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The ‘West’ is a term we use to describe the western world. Basically, it consists of the United States and Europe. When a major news story (especially one that plays into the games of war), hits one of the papers, it floods the ‘Mainstream Media’ like a rogue river completely out of control. Regardless of the facts.

Mainstream Media or MSM really doesnt care to give you the facts. In fact, many of their so called reporters arent even reporters at all. They are a pretty face to tell you a story, and hope you believe it, share and spread it without knowing the validity of the story at all.

Huff Post


I, on the other hand, will prove every story I present to you. I take the time to do my research to gather as many facts to what Im reporting to you as I can. MSM doesnt really care if they bring you a fact or not anymore because their followers blindly read and believe.

You cannot imagine how dangerous and irresponsible this can be. Imagine you had a family member on death row because a jury just believed what was told to them without the presence of facts. This could pertain to your job, your spouse or even your child.


What it comes down to is FACTS! If you are a person who sees a story in a major paper, or on a major news network and you take it as fact, then you are what the world refers to as a ‘sheep.’

I dont care how big a paper is, or a news channel is, or how much money they have, they still should present their readers with FACTS!

If they dont, I would suggest you stop supporting the agenda they have, and follow your news sources from someone you know and trust. Especially when you know money (a LOT of it), is being spent to lead you to believe a lie.



Here is an example of what Im talking about. Do a simple ‘Google’ search for “Syrian Father Reunites with Son.”

Here is what you will find. Pages like this photo above. Some simple research paints a completely different picture than this poor distraught father BS story.



The video pictures Khaled Kamal as a distraught father (from Zamalka reported by many), whose son (allegedly) was killed in the Chemical weapons attack in August of 2013 in Syria.

Much to his surprise, some random men found his son, only to return him to his so called father with camera crew in tow.

However, this is exactly what Im talking about. Khaled Kamal is nothing more than a terrorist living in Turkey (but claiming Lattakia Syria as his home), NOT Zamalka Syria as reported by Huff Post and others.

The video was cooked up by the US supported rebels to gain sympathy from anyone (who doesnt care about the facts), to gain sympathy.



This poor terrorist and his camera crew are actually not so poor at all, and in fact this isnt even his child. A search of his facebook page reveals many lies.

Here is one that also spread around. As you can see, he posts these 4 innocent children have been murdered because they wanted their “freedom.”

I guess those people who follow him are much to stupid to read all his pictures. Had they done so, they would have clearly seen these dead children were his own pictured previously.

Living comfortably and safe within Turkey. This is the problem with the propaganda flooding out of Syria regarding facts.

dead kids

In fact, in other posts he proudly shows soldiers (and posts some ID photos), murdered by him and his rebels who are supported by the ‘west.’




So, what Im trying to say and show in this article is, there is a larger propaganda war going on in Syria than you can imagine. You cannot simply read something put out by a major news source and take it as fact.

You must follow news you (know for a fact), know you can believe and trust to show an entire picture. I will always give my readers the truth. In every investigation I do, I put the work in required to show you facts.

This story, as MANY being reported from Syria has only been created by the wests supported terrorists to gain sympathy from you.

Dont believe this BS, and please, dont support the news sources who bring this crap to you. Help spread our truth around.

Sharing our news may bring and end to false advertising in a proxy war against Syria.


Thank you,





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