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Ankara, 21/7/2015 ~ Turkish parties, associations and people expressed, in demonstrations, statements and conferences, anger over the terrorist explosion that hit southern Turkish town of Suruc, holding Butcher Erdogan and his regime responsible for the bombing.

On Monday, at least 3o people were killed in a terrorist bombing during a meeting of young activists to discuss the reconstruction of the Syrian city of Ain Al-Arab and to express solidarity with it in the face of the Takfiri terrorism.


Republican People’s Party (CHP) Vice Chairman Veli Agbaba stressed that the terrorist bombing, which rocked Suruc town to the southeast of Turkey Monday, is the result of policies adopted by the regime of Erdogan and the Justice and Development Party “AKP” and of the dangerous acts of the Turkish intelligence in Syria.

The bombing proved dangers of the foreign policy adopted by AKP government and Turkish intelligence which has become no longer a national intelligence, but rather a personal one that serves only Erdogan, Agbaba said in a press conference with the CHP Deputy Chairman Sezgin Tanrikulu after inspecting the site of the bombing.

For his part, former Turkish foreign minister in the AKP government Yasar Yakis affirmed that the “Turkish outrageous interference” in the Syrian affairs is one of the main reasons behind the terrorist bombing in Suruc town.

In an interview with CNN Turk, Yakis referred to the support which has been provided by the regime in Turkey to the terrorist organizations in Syria since the beginning of the crisis.

Meanwhile, The Socialist Youth Associations Federation (SGDF) stressed the responsibility of the AKP and the Turkish intelligence for the terrorist bombing of Suruc.

Turkish Yurt newspaper quoted SGDF as saying in a statement that “The AKP and the Turkish intelligence carried out the terrorist bombing in cooperation with ISIS terrorist organization.”

In the same context, Erdogan’s security forces quelled massive demonstrations in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Diyarbakir and other Turkish provinces and cities that took to the streets on Monday evening in condemnation of the terrorist bombing in Suruc town and of the policies adopted by Erdogan and the AKP which support terrorist organizations including ISIS in Syria, the region and now in Turkey.

The participants in the demonstrations, who represented various Turkish parties and organizations, affirmed that Erdogan’s regime and his party are responsible for all the terrorist crimes witnessed in Syria, the region and now in Turkey, calling upon the Turkish people to stand in the face of Erdogan’s policies.


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