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Syrian Army Kills Notorious Terrorist Ringleader in Zabadani

(FNA) ~ The Syrian army and the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance forces killed tens of terrorists, including one of their ringleaders, in an ambush in al-Zabadani city. The forces killed and injured terrorists and freed a number of blocks in Za’tout district in Zabadani city on Thursday.

During the conflicts, a notorious terrorist ringleader named Abdolrahim Kharitah nicknamed Abu Ali was killed in Bardi street in the Southeastern parts of Zabadani.

Abu Ali commanded the al-Nusrah Front terrorist group’s anti-armor unit and was a close comrade to Mohammad Zaitoun, the commander of al-Nusrah in Zabadani.

Also on Wednesday, the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance fighters backed by the Syrian army purged the last Takfiri terrorists from the Western parts of Zabadani in Damascus countryside.

Ain Tayat in Western Zabadani was purged of Al-Nusra Front and Ahrar al-Sham terrorists.

Ain Tayat had become the most important stronghold of the Takfiri terrorists in Western Zabadani.

Tens of terrorists were killed in Hezbollah’s operations against Ahrar al-Sham and Al-Nusra Front which lasted several others.

The Syrian army and Hezbollah fighters have concentrated on mop-up operations in Zabadani.

In late July, the Syrian military and fighters of the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah retook a key residential area in Zabadani.

Lebanese sources said Tuesday that the allied forces have taken full control of Hay al-Sultani neighborhood South of Zabadani, capturing the main entrance to the border city.

Scores of militants have reportedly been killed in the fighting in Zabadani which culminated in late July.

الجيش السوري

Key Chechen Terrorist Commander Killed in Southern Syria

(Al-Manar) ~ Special Units of the Syrian Army killed a key Chechen terrorist commander in the Southern parts of the country.  The Chechen commander was killed in fierce clashes with the army in Daraa province on Tuesday.

Meantime, government sources said the army troops have killed several other Al-Nusra commanders, including Mohammad Farid Zanon, Fares Kamal al-Ravashede, Yasser Qassem al-Haj Ali, Ali Hossein al-Daloul and Abdollah al-Daham  al-Khashan in the Northern countryside of Daraa over last 24 hours.

Mohammad Faez Kahoul, a commander of another Takfiri terrorist group was also killed in Northern Daraa.

On Tuesday, the Syrian army killed scores of al-Nusra Front terrorists in military operations in Daraa province.

A military source said that the army bombed positions of al-Nusra Front and other Takfiri terrorist groups in Daraa al-Mahata, destroying a militants’ hideout and a number of their vehicles.

Scores of the militants were killed and injured.

The source added that the Syrian troops also killed a number of terrorists, and destroyed their arms and ammunition in Ma’araba town, 32 km to the East of Daraa city.


Syrian Army continues operations against terrorists, killing more of them in various areas

(SANA) ~ Syria, 6 August 2015 ~ Special Units of the Syrian Army and Syrian Arab Armed Forces along with Lebanese Hezbollah Resistance Forces continued hunting down members of the terrorist organizations across the country, destroying their dens and positions and killing large numbers of them.



Damascus countryside 

An Army unit in cooperation with Lebanese resistance destroyed a terrorists’ den with all terrorists inside it in al-Silan neighborhood to the south of al-Zabadani city in Damascus Countryside.

Local source told SANA reporter that Army units in cooperation with Lebanese resistance clashed with armed terrorist groups in the southwest part of al-Zabadani and the area surrounding al-Mahatta neighborhood in the central part of al-Zabadani city.

The clashes resulted in the death of many terrorists, among them Fawaz Kharita, Hassan Za’roura, Ramiz Zagaba, Hasan Irsalai, Mahmoud Sbei and Abu Kinan al-Lybi.

In Eastern Ghouta, an army unit clashed with terrorists in Harasta and in the northwest part of Midira to the south of Harasta, killing many terrorists, injuring many others and destroying their weapons and ammunition.

A number of “Jaish al-Islam” members were killed. Mohamed Kweidir and Nizar Hasan were among them, and one of their hideouts was destroyed in Erbin town during intensive strikes by the army.

Meanwhile, the army artillery destroyed dens of terrorists in Jobar.

Another army unit destroyed terrorists’ dens in al-Jamaiat neighborhood in Darayya city, destroying number of them, killing 6 terrorists and injuring many others.




An army unit destroyed dens of ISIS terrorists in the northeastern countryside of the southern Sweida province, a military source told SANA on Thursday.

The source added that a unit of the army carried out a precise operation against positions of ISIS terrorists in Rajm al-Dawleh village after closely monitoring their movements.

A number of terrorists were killed and others were injured in the operation, in addition to destroying their arms and ammunition.




An army unit carried out last night and today’s morning accurate operations against terrorist organizations’ hideouts to the south of Abu Baker mosque in Daraa al- Mahatta neighborhood in the southern Daraa province, killing 7 terrorists and destroying a  number of their ammunition-loaded vehicles.

Another army unit destroyed terrorist organizations’ hotbeds and supply lines from the Jordanian territories and damaged a vehicle for Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in al-Manshiyeh and al- Abasiyeh neighborhoods and on the road between the Meteorology Department building / al-Sad in Daraa al-Balad neighborhood.

The army destroyed a vehicle equipped with heavy machinegun and killed all the terrorists onboard to the west of the water reservoir in al-Yadouda town in the northwestern countryside of Daraa province.




The army’s air force destroyed three vehicles of ISIS with all terrorists on board in al-Abassyah area to the south of Palmyra city in the eastern countryside of Homs.

Earlier, an army unit killed scores of the ISIS terrorists and destroyed a number of their vehicles at Palmyra triangle in Homs countryside.


Army units kill a number of terrorists and destroy their dens in Diqmaq, al-Rahjan, al-Hamediya, Qastoun and al-Bahsa in Hama countryside.




The army targeted dens of terrorist organizations in Bani Zaid, Salah al-Din, al-Mashhad and al-Ramouseh in Aleppo and its countryside, killing a number of terrorists and destroying their weapons.

An army unit also killed several terrorists from the ISIS in a strike against their gatherings in the surrounding of the Air Academy in Aleppo eastern countryside.

Other army units carried out special operations against Takfiri terrorists in Khan al-Assal in Aleppo south-western countryside, inflicting them heavy losses.

Eight civilians injured in a terrorist rocket attack in Aleppo city

rochet-attack-Aleppo 1

Eight civilians were injured in a terrorist attack with rocket shells on one of Aleppo city’s neighborhoods on Thursday, 6 August 2015.

A source at Aleppo’s Police Command told SANA reporter that rocket shells fired by terrorists fell in the outskirts of Salah Eddin neighborhood in the city, leaving 8 people wounded.

On 31st of July, the terrorist groups targeted the city with mortars and shells, causing the injury of 8 civilians.


The army’s air force destroyed dens and gatherings of terrorists in al-Msherfeh, north of Zaizoun, Tal A’awar, Tal Khatab, al-Mintar and Ariha, Jis al-Shoughour, al-Sirmaniyah and Abu al-Dhour in Idleb countryside.




The army units killed scores of terrorists and destroyed their vehicles and weaponry in military operations against Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organization’s hideouts and gatherings in the northern countryside of the coastal province of Lattakia.

The army units carried out concentrated operations against the terrorist organizations’ hideouts in Rabia area, about 60 km north of Lattakia.

The source added that army operations resulted in the killing of 36 terrorists and the destruction of a car loaded with equipment and ammunition.


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