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Sayyed Nasrallah: US Great Devil whether Before or After Nuclear Agreement

Hizbullah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah delivered Saturday a speech in which he tackled a number of regional and internal issues.

(Al-Ahed) ~ Sayyed Nasrallah first warned that there are incessant US-“Israeli” attempts to weaken the Resistance adding that following the nuclear agreement Iran became the main obsession for the region.

His Eminence made the remarks in a televised address during “The Generation of Martyr Ali Ahmad Yahya” – a graduation ceremony for the children of martyrs held by The Martyrs Institution at Shahed educational compound.

“They worked industriously, spent billions of dollars, exploited many means, and carried several wars; but the results were always retrospective,” he said.
According to the Resistance Leader, the new US blacklist as well as the Saudi terrorist list target Jihadi leaders in Hizbullah. However, Sayyed Nasrallah asserted that this won’t make any difference as “the USA was the Greater Devil before the nuclear agreement and will remain the Greater Devil after the nuclear agreement.”

On another level, Sayyed Nasrallah stressed, “We in Hizbullah do not have any financial or commercial projects or investments, and we do not enter this world. We receive financial and materialistic support from the Islamic Republic in Iran, and this support provided by Iran is sufficient to us. We are proud of that support, and the Islamic Republic is proud of that too”.

In the same perspective, Hizbullah SG added that there are attempts to deport Lebanese merchants and businessmen in the framework of the war on the Resistance, calling on the state and the government to shoulder the responsibility of protecting the Lebanese citizens.

His Eminence further warned that there are endeavors to distort the image and authenticity of Hizbullah via media outlets that talk about drug trade, money laundering networks, and robbing networks at a time all of that is lying.

In parallel, Sayyed Nasrallah said: “A machine has been working for ten years by now on promulgating lies on the moral status of the Resistance and its structure. Some are working on distorting the image of our leaders and assassinating them physically, and those whom the enemy cannot assassinate physically, they try to assassinate morally through “Israeli” posts that work to distort the image of our leaders and Resistance men, and this is part of the battle.”

Sayyed Nasrallah further tackled the campaign that aims at belittling and demeaning the achievements and victories made by Hizbullah since July War until reaching Qseir, Qalamoun, and Irsal, adding that “Since 2005, they talk about Hizbullah as being weak and trapped in crises. They say that Hizbullah wants to control Lebanon and put an end to Taif Accord. It is clear that they are in a state of confusion. Today, they say that Hizbullah is in its final day because of the nuclear agreement; this is the latest pretext they gave for that.”

Moreover, His Eminence stressed, “Some tried to say that Hizbullah is a tool in the hand of Iran which it manipulated to conclude the nuclear agreement. Some also try to challenge and express doubts over our relation with our allies especially Iran and Syria. However today and following the nuclear agreement, the honest were known from the liars. Did Iran sell its allies following the nuclear agreement? Kerry asserted that Iran refused to discuss any topic other than the nuclear agreement. Nobody sold or bought. Those who talk about us having disagreements with our allies are those whose allies sell them, abandon them, and do not bother to inquire about them.”

According to Sayyed Nasrallah, “in the psychological warfare, ours is the upper hand because we resort to previous facts and do not fabricate lies. As such, the procession of the Resistance is growing broader and its popularity, masses, presence, and influence are increasing too at the local and regional levels. Moreover, the US administration takes it seriously into consideration, while “Israel” sees the Resistance as the source of threat against it in the region.”

On “ISIL”, Sayyed Nasrallah warned that “ISIL” is a serpent that bites its masters adding that the states that provided “ISIL” with total coverage have started to pay the price. “Many a time, I have said before that all those whom they brought to Syria and Iraq to hit the Resistance will soon turn against them”, he added.

Sayyed Nasrallah wondered how at a time the FBI presents a security report to the effect that “ISIL” is more dangerous on the US national security than “al Qaeda”, some in Lebanon still do not consider “ISIL” as a threat, stressing that “we need to have national comprehension that foresees the magnitude of the Takfiri danger on Lebanon and the means to confront it apart from all disagreements.”

Moving to the internal front, His Eminence criticized the failure of the Lebanese state to address a crisis such as the rubbish crisis, seeing that a proof on the state’s severe failure. He stated that the administration does not care for the Lebanese and their health and needs or work honestly for that.

In addition, Hizbullah SG called for cooperation to preserve the country’s security emphasizing on the factual consolidation of the people-army-resistance formula to protect Lebanon against all threats.

Sayyed Nasrallah acknowledged the need against bargaining on the regional situation or else the country will be lost, highlighting that if an agreement was not achieved, the country will be wasted, and we will head towards vacuum. He also said that allusions of resignation are not of any use; they are rather harmful to the country. He accused the other bloc of turning their back to dialogue with the Free Patriotic Movement. He stressed that a direct discussion is required and warned against taking the country to vacuum because that leads the country to the unknown.

On this level, His Eminence called on the political forces to agree on a clear process for the work of the government, stressing that “we are a side in that; we are not mediators but rather allies to the FPM.”

As His Eminence hailed the current generations who believe in the victory which we talk about every day and in every occasion pursuant to the experiences which victories we witnessed and are witnessing. He said, “We embarked into the era of victories and left the era of defeat. This is what Allah Al Mighty is bestowing on us, and this is what we are achieving with our will and the blood of martyrs.”

“The martyrs willfully chose the path of martyrdom,” he said, “They fought and struggled to achieve the content and love of Allah Al Mighty, and you have to move along in this path to achieve what they achieved. Martyr Ali Ahmad Yahya moved along the path of his father Martyr Sheikh Ahmad Yahya.”

Sayyed Nasrallah further underlined that “a considerable number of the sons of martyrs are now in the lines of the Resistance and the fighting fronts”.

“Thanks to the sacrifices of the martyrs of the Resistance, the army, the security forces, the Lebanese people, and the Palestinians, we commemorated Eid Al Fitr with security and dignity. These sacrifices consolidated the deterrence formula with the Zionist enemy and protected Lebanon against the Takfiris,” His Eminence concluded.


Sayyed Nasrallah: “Before and After Nuclear Deal, US Remains the Great Satan”

“The first generation of resistance believed in the cause metaphysically, but this generation witnesses victories. This is the reason for the strong belief of this generation, the third generation of resistance, which the Israeli talks about. This is because it witnessed the victories”.

(Al-Manar) ~ Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah said Iran and Hezbollah, after the signing of a nuclear deal last week, remain the great concern in the region and that the US insistence on describing Hezbollah as a terrorist organization is the proof.

Sayyed NasrallahIn a speech delivered at the graduation ceremony of martyrs sons in Beirut, Sayyed Nasrallah said “the United States is the Great Satan, and will remain the Great Satan even after the Iran nuclear deal. And even after the nuclear deal was signed, their main concern remained Iran and Hezbollah. That’s why [US President Barack] Obama and [Secretary of State John] Kerry talked about Hezbollah lately and described it as a terrorist organization. This insistence on accusing us of being a terrorist organization changes nothing.”

“We feel pride when the US, which we consider the Great Satan before and after the nuclear deal, penalizes us because we are defending our country against the Takfiri and Israeli schemes,” his eminence said.

Sayyed Nasrallah saluted the families of the martyrs who embraced their children and who were also martyred lately following the path of their fathers, announcing that a large number of martyrs’ sons are now in the ranks of the resistance and in the battle fronts.

“People are spending Eid holidays peacefully, securely in a troubled region, this is a blessing! We should all mull in the reason of this security. It’s all because of the martyrs, people, army and resistance. If it weren’t for these sacrifices and blood, Lebanon wouldn’t have been safeguarded from the Israeli and Takfiri threats.”

“The first generation of resistance believed in the cause metaphysically, but this generation witnesses victories. This is the reason for the strong belief of this generation, the third generation of resistance, which the Israeli talks about. This is because it witnessed the victories,” Sayyed Nasrallah said.

Since the onset of resistance, Sayyed Nasrallah indicated, there was a big scheme set against it, that is the endeavor by the US, Israel and some Arab regimes and their Lebanese tools to eliminate the resistance, and if they couldn’t, to weaken it. “They tried over and over again and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and waged some battles, but all resulted in failure.”

As part of the psychological warfare against Hezbollah, Sayyed Nasrallah said some sides worked hard on distorting the image of Hezbollah by fabricating lies of drug trafficking and money laundering.

The secretary general said there’s a US insistence on harming the Lebanese businessmen, calling upon the Lebanese authorities to assume its responsibilities before the US penalties imposed against the Lebanese merchants and businessmen, stressing that Hezbollah feels proud from the Islamic Republic moral and financial support. “These attempts and sanctions on Hezbollah members don’t make a difference because they neither have money nor have made bank deposits in world banks. The Lebanese government have a responsibility in protecting the Lebanese but it’s not doing so.”

“There’s a continuous attempt to undermine Hezbollah achievements since July victory and the victories taking place in Syria. The same side also accuses us of taking control over Lebanon or hindering the election of a president, these sides are renouncing facts that are admitted by the enemy itself,” his eminence pointed out, wondering how some in Lebanon doesn’t consider the Takfiris as a threat.

Sayyed Nasrallah denied the lies that Iran would abandon its allies, saying Iran’s ties with its allies are dogmatic. “Following the nuclear agreement, the Iranian president and other officials have reiterated that the country’s stances towards Hezbollah would not alter.” He said Hezbollah doesn’t need WikiLeaks to reveal that it receives money from Iran. “We say it out loud and with pride, and we thank it for all the moral and financial support.”

Concerning the waste crisis in Lebanon, his eminence said the waste management crisis was a proof of a catastrophic failure for the government.

Trash has been piling up in the streets of Beirut and Mount Lebanon since last weekend when Lebanon’s landfill in Naameh was shut down.

“Before demanding of withdrawal of our arms we told them to build a state and they can’t manage to solve the waste crisis!”

Sayyed Nasrallah warned against taking the country to vacuum, “because it means taking the country to the unknown.”

“This is an irrational and irresponsible, we want for this government to work and not to fall apart. Threats of resignation of the government change nothing. The only solution is for the political parties in the cabinet to hold dialogue,” his eminence said.

“The Future Movement should come down from its ivory tower and go for dialogue with the FPM. The FPM has demands, and the Future Movement should discuss them. Unfortunately, they have insisted on turning their back,” he ended up saying.


Nasrallah: Forces that supported terrorists lost control of them and are paying the price

Secretary General of Lebanon’s Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, said that the states and forces which had supported terrorists, brought them to Syria, and gave them funds, arms, and various forms of cover, have begun to pay the price for these actions after they lost control of the terrorists.

(SANA) ~ In a televised speech on Friday, Nasrallah said that Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, Jordan, some forces in the Arab Gulf, the U.S., Britain, France, and other western and regional forces brought terrorists from around the world to Syria to topple it and to Iraq to change the balance of power, but the only result this produced was the rise of ISIS and the terror it created.

“There is no doubt that Turkey is sponsoring, funding, providing facilitations, and opening the borders to ISIS,” he asserted, adding that those who believe the claims by the U.S. or by American, Saudi, or Turkish intelligence agencies that they can control terrorists organizations are delusional, as these organizations have a mentality and culture that makes them turn on those who help them.

Nasrallah commented on the issues raised by some over the Iranian nuclear deal, a deal which made the U.S. try to reassure Israel and its allies that they will not allow power shifts as a result of it, saying that Iran’s relations with its allies isn’t based on interest and refuting the claims that Iran sold out its allies during the negotiations, adding “if you don’t want to believe the Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, then believe your friend John Kerry”.


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