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Sayyed Nasrallah: “US Great Devil whether Before or After Nuclear Agreement”

“The first generation of resistance believed in the cause metaphysically, but this generation witnesses victories. This is the reason for the strong belief of this generation, the third generation of resistance, which the Israeli talks about. This is because it witnessed the victories”.








In His Name

Full speech delivered by Hizbullah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah during the graduation ceremony for the sons of martyrs held in Shahed Compound on Saturday July 25, 2015.

Hizbullah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah


I take refuge in Allah from the stoned devil. In the Name of Allah, The Compassionate, The Most Merciful. Peace be upon the Seal of Prophets, our Master and Prophet, Abi Al Qassem Mohammad, on his chaste and pure Household, on his chosen companions and on all messengers and prophets.

Peace be upon you and Allah’s mercy and blessings. As usual, I welcome you in this honored and blessed ceremony, and I thank you for your attendance.

The title of our ceremony is honoring the sons and daughters of the martyrs who have reached this stage, this age, and this level of giving and offering.
The ceremony was named the blessed generation of Martyr Ali Ahmad Yahya.

In the first such ceremony which was held years ago, I told you – the sons and daughters of the martyrs – that your martyr fathers had willfully chosen this path. They worked industriously and struggled incessantly until they reached what they want and wish for. They achieved the love and content of Allah Al Mighty. So you have to reserve their will and move on their path until you achieve what they achieved. Brethren martyr Ali Yahya is one of the young men and children of martyrs who were committed to this will and orientation, and he concluded this path with his blood and his martyrdom.

Martyr Ali is the son of His Eminence Martyr Sheikh Ahmad Yahya – the loyal, faithful, chaste, self-giving believer. Martyr Ali is the martyr son of martyr son of martyr. Martyr Ali belongs to a family of martyrs from his paternal side as well as from his maternal side. He is competent of having this generation bear his name. In fact, several sons of martyrs had followed their fathers in the path of martyrdom in the past few years and after the last honoring ceremony. This ceremony is also to honor them. Though you heard their names being mentioned and followed up the meetings with their families, I would like to mention their blessed names again. Following are the names of martyrs sons of martyrs according to the chronological order of their martyrdom:

  • – Martyr Khodor – son of martyr Nasrallah Nasrallah
  • – Martyr Mohammad Hussein – son of martyr Ibrahim Rajab
  • – Martyr Jihad – son of martyr Leader Hajj Imad Moghniyeh
  • – Martyr Hassan – son of martyr Ali Ibrahim
  • – Martyr Fouad – son of Martyr Mohammad Ghinweh
  • – Martyr Mohammad – son of martyr Ali Khazaal

It is worth mentioning that a great number of the sons of martyrs are now in the lines of the Resistance and in the fighting fronts as well. So we are not talking about the sons of martyrs in a ceremonial event only but rather about the sons of martyrs at the fighting fronts too as well as in the fronts of education, work, obedience, and piety. We ask Allah Al Mighty to accept their obedience and accept the sacrifices of all our dear martyrs and to bless their families and bestow on them steadfastness and reward them abundantly in this world and in the Hereafter.

As in every ceremony, I would like first to thank the families of martyrs who have embraced kindly the sons and daughters of martyrs, raised them, brought them up, guarded them, and cared for them until they reached this stage. My special thanks are to the wives of martyrs who are also mothers of martyrs who spent their early lives in raising these dear children. I also want to thank the grandfathers and grandmothers who brought up and guarded these children and were of great help in fact.

Many thanks to the Martyr Institution and its administration and employees, to all its supporters and sponsors on top of whom comes the Islamic Republic in Iran, and to all the brothers and sisters from Lebanon and from around the world who offer their help and support. I ask Allah Al Mighty to accept all their sacrifices and offerings.

Indeed, at the beginning of our ceremony, we reiterate the will we have entrusted to the sons and daughters of martyrs before. They are extremely responsible. They have the great honor and pride of being affiliated to martyrs who had offered their blood for the sake of Allah and the sake of the dignity of their nation and people. They must always live up to the level of this responsibility. They must move along in the path of their fathers – the path of faith, religious commitment, knowledge, piety, devoutness, and good morals as well as the path of jihad, resistance, offering, giving, and endless generosity, and they are competent of that Inshallah.

The first thing that came to my mind when we first started plotting for this ceremony on the day of Eid was to talk about something tangible, as they say. On the day of Eid, many families from Beirut and Dahiyeh in particular went to their villages. The southerners went to the south; the Bekai went to Bekaa; the residents of the Mount went to the Mount. The same applies to the residents of the other provinces. This is not limited to Dahiyeh; it rather applies to all or most of the cities. People went to their villages on the day of Eid and stayed for one, two, and three days according to their vacations. They felt and enjoyed security and stability.

It was not any stability and any security. They enjoyed stability and security linked with dignity, pride, freedom, and the sense of full existence. The Lebanese people spent the day of Eid in such an atmosphere in regional circumstances of chaos and confusion. This was what I felt on the day of Eid. Thus I recalled the martyrs. Mustn’t every Lebanese and every one that resides in Lebanon whether emigrant or displaced Syrians or Palestinians stand a moment with themselves and ask themselves this question: How is it that we the Lebanese spend the day of Eid in stability, security, pride, dignity, and freedom in a sea of confusion, chaos, conflicts, wars, security disorder, and bloodshed? The Lebanese especially must ask themselves this question. That is first a gratitude bestowed by Allah. However, that is with the blessed sacrifices of the martyrs.

Thanks to the blood and the sacrifices of martyrs – the martyrs of the resistance with all its factions, the martyrs of the army, the martyrs of the security forces, the martyrs of the Lebanese people, and the martyrs of the Palestinians on Lebanese territories. Thanks to all the martyrs who fell over decades until the Resistance gained victory, the deterrence formula with the “Israeli” enemy was consolidated, and the Lebanese internal was reinforced against the “Israeli” intelligence and collaboration networks and the Takfiris in the Lebanese internal or at the borderlines.

Was it not for these sacrifices, these martyrs, this blood, these wounded, these sufferings, this patience, these offerings, and this giving, would Lebanon be enjoying the blessings it is enjoying now? Everyone may counsel his conscience and principles and give the true and honest answer away from any narrow considerations and political arguments and apart from grudge and hatred.

The truth is crystal clear for every human being to see.

All the Lebanese and all the residents in Lebanon know these blessings, and they all must thank Allah for these blessings. Such thanks are not for the sake of martyrs; the martyrs do not need our thanks. We must rather offer our thanks so that these blessings continue to be bestowed on us. That’s because with thanks blessings are incessantly bestowed. These blessings are also the result of the strong faith we find in the sons of martyrs and in the third generation of the Resistance – this generation which “Israel” and the “Israeli” media talk about with precision and much contemplation and consideration. This faith which characterizes this generation and these generations and this confidence many in Lebanon and in the region nurture for the soundness of this path and this choice are a result of what they sensed and witnessed and the fruits of these achievements and this blood which they lived.

The first generation in the Resistance fought without having any clear political vision that we will gain victory and defeat “Israel” and expel it. The trust of the first generation in victory was metaphysical depending on the trust in Allah alone and confidence in the promise of Allah Al Mighty only; otherwise all facts and factual given didn’t indicate any such result. Some even used to talk about the lunacy of the resistance men and their remoteness from facts and the like.

This generation and the current generations are practicing the act of resistance. They believe in victory not only pursuant to metaphysical reasons and their faith and confidence in the divine promise. They rather lived this experience. They saw with their eyes, touched with their hands, and directly lived the experience of victory which was made by the blood of martyrs with humble and very little and limited capabilities. The current generations believe in the victory we talk about every day and in every occasion. I will reiterate what I always say in this occasion too, based on experience, on our faith in metaphysics and the true and factual experience the victories and fruits of which we witnessed and are witnessing its victories now.

Brothers and sisters! Since 1982 and with the launch of this Resistance, it was, is still, and will remain accompanied with a definite escort until the final victory Inshallah. That is the allied US-“Israeli” endeavor along with some Arab regimes and some local Lebanese tools to hit, crush, and put an end to the existence of this Resistance as much as possible or if, not, to isolate, siege and weaken it as much as possible.

They sought that and worked to that effect from the very first days with various and diversified means. Indeed I will not tackle now all what they did. I will only mention what they are doing now or what they have done in the near past on this perspective to reach a conclusion because some such things require holding some sides responsible. By doing so, I would have connoted on some developments that took place in Lebanon and the region lately.

They carry on doing that as I said. Today and after the nuclear agreement, the main obsession in the region is Iran after the nuclear agreement. Hizbullah and the Resistance in Lebanon come under this obsession as the agreement will boost and strengthen them. Thus we find that Obama personally and in more than one address and the US secretary of state John Kerry in the past few days clearly talked about Hizbullah. They redubbed it as a terrorist organization. They reasserted the US policy of confronting Hizbullah to reassure “Israel’ and America’s allies in the region that the USA will not tolerate any repercussions of this kind.

That means the Resistance in Lebanon is forcefully and firmly present in the formulas in the region and in the considerations of the greatest power in the world – the USA.

However, before presenting some examples briefly, I want to say the result first, and I will return to this result later on too. They have worked industriously, spend hundreds of millions of dollars or even billions of dollars, exploited many means, and even waged several wars; however, the results were always retrospective. Allah Al Mighty always guards us and grants us victory, triumph, steadfastness, strength, and advancement. I will come back to this result later on.

Let’s mention some examples. The main and most dangerous example – though it is not the first – is the wars which were waged on the Resistance over years, the last of which was July War 2006, and we are marking its anniversary these days. The goal was clear: Crushing the Resistance in Lebanon, putting an end to the Resistance in Lebanon on the materialistic and moral levels, and hitting the environment of the Resistance finally and decisively so that no resistance would ever one day revive in this country. However, praise be to Allah, they failed to achieve that.

Now we come to the main topics.

First: The renewed US assertion recently to dub Hizbullah as a terrorist organization. Indeed, that will not make any difference, and this is not something new. When they first made this blacklist, they put us on this list as a side and as persons. They also lately issued a US decree or a new US list that targets jihadi leaders in Hizbullah through imposing financial sanctions on them or confiscating their money or the like.

Moreover, weeks ago, the Saudi terrorist list included names for other brethrens too.

In this framework, I would like to tell you that that will not make any difference. Indeed I will tackle all of this experience and the experience the USA had with Iran leading to what it led with the multiplied magnification. We will take it according to its magnitude. These kinds of sanctions on our brethrens will not make any difference because, first, our brethrens do not have money in international banks or in any other banks. They do not travel. So do not give them visas, do not permit them to transfer their money via banks, and confiscate the money they have abroad. There is no problem in that.

However, this indeed has a moral and a political dimension. We are proud because we are punished by the USA – the greater devil before the nuclear agreement and will remain the greater devil after the nuclear agreement. This is another field of study which we will go back to later. We are proud and honored to be punished by the USA because we resist and are defending our country and its freedom, security, sovereignty, dignity, existence, and survival whether in face of the Zionist project which is supported and sponsored by the USA or in face of the Takfiri project backed and sponsored by the USA. However, here we must pose before the US targeting of the Lebanese economy and the Lebanese merchants, businessmen, institutions, and companies whether those in Lebanon or those abroad.

This is intentional, deliberate, and clear targeting of these noting that in more than one occasion I have said that we in Hizbullah have no financial or commercial projects or investments. We do not enter this world by any means. Several years ago I have also said that is not concealed anymore. Thus when we take money from Iran, we do not need Wikileaks. We talk openly and clearly, and we say that we receive financial and materialistic support from the Islamic Republic, and we are proud of receiving such a support. We are proud that the Islamic Republic supports this Resistance and the resistance movements.

This is uncontroversial. The support the Islamic Republic provides us with is sufficient – praise be to Allah Al Mighty. We have no money to invest with this merchant or that institution or that company. What I am saying is honestly final and decisive; first, because we have a definite stance or vision as per Hizbullah as a part or a side getting involved in such kind of investments regardless of whether we have money or not, and second because we do not want to afflict any harm on the merchants, emigrants or companies through being accused of having and investing money from Hizbullah. Honesty is the saving log of the honest. We are honest, clear, and transparent.

Still, the USA backed with “Israel” and some Arab states and intelligence apparatuses in the region insist on harming the Lebanese businessmen, merchants, institutions, and companies. The target is to harm this environment, this country, and its economic and living capacities. That’s because after all any such company employs hundreds or thousands of employees and provides a large number of families with honorable livelihood. When such companies are targeted or harmed, they will consequently be harming this environment and this society.

However, this and all the examples I will give in this perspective will not make any difference or touch our will or determination as a resistance or a resistance movement or a resistance environment to continue moving along this path. You still remember that during July War the enemy deliberately shelled shops, markets, commercial stores, factories, and industrial units though there are no fighters or arms or artilleries there. There is no reason to shell these facilities other than they being part of this target. What I wanted to say in this perspective is that the Lebanese state and government have responsibilities to shoulder to protect the Lebanese people. The state is not doing that. Let me see where the Lebanese state and government protected the Lebanese. The Central Bank of Lebanon has responsibilities to shoulder.

The Lebanese court has responsibilities. I will not go now into details. We will tackle these issues with them aside. However, in this speech, I want to pose this cause as a national cause and not as a personal, sectarian, or party cause. The money of those targeted currently or previously is not for Hizbullah at all. They are just like the other Lebanese merchants. They work industriously, and thus it is the responsibility of the state to guard them and protect them and defend them. So it is not that with a signal from the US Treasure Department, Lebanon all together would raise both its hands, feel frightened, succumb, and lose even the will to defend some of its citizens.

Anyway, this is one of the topics which was and is still manipulated. There are attempts to deport Lebanese merchants or businessmen from many countries around the world. This targeting comes in this framework in the same way targeting the economic structure during July War was a part of such targeting.

Third: The industrious attempts to distort the image of Hizbullah and touch its authenticity especially its moral authenticity whether as a side or as leaders, resistance men and officials. For years, we see on websites, magazines, newspapers, media outlets, and articles groundless fabrications and lies. They lie with the hope of distorting the image of Hizbullah as a side.

For example, they accused Hizbullah of promulgating or investing a network to trade drugs worldwide. They accuse us of running money laundry networks, networks of thieves, and the like. This is groundless. If we can’t trust working in Halal and permissible trade, how are we to trust working in impermissible trade? We did not accept to partake in Halal commerce not to be corrupted here or there. So how are we to partake in what is impermissible according to our jurisprudence and religion?

Anyway, this is part of the distortion process. The same applies to Hizbullah leaders, personalities, officials, and cadres in the past and at the time being. As for physical assassination, they can physically assassinate any of our leaders and cadres, and they have done that. They assassinated our Secretary General and grand master His Eminence Sayyed Abbass Mussawi, His Eminence Sheikh Ragheb Harb, martyr Leader Imad Moghniyeh, Leader Hajj Hassan Lakis, Martyr Leader Ghaleb Awali, Martyr Leader Ali Saleh, Abi Ali Rida Yassin and a great number of martyrs….

As for those their hands could not reach and physically assassinate, they act to assassinate them morally. I will not mention names or details today so that I do not show you sites which you would go and search for. As such, I would be advertizing for them. However, there are “Israeli” electronic and intelligence sites specialized in falsely accusing our brethrens and leaders and fighters on the personal, moral, financial, and behavioral levels. This is moral assassination, and the accused are innocent of these accusations made against them. Some of these leaders have a history in jihadi work and sacrifices and have made great achievements.

So when the enemy fails to confront them and harm them physically “Israel” seeks to harm them morally. Thus we must be aware and cautious of that; that must not be accepted; that must rather be confronted. Indeed that is part of the battle. In the same way they assassinate or try to assassinate us physically, they try to assassinate us morally. We must expect this all along our procession.
For example, there is an Iranian film for an Iranian producer against the Islamic Republic in Iran. The film touches His Eminence Sayyed Ali Khamenai and talks about his life through fabricating endless lies. The Iranian people know that these are lies, but they own the courage to lie in broad daylight with the hope that these lies would have an influence here or there.

Anyway, the media outlets – especially the Lebanese media outlets – must be careful. Some outlets may have a good intention and try to defend or support or explain. However, publishing such things may be of more help to the enemy than of defense of honesty.

Also in confronting moral assassination, our men, women, leaders, resistance men and honorable families will Inshallah own the same spirituality of patience, steadfastness, and firmness to move along as is the case with the families of martyrs whose sons, husbands, families, and brethrens have been killed.

Fourth: The machinery of promoting lies on the moral situation of the Resistance and its special environment since 2005 in particular to our day. We know that by heart. I do not want to reiterate what I said in the past. See some newspapers, some magazines, some media outlets, or some websites. They have been using the same terminologies for ten years. Since 2005 to our day when they talk about Hizbullah, they say that Hizbullah is in crisis. These terms have been used since 2005 to our day many a time: Hizbullah is confused, weak, is becoming weaker and weaker, is dying… Well, it might take someone a day or two or a month or two to die.

Does it take someone ten years to die? In the previous days and today, you have been reading that Hizbullah is in its final days and is dying. Why? They say it is because of the nuclear agreement. By God we are confused. Some say they are afraid because Hizbullah will receive fountains of money and they don’t know what it will do with Lebanon and the region, while others say that Hizbullah is dying?! Well agree on one scenario. These two sayings come from the same sides.

Well, they say that Hizbullah is restless. Well, let’s see where this restlessness is. Well, everyone may say what appeals to him. They may produce several series. See how many series there have been during the Month of Ramadan! See the wide imagination. Well, they talk about restlessness in the lines of Hizbullah and rebellion in the lines of Hizbullah.

They say that the families of martyrs are telling Hizbullah return our children to us. Shall I bring to you the letters of the families of martyrs that say send our sons to the fronts to believe us? Where are the families of martyrs you are talking about? Indeed they do not exist to see what the families of martyrs say. There was a show on Al Manar Channel which used to be broadcasted some time ago and now they are broadcasting it again.

I take pain to watch it again to hear what the fathers, mothers, wives, sons, and daughters of martyrs say. You feel that you are before people who do not belong to this time. You are proud of their morals, courage, great faith, patience, and steadfastness. This is a marvelous unknown sample. Indeed, there are people who do not listen to the families of martyrs. They do not have time to watch the families of martyrs because they are from another milieu. However, whoever wants to listen to the families of martyrs let him listen to the families of our martyrs. Let them go far away.

Until this very moment, there is nothing of this sort. However, let’s suppose that a father, mother, wife, or son of one of our martyrs has a special viewpoint or an opposition. Well, this is one case. Well since 1982 to our day, we have thousands of martyrs and thousands of families of martyrs who form the public opinion of the families of martyrs. Well, all of this comes in this framework. They themselves forget what they say. The liar forgets what he says. He fabricates. At the same time he says that Hizbullah is weak and is dying, there is rebellion in its lines, there is restlessness in its lines, and the families of these martyrs and the families of these fighters are revolting against its leadership, Hizbullah is confused and in crisis….

Then you turn the page and you find them saying that Hizbullah wants to control Lebanon. Hizbullah is crippling presidential elections. Hizbullah wants to have an establishing conference to reconstruct the Lebanese system on new basis. Hizbullah wants to cancel Taif. Hizbullah wants to interfere and to act as a regional force. Well, we are puzzled. Are we as such or as such? Anyway, that is a result of their perplexity because all what they say about Hizbullah is groundless. You see in the media how they magnify a small fault. After all, we are not infallible. Our brethrens are not infallible. We do not claim infallibility at all. Some may make mistakes. A small mistake is mushroomed to a national cause. At times they attribute to us mistakes which we did not perpetrate. All of these are parts of the war.

Fifth: Dwindling and belittling the achievements and victories and viewing all the sacrifices as wasting all the capacities and the blood of the Lebanese. As what took place in July War. They ridiculed and did not acknowledge the victory in fact. They reached the state of dwindling and belittling what took place with the Resistance in backing the Syrian Army and the popular forces in Syria. Should we talk about the border, al Qseir, Qalamoun, and Irsal barren mountains and deporting and besieging these Takfiri groups and pushing these dangers away from the Lebanese villages and towns? They ridicule facts and cast accusations. Brothers and sisters!

The issue does not have anything to do with political evaluation or security evaluation or strategic evaluation because many now talk from a strategic perspective. So you see that in its essence the issue has more to do with grudge and hatred than with a political dispute because when hatred reaches such a level it blinds. They do not acknowledge facts which the entire world, even the enemy, acknowledges. They deny these facts. I do not believe that the reason is political or intellectual or lack of information or weakness in analyses. In my viewpoint, the reason is grudge, hatred, envy, and enmity which leave the hearts, minds, and insight blind, and if they carry on in this path indeed the case would be very unfortunate.

Sixth: Challenging and casting doubt over our relation with our allies who support us such as Iran and Syria. Let’s talk a bit about Iran as per the nuclear agreement. You remember during the war in 2006 and after 2006 until a couple of days, what was the focus of the speech of the other bloc? I am not talking about sides in Lebanon only; I am talking about sides in Lebanon, in the Arab world, and in the Gulf media among many others. They used to dub us as the servants of Iran’s nuclear file until the nuclear agreement was concluded. They used to counsel us: O Hizbullah! O Hizbullah masses! Iran will soon forsake you when it concludes a deal with the Americans.

How many times this was said in the past years? Brothers and sisters! How many times did you hear it? How many times did you read it in newspapers, magazines, interviews, statements, and speeches? They wanted to influence our awareness and the awareness of our environment and audience on the basis that we are a tool in the Iranian project manipulated by Iran to serve its nuclear project and nuclear negotiations, and when it would conclude an agreement, it would abandon us. We would be part of the US-Iranian deal. Wasn’t this said? Indeed from an early time we used to say that Iran is not as such and Syria is not as such because we talk with Iran.

The Islamic Republic relationship with its allies is doctrinal and ethical before being based on political interests. This is what I have said many a time, and I will not reiterate now. Well, today what do you have to say after the nuclear agreement has been concluded? Who was right? You or we? Who is the honest and who is the liar? Who is the liar and who is not lying? Who is a liar by nature? Did Iran forsake its allies in the nuclear negotiations? If you do not want to believe the decent minister Professor Mohammad Jawad Zarif, will you believe John Kerry? What did John Kerry say yesterday?

He said that Iran and the Iranian Foreign Minister in all their meetings refused to discuss any dossier other than the nuclear dossier. Well, they promised that in case a nuclear achievement was achieved, they may discuss some other files. So no one sold or bought us. However poor you! See whether they abandoned you or not. Moreover, the Islamic Republic in Iran is now facing a serious campaign. After all, the agreement is not final yet as the US Congress must agree on it and the Iranian Shura Council must agree on it. In fact, enormous “Israeli” and Gulf efforts are being exerted to prevent reaching the happy final ending of the agreement. There is a wide campaign in this perspective. They are questioning the Americans: What are you doing? You are helping Iran in addressing one of its problems! You are making Iran strong! Iran will be more influential in the region! Still that will not change the Iranian policy! Iran’s interest is in remaining silent.

However on the day of Eid His Eminence Sayyed Khamenai said what he said about the USA. He reasserted Iran’s stance on the movements of the Resistance and the causes of the region and its allies with special renewed emphasis on Hizbullah and the Resistance in Lebanon. This was also emphasized on various occasions by the President of the Islamic Republic in Iran His Eminence Sheikh Hassan Ruhani and Iranian Foreign Minister Professor Mohamad Jawad Zarif.

Well, as far as this issue is concerned, we are acting with utmost confidence and absolute assurance since 1982 to our day. Facts are the best proof on the validity of this confidence and the authenticity of this confidence and our relation with our allies. As for you, how many times did they abandon you, fail you, or inquire after you, if they ever took you into consideration in the first place?

These are only some examples from a long list. Brothers and sisters! All what they have been doing has gone with the wind, and everything they will do will be fruitless too. Killing our leaders, cadres, women, and children will not make us change our track. Just recall what Sayyed Abbass once said. It is the very word of late Imam Khomeini: Kill us; that will make our people grow more aware. This is part of our culture and conscience.

Neither assassinating us morally nor economic and financial sanctions, nor lies, nor instigations, nor distorting our image will lead anywhere. Our faith, our awareness, and our confidence in Allah and in ourselves are much stronger than being harmed by all of these media conspiracies and all kinds of psychological warfare. Ours is the upper hand because we resort to honest facts and we do not say lies. Our evidences are external facts and factual events. Where is the Resistance today? Where is the procession of the Resistance today? Where is Hizbullah today? Where was it yesterday?

We find that this procession and despite all what had afflicted it is only growing in its scope, popularity, audience, power, presence, and influence not only on the local level but also on the regional level. The US administration takes it seriously into consideration. As for “Israel”, it sees that the Resistance represents the main source of threat against it in the region. Now the USA tries to reassure “Israel” following the nuclear agreement as per the Resistance. Is the Resistance as such weak and dying as they claim?

Doesn’t this help us evaluate them? Don’t they have intelligence apparatuses, research centers, and information apparatuses? What do you know about what they know?

For this reason, every now and then they carry polls in our environment in particular and in the Lebanese environment in general to see whether this psychological war, this magnitude of lies, this number of media outlets, websites, newspapers, speakers, doubt-casters, and ill-wishers were able to make any change in the public opinion. They only find the opposite. Why? That’s because all what they say is based on lies. As for the trust and confidence of the public opinion that is based on the facts they witness; thus their conviction increases day after day in the validity of the choices of the Resistance and the soundness of the path of the Resistance.

Today for example, there are important developments as per “ISIL”. Do you still remember years ago with the beginning of the events in Syria, my brethrens and I in all occasions used to say that the west and the regional forces had brought and will bring along all savage Takfiris from around the world to Syria to topple the regime and to Iraq to change the formula and to wage a war on the axis of the Resistance in the region. We also used to say that these whom they will bring will turn against them, that the tables will be turned, and that the serpent will bite its master and gulp him too. Didn’t we say this?

All of them used to believe that they are playing the game with maximum precision: Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, Jordan, some of the Gulf states, the USA, Britain, France… All of them used to believe that they are playing the game with utmost precision and that everything is under control.

They facilitated traveling to Syria. They let them pass through the borders. They furnished them with money and provided them with arms. They fought with them and supplied them with complete coverage whether on the religious, legitimate, political, or media level. Is this true or not? However, now they all started to pay the price.

Still, this is what we – we the small number of humble brethrens in Lebanon – said. We have no research centers. We do not have international intelligence agencies. We acknowledge that our capacities are simple on all levels.

Still we presented this vision with utmost clarity and simplicity. We said that things will move in this direction and that they will turn on you and will redirect the threat to your states, governments, and national security. Some – other than us – said that too.
Well, what is the outcome today? What is taking place today in the Arab states? See the fear the “ISIL” planted in the Gulf states and Jordan…. For a year by now see what is taking place in France, Britain, and Tunisia among other countries.

What is new today is what is taking place in Turkey. I will reiterate and say today that Turkey no doubt sponsored “ISIL”, financed “ISIL”, provided “ISIL” with all facilities, and opened the borders to “ISIL”. However, the Turkish PM now is saying that “ISIL” is posing a threat to the national security in Turkey! Well, you were too late in making this discovery.

However, still not to hurt “ISIL”, he lists along with it the Kurds and the Leftists. So he made these additions to hide the battle with “ISIL”. Listen attentively: Deluded is he who believes that the US, Saudi, or Turkish intelligence agencies – the strangest intelligence agencies in the world – are able to control these groups.

You may occupy them when targets overlap, and they benefit from you to achieve their goals. But their structure, mentality, culture, nature, and special mechanisms are serpent-like. They turn against the master who cares for it, raise it, and train it. This is what took place now. Thus this is an important development.

Yesterday, the FBI submitted an evaluation. Now they will say: What has this to do with Lebanon? You will later see what it has to do with Lebanon? The FBI security evaluation says that “ISIL” is more dangerous than al-Qaeda on the US national security. Is that the case really? Al-Qaeda means September 11. Al-Qaeda was always on top of the list. Now the FBI is saying something else.

“ISIL” is now on top of the list. However, some in Lebanon still believe that the “ISIL” does not pose any threat. No not at all. They are our brethrens, our dear ones. They are rebels. They are welcomed. Isn’t this true? I am not inventing this. These are not special information. This is said on the TV.

For years by now, the Lebanese have been listening to one side or several sides saying that these are risks and threats, and these are the means to confront them. Still some people say these are not threats and risks, and there is no need for all of this. Now after all of these experiences, what have become of the conviction of the people, public opinion, their trust and authenticity?
Today in this ceremony held to honor martyrs and the families of martyrs and in light of all of these developments, I would like to dedicate the last part of my speech to the Lebanese internal affairs and especially the governmental affair in a couple of minutes Inshallah.

Though we are living in such an environment, in the past few days we as well as all the Lebanese were occupied with the priority of the waste crisis. Unfortunately, I am shy to talk about this issue and tackle it and the means of addressing it because this is one of the issues which the Lebanese must pose before lengthily. The Lebanese state, the Lebanese government, and the concerned Lebanese ministries failed to address the file of wastes. It is a simple file in any state in the world.

Still in Lebanon political, sectarian, regional, personal, financial, and commercial concerns are taken into consideration. The Lebanese are suffering very much. This is evidence on absolute failure. Thus if you still remember, when they always used to call on us to take the decision of peace and war and disarming the resistance, we used to tell them establish a true state and then tackle this issue.

The state is unable to address the issue of wastes knowing that this has standard scientific and technical solutions known all around the world. Some experts also told me that, on our way in dealing with things, we can change the threat into a chance. We can change the threat of wastes to a chance. Some experts further said that the wastes may raise revenues to the country.

I myself don’t know. I am not an expert in that. But the question is: Is there an administration in a serious honest faithful loyal state that cares truly to have a sound healthy environment and remove the wastes with the least costs possible on the Lebanese people? Here I am telling you: This does not exist in the first place. There is no doubt though this might not appeal to many. The crisis all our country is living is enough. The government is responsible. I do not wish to talk about this.

What I want to say is the following:

First: On light of this given we are living in this country and the region, we must factually consolidate the army-people-resistance formula in Lebanon because that protects the country against any “Israeli” threat, any terrorist threat, and any Takfiri threat.

Second: We need a national comprehension of the magnitude of the Takfiri threat on our country. In America, Tunisia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and the other countries in the region they talk about that. Until when will they wait in Lebanon to specify the magnitude of the Takfiri danger on our country and to unit to confront it away from any narrow considerations? This issue has to do with the Lebanese national security. If we are a country, we must talk about the Lebanese national security. Why should we always belittle our country?

Third: We must cooperate to guard the security and stability of the country and not to sell it for any price.

Fourth: As for the governmental affair, I have a couple of words to say. We call for addressing the pending issues. On more than one occasion, we said that there is a problem, and we are heading towards a crisis. There are main political forces in the country that say: We would like to discuss things again and consolidate a mechanism for the work of the government and the mechanism of taking decisions in the government. Isn’t the government the side which is running the country? We must discuss the mechanism and agree on it because from the very beginning the mechanism was agreed upon, but then it was amended and surpassed. We would like to reconsolidate the agreement on the mechanism. Why aren’t these issues finally addressed? Why are they postponed from week to week? Why are they postponed for two weeks and three weeks? What do these who postpone wait for and bet on? Are they waiting for the regional situation and the international situations?

Days ago you advised us not to bet on the regional and international situations. We told you so before and you did not believe us. We used to advise you not to wait for the regional and international situation. Now they started theorizing on us saying that the nuclear agreement does not have any repercussions on Lebanon. Whether it has or not, put this aside. We told you before, and here we are telling you again: Do not bet and we will not bet on the regional situation. Forget about the international situation. Should we forget the regional and international situation, what would the choice before the Lebanese be should no dialogue or talks take place and no agreements take place? Nothing! The country will be lost, frankly speaking. We are not intimidating. The country will go to vacuum. You are leading the country to vacuum.

In more than one occasion we said: The Reform and Change Bloc has demands and wants to carry discussions. The Future Movement in particular is welcomed to make discussions. In my last speech, I said let no one waste the issue. The problem here is in discussing the mechanism. You are primary concerned in this discussion. You are primary concerned in the issue of appointments and in other issues too. Make dialogue with the Reform and Change Bloc and the Free Patriotic Movement. You can’t turn your back. Unfortunately, I like to tell you: The Lebanese love and long to hear good and nice news.

Let’s be realistic. Should we all say there are no wastes in the country; will there be no more wastes in the country? If we said everything in the country is quite well, so rest assured. No, that is not the case. Who told you so?

There is a side which has demands and wants to carry dialogue, and there is another side concerned in these demands and is turning its back and does not want to carry dialogue. In the last session between the Future Movement and us in Ain al Tineh under the sponsorship of Speaker Nabih Berri, we called on the Future Movement: Sit together and make discussions and negotiations. This issue needs to be addressed. Do not turn your back. But still they insist on turning their back. The session was postponed to Tuesday. What will happen on Tuesday? Instead of going towards serious addresses, hints of vacuum and threats that the PM will resign were made.

This is what we came to know through media outlets. They may not be true; however, some sources mentioned that the choice of the PM may be to resign. On Thursday, he was about to resign but international and foreign intrusions prevented him from taking this step. Such hints aim at pressuring on others. Well, someone is telling you I would like to make an agreement with you concerning the mechanism of taking a decision. I want to make true cooperation with you, and you tell him: No I don’t agree, and if that does not appeal to you, I will resign, and the country will go to vacuum!

Well, you always accuse us of working to take the country to vacuum. It seems that this is what you are working for. Let me be frank. Such threats and hints of resignation will not be of any good to the country. They rather are harmful to the country. The only solution before the political forces – especially those partaking in the government – is to meet and talk together.

To be frank too I want to tackle what has been said about a Hizbullah mediation in the past few days or couple of weeks. To be frank, we are not mediators; we are a side, we are an ally. We are part of this issue. We are not a mediator. I don’t believe we can play the role of a mediator because we are a side. Yes, we talk with all sides and with all political forces partaking in the government, and we contact them all. We make discussions with them and provide them with suggestions and ideas. We also call on them to act seriously. Let no one wait for our mediation because there is nothing called the mediation of Hizbullah. One thing only is required from now until Tuesday.

If nothing took place from now until Tuesday, there is one thing to be done: The Future Movement must descend from its ivory tower and meet with the Reform and Change Bloc. Where? I am not concerned with these details. These demands and causes would be discussed directly. Through any other act you – and not we – would be crippling the country. The one threatening to resign would be taking the country to vacuum. I want to say the following: We warn against vacuum, and we warn against taking the country to vacuum because that means dragging the country to the unknown. This is a risky game. Mark what I say. This is a risky game. This means going to the unknown. This is illogical and irresponsible. Let no one take the country there. We all want the government to stay in office as long as there is no president for the republic. There is no other choice. We want this government to work. We do not want this government to be toppled. Don’t topple it by your hands.

Weeks ago, our bloc was accused of working to topple the government. Now who is threatening to topple the government? Now vacuum is no more dangerous! Now the situation is not dangerous anymore! Now Lebanon is outside the sphere of threat! Now is time for intellectual luxury! There is no problem should you resign and the country go to vacuum. Now the issue is much greater. This is the path we call for, and we hope you would take it seriously into consideration.

Again I tell the sons of martyrs, the daughters of martyrs, the families of martyrs, and all the resisting, honorable, blessed, steadfast, faithful, aware, responsible audience: With you, through you, through trusting in Allah Al Mighty, and with your will, determination, awareness, faith, sacrifices, steadfastness, unity, adherence, and high morals, we will transcend this stage and all the stages.

Again I reiterate before the hands and blood of our martyrs who made victory: Brothers and sisters! Put the psychological war aside. We are in the era of victories. We left the era of defeats. This is what Allah Al Mighty bestowed on us, and this is what we are making with our will and the blood of our martyrs. May Allah bless you. Peace be upon you and Allah’s mercy and blessings.


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