting to a high-ranking policeman in Tunisia who informed him that a man matching this description was “dead as well”.

Eye witness survivor of Tunisia attack reports ‘second gunman’ in beach massacre.

And let’s not forget the snipers on the roofs of some of the buildings.


In her hotel, Kirsty Murray, 25, was wounded by a man with a handgun she believes was not Seifeddine Yacoubi.

Her father Neil said: ‘Both her and her fiancé have said there was more than one gunman. One person is not capable of doing that much damage anyhow.’

Jean, a grandmother-of-three, said many of her fellow British guests at the Marhaba were convinced there was another gunman who came into the reception and started shooting at the height of the mayhem.


On Sunday the Tunisian government said it was ‘sure’ the terrorist was not acting alone..dailymail.

In other words, there could have been a large Mossad team of attackers?
Hakim Yacoubi, the father.

Hakim Yacoubi is a labourer working on farms and railways for £10 a day

Read more: http://www.dailymail.

“Gaafour, a drab former mining town 100 miles from the ritzy five-star resort he attacked, is not known as a hotbed of radicalism.

“‘He was never in trouble with anyone ever,’ said neighbour Monia Riahi, (of young Yacoubi). ‘Maybe he was brainwashed or something.’”


“Local police sources in Sousse say Yacoubi arrived in the resort in a rented car with two other men who dropped him off on a side street leading to the beach.

“Dressed in a black t-shirt, dark shorts and necklace, his gun hidden inside a beach umbrella, he sauntered to the water’s edge and began his murderous spree.”


Yacoubi landed on the shore on a boat dressed as a tourist.”

In other words, Yacoubi may have a Mossad double?


This is Seifeddine Yacoubi with short curly hair?


This is Seifeddine Yacoubi with longer straighter hair?


According to the Daily Mail:

11.55am: Yacoubi arrives at the beach, pulling up at speed in an inflatable Zodiac dinghy.

He casually jumps out of the boat and strolls barefoot up the white sand towards hundreds of tourists.

12.10: The gunman runs from the beach through the pool area of the Imperial Marhaba and into the hotel lobby, firing as he goes.

He seems to know the layout of the hotel well and is able to reload his weapon at will.

12.25: With armed police in pursuit, the terrorist runs through dusty and potholed back streets between the two hotels.

12.30: Rezgui is cornered and shot dead in a car park at the back of the Imperial Marhaba.


In other words, the patsy is dumped in the street.

The UK politician Amran Hussain (above) just happened to be staying in a hotel near the shootings.

Amran Hussain is a serving soldier in the British Army Reserves and sits on an independent monitoring board member for prisonsdailymail.

All smiles after the false flag attack?

On 26 June 2015, ‘a false flag attack, in the style of the CIA’s Operation Gladio’, took place at an American-owned factory near Lyon in France.

Why France?

France’s lawmakers backed motion to recognize Palestinian state.

Reportedly, the attack involved:
Two men in a car.
A decapitated head, ‘covered in Arabic writing’, being hung on a fence.
Small explosions causing injuries to factory workers.
A man ‘known to security services’, arrested at the scene, telling officers he was a member of ISIS.
ISIS is reportedly run by the CIA and its friends.
The attack took place at the headquarters of the American owned Air Products, in Saint-Quentin-Fallavier, near Lyon.Two men were seen driving into the main gate soon after 10am, before driving around in circles throwing gas cylinders around the main yard.

Witnesses say the men were carrying Islamist flags.

One of the men jumped out of the car, according to ‘local prosecuting sources’, and then ‘decapitated a man’.Read more: http://www.dailymail.


In 1947, France’s Interior Minister Edouard Depreux revealed the existence of a secret army in France codenamed “Plan Bleu”.

The aim of this army was to carry out false flag operations, in order to promote the agenda of the rich elite.

By 1949, NATO had various secret armies, all part of the CIA’s Operation Gladio.
The former director of France’s spy service DGSE, admiral Pierre Lacoste, said in a 1992 interview with The Nation, that certain elements from the network were involved in terrorist activities against de Gaulle.

François de Grossouvre was Gladio’s leader for the region around Lyon in France until his alleged suicide on April 7, 1994.