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Obama’s cannibals, “Division 30” and their “brothers”

(By SyrianPatriots) ~ Al-Nusra Front, a clone of Al-Qaeda for Syria, has freed several members of a U.S.-trained squad of ‘moderate terrorists’ that they kidnapped two weeks ago.

In a public statement published by several media, the ‘Division 30’ [US-trained ‘rebel group’ who is the first faction of ‘graduates’ belonging to a US-led training programme in Turkey] said seven of its members had been freed by Nusra after being captured in late July.

“Seven ‘Division-30’-fighters who were being held by the brothers in Nusra Front have been freed”, an official statement released by the unit has said.

“We welcome this noble initiative and urge the brothers of Nusra and hope that they will release in the coming hours the group’s commander and other fighters,” the statement continued.


‘Division-30’ totally nullified and disintegrated

Last month of July 2015, Jabhat al-Nusra [al-Qaeda terroristic clone for Syria] had kidnapped Nadim al-Hassan [the alleged colonel-commander of the ‘Division 30’] and several other mercenaries placed under his command by US military services.

The ‘Division 30’ had just crossed in Syria a few days before from Turkey, to the town of Azaz, on the Syrian-Turkish border.

The Al-Nusra militants attacked and stormed the Division-30’s headquarters, killing at least five Obama’s mercenaries of the ‘Division-30’, and wounding 20 others.

On 54 members […this is the consistency of the “New Syrian Army”, as it is called by the US administration…] of the ‘Division-30’ (which entered Syria in July), 13 were kidnapped by Al-Nusra, including their ‘commander’, while more were killed and injured.

That offensive totally nullified and disintegrated the ‘Division-30’.

The al-Nusra terrorists at the time declared in a statement that they had abducted the ‘Division-30’ militants because they were allied with the US.


‘Division-30’ and the al-NusRa[t] ‘brothers’, goons at the expense of US taxpayers

After the ‘Division-30’ official statement (made after some of their members have been freed), where they described the al-Nusra terrorists as “brothers”, it is clear that the USA’s regime has been forced to show completely its true face, and the one of the so called ‘moderate Syrian opposition’, the worst scum of renegades and terrorists, sold to colonial powers and accomplices of the criminal gangs of jihadist-cannibals among the most vicious and ruthless in the area, together with the Daesh’s mercenaries, the depraved murderers and pedophiles of the so called Wahhabi Islamic State, a Saudi puppet created for the Zion-American war games.

‘Division-30’ was supposed to be the core of a new terrorist group (alleged composed by ‘Syrians’), to dominate the Wahhabi Islamists on the Syrian-Turkish border area.


From a river of dollars to a river of blood

36 million dollars, to train this bunch of idiots, is part of a programme which sees earmarked 500 million dollars, of US taxpayers, to try to overthrow the Syrian government, headed by Dr. Bashar al-Assad and supported by the vast majority of the Syrian people, with a People’s Army, the SAA, which is resisting from years, and wins, against barbarian hordes coming from around the world and financed by the most powerful and better armed nations of the globe.

Syria is the stumbling stone on which will fall the Zionist entity’s conspiracy together with all its puppets.


By SyrianPatriots
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