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July 16, 2015

The clashes have been resumed in the sectors of Peski, Spartak, Avdeevka, Putilovka and Yasinovatskiy checkpoint. The intensity of clashes is high. DPR armed forces are holding positions and exercising counter-fire there.

An attempt of pro-Kiev militants to pent into Gorlovka was failed yesterday and they started hard artillery shelling against the town. As result of the shelling, a woman was killed and three civilians were wounded: a 15-years-old girl, 60-years-old man and woman. The shelling destroyed two residential houses and power supply in the town yet. Also three Novorossian warriors were killed and four wounded there.

The losses of Novorossian military are 4 warriors killed, 16 wounded, no loses among military equipment since yesterday. Pro-Kiev forces lost 6 militants dead, 13 wounded, 1 armored vehicle and 1 battle tank were destroyed.

A redeployment of pro-Kiev militants and military equipment was observed in Dnepropetrovsk region on June 15. Witnesses registered: 4 train carriages of troops, 5 artillery guns, 10 armored personal carriers, 30 battle tanks, 3 rocket launchers ‘Tochka U’. The forces was moved at West direction.


July 14, 2015

The extremist group “Right Sector” involved in a punitive operation of the Kiev authorities against Donbass is leaving their positions at the demarcation line, DPR Defense Ministry reported yesterday. Therefore, the number of ceasefire violations over the past 24 hours has decreased. The information appeared after armed clashes in Mukachevo of Transcarpathian region in the Western Ukraine between the “Right Sector” militants and local police resulted in bloodshed.

However, Kiev forces have violated the ceasefire regime 38 times in DPR over the last 24 hours. Pro-Kiev militants continue to use heavy weapons: artillery, battle tanks and mortars. The village of Spartak and Donetsk airport were the most intense artillery and mortar shelling. Also, Ukrainian military shelled residential areas of Donetsk, Gorlovka, Vasilyevka, Belaya Kamenka and Kalinovka.

Yesterday LPR Ukrainian militants advanced in the sectors of Stannica Luganskaya, Nijnee, Bolotennoe and Sizoe. Novorossian warriors answered by small arms, grenade launchers and counter-battery fire and defended their positions.

On account of recent clashes Novorossian military lost 23 warriors injured, 1 truck destroyed, 1 battle tank damaged. In turn, pro-Kiev forces lost: 5 militants dead, 31 injured, 1 battle tank destroyed, 2 mortar batterys destroyed and 1 armored vehicle damaged.


July 13, 2015

One man was killed and one woman injured as result of Ukrainian shelling of the village of Zaitsevo yesterday. Also, pro-Kiev militant massively shelled Kievsky distriсt of Donetsk. 6 residential houses were damaged. Donetsk filter station stopped working as its power supply line was damaged. Debaltsevo, Logvinovo, Kalinovka, Golmovsky, Zaitsevo, Zhobunki, Novaya Laspa, Belaya Kamenka and Spartak became the targets of Ukrainian artillery fire too.

Intense clashes occurs at the contact line over the last days. Particularly, Ukrainian fortified area in the vicinity of Avdeevka, with howitzers of a 152 mm caliber, mortars, and 1 MLRS Uragan, was destroyed by Novorossian counter-battery fire overnight. Novorossian military units report such results of clashes of the last night: Novorossian forces lost 4 killed, 7 injured, 1 mortar, 1 armored personnel carrier. Pro-Kiev militants lost 31 killed (12 of them by a subversive group’s action), 14 injured, two 122 mm caliber howitzers, one 120 mm caliber mortar, 1 armored personnel carrier, 1 battle tank. High caliber artillery and mortars were banned by Minsk agreements. However, Kiev’s side actively uses them.

A main flash point at the LPR frontline is Bahmutka. There was an intense clash yesterday. LPR forces report about 19 injured Novorossian warriors and 2 destroyed Ukrainian battle tanks there. Intense artillery shellings from Kiev’s side have been continued.


July 12, 2015

Ukrainian militants have been shelling city Donetsk since yesterday. As result of successful anti-artillery fire of DPR forces, positions of pro-Kiev militants in Orlovka, Tonenkoe, Avdeevka, Svetlodarsk were buttoned up. Residual Ukrainian artillery are continuing to shell Donetsk

The clash was around the town of Gorlovka last night. There is no information about casulaities there. Also, Kiev’s forces started to use MLRS Grads against the town.

Unmanned aircraft systems of DPR have fixed a high concentration of Ukrainian military equipment, including banned by Minsk, in the sector of the Kiev-controlled city of Svetlodarsk. The important point is Ukrainian fortifications, armored vehicles, battle tanks, high caliber mortars and artillery are established in the residential areas of the city. Svetlodarsk, Mariupol, Peski, Avdeevka and Volnovakha directions are the hottest points of the frontline now.

The local clashes have been going around Stannica Luganskaya and Schastie. There were clashes and a high intensity artillery fire at Bahmutka. Kiev unmanned aircraft systems were fixed on Lugansk. LPR forces worked on them with antiaircraft mounts.

According to reports, pro-Kiev forces lost 3 militants killed, 26 injured, 1 battle tank, 1 armored personnel carrier, 3 battery of mortars and howitzers, 7 units of automotive equipment over last 24 hours. In turn, Novorossian forces lost 29 warriors injured, 1 combat reconnaissance patrol vehicle and 3 units of automotive equipment.


Statements of Novorossia’s Women on the Frontline


Militiawoman ‘Veterok’ (Breeze):

“I went to war to protect children” (English subs)


Anna Tuv to Poroschenko’s junta:

“Stop Killing Civilians!” (English subs)


South Front


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