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The British Parliament has been exposed trying to very quietly try and block legal challenges to their waging war on Syria.

The facts are the ‘Defence’ Secretary Michael Fallon dishonestly asserted off the Parliamentary record at the RUSI that he had legal grounds to use the false pretext of ‘surveillance’ to wage war in Syria without any vote, while the Tory & Labour MP’s David Davis and Tom Watson dishonestly portrayed their court order could stop legal challenges to ‘surveillance’ operations until the end of March 2016.

the entire apparatus of the british parliament and mainstream media are working together to try and avoid any legal challenge that can only expose the UK will never have any legal grounds to invade syria

Fallon, Davis and Watson were all acting on behalf of the entire British Parliament.

British ‘surveillance’ would realize they were rumbled with the three words…International Criminal Court.

Indeed why would any civilian wait for the British Parliament to go any further when no legal grounds of any kind have been produced for what is intended to be a British invasion of Syria ?

So the war criminal Lord Ken MacDonald who Chairs ‘Reprieve’ (who really run interference over British government mercenaries like Begg, Belhaj & Co) then pretended today that Reprieve had filed an FOI request that ‘revealed’ the British government had already deployed the British military in Syria on bombing raids.

the reprieve ruse is actually introduced so that fallon can change tack with the ’embedded’ pretext

In legal terms, the war propaganda has entered the realms of pure fantasy.

Now the incredible suggestion in the ‘news’ media becomes the British government could somehow avoid all legal responsibilities by saying the British military were operating under the complete control of foreign governments in Syria.

faux ‘outcry’: show me the british ‘politician’ who is going to take cameron to the international criminal court

Offering up yet another pretext, allowed Fallon to try and backtrack on what he said at the RUSI, while inventing probably the most ridiculously criminal lie that has ever been told and I quote:

“When we are going to run British military operations in Syria, including strikes, then of course we have said we will go to Parliament for approval. But this is different.

This is a handful of British pilots who have been embedded with American forces and are part of an American military operation for which the Americans have full approval.”

Fallon’s quote still overlooks the obvious fact the British Parliament have not produced any legal grounds, let alone in the British Parliament for the British military to be ’embedded’ with the US in any military operation in…Syria.



The Reprieve ruse is just another way of the British Parliament still trying to illegally get what Fallon promised at the RUSI.

the controlled fake ‘opposition’ of corbyn & co run with the ruse that it is all a “violation” of a “vote” rather than a violation of civilian society’s rule of law

The Guardian tried to help cover Fallon’s tracks at the RUSI by claiming Lord Howe would essentially put what Fallon had said on the British Parliamentary record in the House of Lords today, which would to say the least, be very, very odd indeed.

The sum total of the sudden outpouring of criminal verbiage from all directions is that the British Parliament (and banking cartels etc) could not claim they did not reasonably know they have no legal grounds for any official or unofficial British military/mercenary deployments of any kind in Syria.

Not a single member of the British Parliament could reasonably claim in any court of law, (and in particular the ICC would be ‘professionally embarrassed’ by anyone trying to claim) they ‘reasonably believed’ that the British government was absolved of legal responsibilities with regard to the deployment of British troops or mercenaries ‘embedded’ with foreign governments in Syria.

instead of grandstanding in the ‘news’ media, any honest law abiding ‘politician’ who genuinely cared about human life, would be taking cameron and fallon et al to the hague.

In addition we must not forget that neither the ‘Islamic State’ or indeed the Macer Gifford’s of this world fell out of thin air, along with shipments of lethal weapons from some corporate entity or another.



In legal terms:

~ 1 ~. It is noted that the UK Defence Secretary did not produce any legal grounds in his off the Parliamentary record speech at the RUSI (Royal United Services) yesterday.




syria: no legal grounds have been produced by the british government


the weasel worded war criminal’s syria soundbite about planes that are not really the ‘latest’ anything

 The ‘Defence’ Secretary has very clearly illegally pre-empted any vote or legal challenge without producing any legal grounds.

 more like ‘state of the art’ brown envelopes

general frank gorenc was present

war criminal general frank gorenc: Commander, U.S. Air Forces Europe


“10 non-uk domiciled ‘defence’ contractors”




~ 2 ~. If the British Prime Minister really thought he had legal grounds for any kind of military deployment in Syria, he would have produced those legal grounds on the British Parliamentary record so they can be challenged in any number of courts of law.




the british parliament can be seen to be ducking and diving all over the place trying to avoid legal challenges


the house of lords are wheeled out to try and gloss over fallon never made his syria speech on the parliamentary record in the house of commons

more guardian et al spinning of the truth and law into criminal lies…

 “When we run British military operations”…and “Part of an American military operation” in Syria is probably the biggest garbage that has ever been tried on, which also contradicts what Fallon said at the RUSI.

 The Guardian had earlier purported that Lord Howe put the Fallon lie at the RUSI in the House of Lords…today, while Tom Watson is lying about everything.

 ~ 3 ~. The British Prime Minister will certainly now have to produce the copies of written, signed and dated agreements purportedly made between the UK and foreign governments over military deployments in Syria so that they can also be subject to legal challenge.

 ~ 4 ~. The ridiculous High Court Order by two paragons of British Judicial corruption Justice Bean and Collins to try and put a further stay on civil claims against the British government until end of March 2016 is illegal and frankly not worth the paper it is written on.

This published information is evidence of the British Parliament’s criminal intent to break all known law to act illegally in Britain and Syria.



‘surveillance’: these war criminals actually hijacked two prior civil claims brought by a brice and lewis to try and get a stay on civil claims against the british government

 The case should properly have been cited as Brice et al versus SSHD, not Davis.



the only unknowns in what is otherwise the well known circle of usual suspects working on behalf of big business, are brice and lewis


 brice and lewis (co/3664/2014 & co/3667/2014) came before davis and watson (co/3794/2014)

 In addition Brice and Lewis who have made no public comment that has been cited by the MSM, are not parties to the subsequent court order cited at the end given to Davis and Watson under the guise of the Brice and Lewis claim, that is essentially being made on behalf of the British government, against everyone.

davis and watson are seen to effectively obtain a court order (on behalf of the british government) against everyone under the guise of the brice and lewis claims

 Murdoch and the Saxe-Coburgs were tasked with wheeling out the double entendre of the Nazi photo shoot to create a weekend controversy that would draw attention away from what the British Parliament are up to.


‘full spectrum’ genocidal nazi colonial state, with ‘re-education’ gulags and all.


the completely manufactured computer generated colonial state of denial of 77th brigade war propaganda

 It is a matter of fact Hitler and German royalty were acolytes of the global hegemony of British colonialism at that time. Hitler was the ‘socialist’ Blair-ite commoner who was the useful idiot of European ‘royalty’. European ‘royalty’ and ‘politics’ waged Two World Wars on European civilians to slaughter millions upon millions upon millions of civilians, to establish a European military colony in the Middle East called Israel.




fallon & co are going to ‘face’ slightly more than each other




Brian Haw
Parliament Square Peace Campaign, 17 July 2015
Submitted by Cem Ertür
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