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Saudi secessionist movement Ahrar al-Najran captures Najran Airport

Saudi Opposition Forces Capture Najran Airport

(FNA) ~ The Saudi opposition movement, ‘Ahrar al-Najran’, took control of the airport of the Southern city of Najran after fierce clashes with the Saudi forces.

The movement’s forces attacked the airport on Wednesday and seized its full control after killing 30 Saudi military men and injuring dozens more.

On Tuesday, Ahrar al-Najran announced that its fighters, assisted by tribal forces, had downed a military helicopter of the Saudi army in the Southern parts of the Arab country.

The Saudi opposition movement said it shot down the Saudi army’s chopper with the help of local tribal forces.

Ahrar al-Najran said that its air defense system hit the Saudi helicopter as it was on a patrolling mission.

Tribal forces and activists in Saudi Arabia’s Najran region formed a military and political opposition movement to the Saudi regime, called ‘Ahrar al-Najran’ after the region declared earlier this month that it had separated from Saudi Arabia and joined Yemen in the war on Riyadh.

Also earlier this month, Ahrar al-Najran announced that it had gained control of a military base in Southern Saudi Arabia.

The movement announced that the Saudi military base was located in al-Masha’liya region, South of Najran region.

‘Ahrar al-Najran’ movement also said that its forces had tough clashes with the Saudi military men in Khabash region located 10km to the South of Najran Center.

Activists in Najran region told FNA that several Saudi forces were killed during the conflicts in Najran residential areas.

Activist and movement member, Abu Bakr Abi Ahmad al-Salami, told FNA in mid-June that “all tribes of the region are members of the Ahrar al-Najran Movement”.


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FNA - 1 July 2015
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