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378696_Iran-Velayati-4“Instability in Syria caused by interference of governments of some regional and western countries”

Tehran ~ Advisor to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Akbar Velayati stressed Iran’s support to Syrian people and leadership in the face of the conspiracy hatched against it.

During his meeting with Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Garcia Margallo in Tehran on Monday, Velayati called on members of the UN Security Council and the countries of the region to exert further efforts to tackle the crisis in Syria.

Syria is suffering instability for more than four years due to the interference of the governments of some regional and western countries in its internal affairs, He said.

Velayati hailed the steps taken by the Syrian leadership in solving the crisis in Syria, affirming his countries firm stance towards the crisis in it.


“Countries that sparked conflicts should bear responsibility for the refugees issue”

Moscow ~ Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Tuesday it is the responsibility of the Western countries that have sparked conflicts in the Middle East and other regions to bear the burden of the refugees issue now facing them.

“Justice demands that the countries which sparked conflicts bear the greatest responsibility with regard to providing humanitarian aid,” Lavrov was quoted as saying during a meeting with Vice President of the European Commission Kristalina Georgieva.

He pointed out that tackling bureaucracy and formalities are not enough to help solving the issue of refugees since its roots are political, adding that according to statistics, the majority of people in need of international humanitarian assistance are victims of the various armed conflicts raging in the world.

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