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Presidents can be judged by their track record, be it in economics, politics, diplomacy or war.  They can also be judged by what they could have done but didn’t.  Tragically, for the first African-American president ever, he will be vilified by historians for what he failed to do.  This website is dedicated to the war in Syria and any analysis of Obama’s fecklessness will have to focus on the miseries he has compounded and those he deliberately created.  This man is no leftist; he is no revolutionary;  he’s no socialist, he’s no idealist and he’s no humanitarian deserving the Nobel Peace Prize.  It is our position he’s just an imbecile.  And birds of a feather flock together.
(By Ziad A. Fadel for Syrianperspective.com)

A few days ago, Russia’s urbane foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov,  was seated at the same table as Saudi Arabia’s as part of a concluding press conference.  A microphone pointed at Mr. Lavrov’s mouth picked up something unusual from the mouth of this slick career diplomat.  As the Saudi, ‘Aadil AlJubayr, was refuting any suggestion of cooperation with the legitimate government of Dr. Bashar Al-Assad,  Lavrov was recorded muttering in Russian: “What a &%$*()ing imbecile!”  No surprise.   La cage aux folles.  America’s allies on display.

From the very beginning of this conflict, Obama and his cadre of demented diplomats and spooks, like Robert Ford, Hillary Clinton and Christopher Stephens, were complicit in the bloodshed which was to overwhelm Syria from March 2011 until the present day.  Ford, one of history’s most culpable war criminals, was intent on using the so-called “Arab Spring” as cover for a plan which was hatched years ago to destabilize the Ba’athist Syrian government in order to distance Damascus from both Iran and Hizbollah.  The plot had nothing to do with democracy or freedom of assembly.  It had everything to do with burgeoning Iranian power and its projection all the way to the Mediterranean.  It also reflected an American sensitivity to the complaints of allies such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia who were watching menacing developments in the energy sector which cast doubt on the future of these feudal plutocracies.

Iran, as I have written before in a lengthy article, defied American/NATO plots to isolate it and strangle its economy.  What the Americans got instead was an Iran that looked inward to develop itself based on millennia of scientific achievement – a race of people inured to hardship and the programmatic exploitation of its own universe in order to conquer it.  Iran was no third-rate nation of tribes and shamans, like the Arabs of the Peninsula; Iran was looking back at Washington from the abyss straight into the eyes of Barack Obama and his gang of murderers.  Everything from that point on, when Washington realized Teheran was truly ideologically committed to its own Islamist agenda,  was meant to drive a wedge between Iran and the Fertile Crescent.

Here is what was driving the U.S.:  The natural gas pipeline which would traverse a Shi’I Iraq all the way to the Syrian littoral would end Qatar’s advantageous position as a major exporter of gas.  The U.S. was watching a joint Iranian/Russian project which would further embellish Moscow’s influence over affairs in Europe while America’s would diminish.  Gazprom, the Russian energy monopoly, has already struck deals with Iran and Syria to help transport, process and deliver natural gas to Europe.  What this means is that Gazprom would control natural gas prices through a series of alliances which the U.S was desperately trying to sabotage.  This what terrifies Britain and France (Old Europe), also.

We have to add to all this the fact that a major subterranean mother lode of natural gas off the coasts of Syria, Lebanon, Cyprus and Palestine would also be subject to the whims of the moguls at Gazprom.  With Hizbollah in possession of anti-ship missiles and Syria’s own formidable arsenal of Yakhont ground-to-sea rockets,  no combination of forces at sea could possibly stop the evolution of a new and economically independent Syria under the Ba’ath or a Lebanon controlled by Hizbollah.  Turkey’s leader, Erdoghan, is fully aware of the dangers all this poses to his own planned neo-Ottoman revival.   Nobody is more interested in interdicting this process than the mass-murdering leader of Turkey.

In order to block all this and to preserve American hegemony in the Mediterranean, the U.S. first tried to overthrow the Ba’ath.  Make no mistake about this.  It was not just Dr. Assad who was targeted.  It was the entire Arab-nationalist construct which had turned Syria into an ally of Russia – an ally of Iran – and an enemy of the U.S. whether in Occupied Palestine or in American-invaded Iraq.  It was the Ba’ath.  But, when the U.S., by the year 2013, realized that its plans to split the Syrian Army failed miserably, it decided on a war where there would be no winners – especially Dr. Assad and the Frankenstein monster the U.S. and Zionism created in ISIS.

The effort to build a Syrian opposition to overthrow Assad flopped.  Robert Ford, more than anyone else is responsible for the failed and mephitic policies that have led to the deaths of tens of thousands of Syrians and all because of a misguided plan and a misperceived universe.  In the South, where it was hoped that a Jordanian-backed insurgency might result in the creation of a buffer state allied with Amman (and, a fortiori, with the U.S.) with the added fillip of an impending invasion of the nation’s capital has only turned into a grinding war of patience between the Syrian Army and the mostly Jihadist Al-Qaeda.  Efforts to find secular elements among the few willing to volunteer for duty have come a cropper leaving the U.S. in the unenviable position of helping the same group which glorified the attacks on the U.S. on September 11.

Even the opposition in exile has turned into a running gag.  While its members enjoy the comforts of first class hotels in Europe funded by Saudi or Qatari treasuries, the opposition has not been able to build relations with any military group in Syria other than the quickly disappearing Free Syria Army whose own officers are largely dead or legless.  Even their elected leaders from George “Captain Kangaroo” Sabra, to Ahmad Mu’aadh Al-Khateeb, to the hopelessly bewildered Kurd, Ghassan Hitto, all the way to the non-Syrian, Turk rat, Khaled Khoja, have stood out more for what they can never do than what they can, eliciting sarcastic asides from Obama himself.

With no ability to change the pattern of warfare such that Syria would give up on its alliance with and reliance on Iran and Russia, the U.S. has now sunk to the lowest depths of depravity since Ronald Reagan started calling the Contras, “Freedom Fighters”.


The energy factor is key to understanding America’s need to preserve its hegemonic ambitions in the region which also include the ability to stunt the growth of the Russian navy in the Mediterranean.  But, there are other factors besides energy and its impact on U.S. influence and the survival of allied pre-Iron Age feudal monarchies.  There is also the proliferation of missile technology.


Think hard on this proposition:  If Hizbollah has a reported 100,000 missiles in its arsenal, then, how many do you think the Syrian Army has?  When one takes into consideration the fact that 85% of all the Lebanese militia’s rockets are manufactured in Syria, can anyone guesstimate how many the SAA possesses?  Assuming the SAA has over 100,000 missiles ranging from the SCUD As, to Bs, to Cs and to Ds, and all the FROGs and Katyushas and all the other goodies, how many of those missiles can Zionism’s Iron Dome intercept?  And what if Iran fires its even greater arsenal at Zionist Occupied Palestine?  What then?

No party to the carnage in Syria is more invested in its outcome than the Khazar Ghetto State.  It’s very life depends on the ability to thwart an offensive missile attack by the alliance of Hizbollah, Syria and Iran.  When Hassan Nasrallah warns the Zionists in Palestine that their cities will be torched to the ground by a full missile assault, he is not joking.  For Zionism, the Ba’ath government in Syria has to be dismantled for reasons even more disturbing than those occupying the simian minds of the Arabians.  The Arabians are worried about how much money they can continue to steal from their own people.  The Zionists are worried about how long they have to exploit and enslave the indigenous people of Palestine.


But, what can Obama do?  Or what could he have done if he were not a spineless weasel?  Obama created, along with the Zionist Settler State, the group called ISIS, Daa’ish or Islamic State.  Wasn’t that clever of him?  Like a Frankenstein monster, a terrorist group which was intended as a response to Iran’s efforts to extend a natural gas pipeline across Iraq and Syria by establishing a Sunni Caliphate to prevent it, has turned into a threat not only to Iran’s aspirations, but, also, a threat to the selfsame ape allies who are obsessed with helping ISIS to overthrow the government of Syria which is ISIS’s mortal enemy.  Wow, this is getting complicated.

You see folks, when ISIS invaded Anbaar, it was with the direct assistance of the Iraqi Ba’ath Party loyal to Saddam, and the United States, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.  How, you ask?  Simple.  You train the rats you need in Turkey with the help of career officers in Saddam’s army – the same army which was devastated by the U.S. military and disbanded by that immortal idiot,  L. Paul Bremer.  Boy, American foreign policy is quite a curiosity, isn’t it?  So, with the help of the U.S. Air Force, ISIS is allowed enough territory to block the extension of the pipeline without fatally destroying the Iraqi military which the U.S. wants as a customer for its armaments.  But, now, ISIS has become a menace not only to Iran’s plans, but to America’s and to the very lifeline of the Saudi regime.  Enter a rehabilitated Alqaeda.

Oh. And its gets even more sordid.  American neo-conservative traitors, mostly ardent Zionists with dual “Israeli”-American citizenship, and their Christian vassals, are trying their best to make Alqaeda appear like the one guy on the block we can ardently support.  The Zionists in Palestine are giving them medical treatment, arms and logistics, not to mention an occasional intervention when the Syrian Army is about to clobber them, such as in the Qalamoon or Golan.  The Qataris are trying desperately to change the way Jabhat Al-Nusra presents itself to the world.  If you remember, Nusra is the Alqaeda franchise in Syria loyal to Ayman Al-Zawaahiri and led by Abu Muhammad Al-Jawlaani.  So far, for ideological/theological reasons, the leader of Nusra has not swallowed the toxic bait which Qatar dangled before him preferring to stick to the toxicity of his blasphemous interpretation of Islam.


And when you add Britain and France, it gets even more complicated.  Both countries, unwilling to accept their relegation to the communal dumpster of history, seek to find ways to reestablish themselves in the old empires.  With career traitors like the Hashemites in Jordan, holding out a prize like Syria to augment the stunted, collapsed vision of a state ruled by a failed dynasty of also-rans, has its own enticements.  After all, wouldn’t it be nice to have an enlarged Jordanian kingdom dutifully serving the interests of both Paris and London?  Again?  And so, the Brits and the French go back to their old ways of siding with terrorists who are now conveniently referred to in the Western Press as “rebels”, “insurgents”, “fighters”…..and the list goes on ad nauseam.


But what Obama can’t understand is that Russia and Iran are strategically committed to the longevity of the Assad government albeit for different reasons and, sometimes, for the same reasons.  These two countries have made it clear that there would be no “regime change”.  That should be enough proof of the difficulty the U.S. and its allies would face in trying to block the gas pipeline, defending the Zionist Settler State or enlarging the Hashemite Kingdom.  With Iraq now on board coordinating with Syria, Obama could, at the very least, stop masquerading as a man of peace and become a man of dispassionate logic.  No dice.


Russia has just delivered key components of the MiG 31-B Foxhound to Syria.  I have written before about Syria having a wing of these very advanced 2 seat interceptors which, are now being activated both physically and contractually to face the mounting threat of a crazed and desperate tyrant in Turkey.

More S-300 anti-aircraft missiles and Iskandar batteries have also been delivered in response to provocative Turkish activity.


Obama could have competed successfully if he were not the wimp he has become.  Enslaved by Zionist lobby money, a political party dependent upon Zionist support, a media committed to the Zionist agenda, a personality devoid of independence and allies motivated only by Zionist prompts, his desire to leave a legacy of non-intervention has become a satire on everything of which fantasts dream.  Instead of leaving office with no active wars, he will leave his office with more wars on the horizon than his successor, or humanity, can imagine.  His presidency is a failure because of what he would or could not do.



Ziad A. Fadel, Syrianperspective
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