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Omran al-Zoubi-20150908

Damascus, 8 Sept. 2015 ~ Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi said that the Syrian state is open to any step that contributes to confronting terrorism and launching the track of the political work until reaching a package of political solutions.

In an interview with Lebanese al-Manar TV on Monday, Minister al-Zoubi said that there is no meaning or value to Geneva Communique, other initiatives or efforts exerted that could affect in the future (Syria’s) national sovereignty.

Regarding the latest Russian statements on the crisis in Syria, al-Zoubi said that Russian government supports Geneva 1 and the efforts of the international Envoy to Syria, and at the same time the political track, pointing out that Moscow 1 and Moscow 2 were held in the first place to open a dialogue and create joint ideas and agreed-on thoughts.

The Information Minister said that there is no independent Saudi diplomacy or any foreign Saudi policy that expresses Saudi’s Arab, Islamic or Gulf position, but rather a reflection of the western policies, pointing out that the Russian-Saudi meetings are part of the Russian efforts to overcome the state of war in Syria towards solutions in order for launching a political track.

On initiatives being circulated by media and which of them is the closest to the Syrians, al-Zoubi said that the closest initiative is the one adherent to the national principles, sovereignty, national integrity, comprehensive reconciliation, counterterrorism and reconstruction.

The Minister saw that there is no structure or any solid entity of the so-called Syrian opposition, but rather entities called the Syrian opposition, which do not share consistent opinions.

He clarified that what is going on in Syria would not have happened without the US political coverage and support, pointing out that neither Saudi Arabia nor Turkey are able to act alone.

On the Russian Military aid to Syria, al-Zoubi said that the Syrian-Russian relations, including the military side, are traditional, clarifying that there are no Russian forces or any Russian military land, marine, air action on the Syrian territories.

On the issue of the Syrian displaced and migration to Europe or other countries, the Minister said that this issue is one of the most prominent social and humanitarian repercussions of terrorism-backed by known Arab, regional and western states – that is striking Syria.

“They (Terrorism supporters) send us bloodthirsty, savage terrorists from their communities and attract creative minds and skillful manpower from our country,”

al-Zoubi said, stressing that this issue is not accidental, but rather it is an integrated project whose headline is evacuating communities from their manpower and transfer it to the European community with low wages.

“In turn, they send killers to these countries to be later hit by international military alliances as to destroy them and devastate their infrastructure.”


He explained that the refugees are escaping terrorism and they will not come back until they make sure terrorism is eliminated.

Al-Zoubi pointed out that the western media tries to shed light partially on the terrorist organization of “Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham” (ISIS) for hiding atrocities of other terrorist organizations and promoting that they are moderate just like what they did with Jabhat al-Nusra.

He affirmed that the Saudi regime shoulders the main responsibility of the tragedy of the Syrians inside and outside the country, pointing out that those who send chemical weapons and ammunition to terrorists will absolutely not receive the Syrian refugees.

Commenting on Sweida events (where a twin explosions hit the city last Friday killing some 38 citizen and injured scores) , the Minister referred to the patriotism of the city’s locals as they- in cooperation with the state- managed to arrest the terrorist responsible for these events, stressing that Sweida has overcome the sedition.

The Information Minister saw that war on Syria is in its final phase not in terms of time only but also in terms of politics as the nature of what has happened in Syria is now obvious to all.


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