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“McClatchy DC” US website cited members of armed militias in Syria and Turkish officials along side members of “30 Division” that US intelligence has tattled militants it trained to al-Nusra Front, that resulted in the failure of the first mission for the”Division” in northern Syria last week as well the kidnap of some of its fighters.

The website cited the speech of militants familiar with the events that “Turks have leaked informations about the arrival plan of ‘Division 30’ for al-Nusra because they were afraid that the ‘Division’ will move from targeting the Islamic State ‘ISIS’ organization to target Islamic organizations who are close to Turkey like al-Nusra and Ahrar al-Sham”.

One of the Turkish officers has pointed out that “Leaking the arrival plan of ’30 Division’ to al-Nusra hoped to fail the Division’s program rapidly which will force Washington to expand supporting armed militias”.

In his turn, one of the militants in 30 Division said that “Turks and Americans knew our movement plan, and Turks have warned al-Nusra that the Division will target them, according to our sources”.



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