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New York, 8 Sept 2015 ~ Syria’s permanent envoy to the UN, Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari said on Tuesday that it is unacceptable to politicize issues related to protecting civilians, dealing with it in selectivity or exploiting civilians’ suffering to justify violation of national sovereignty.

Syrian people fall victims of terrorism, human trafficking gangs as they risk their souls to flee the brutality of terrorist organizations and search for means of living after the unilateral procedures, imposed by some member states on Syria, blocked all resources of living in front of them,” al-Jaafari said at an unofficial Interactive dialogue session of the UN General Assembly on “Responsibility for Protection.”

He added that the Syrian delegation expresses regret because some dominating states have seen, in what has been approved by member states at the UN world Summit before 10 years on “Responsibility for Protection”, nothing but a new tool and innovated justification to interfere in the affairs of sovereign countries.

Al-Jaafari went on to say that the basic responsibility for protection from grave crimes is a mission of the state concerned, adding that the aim of “responsibility” was to boost the national sovereignty, not tearing it down.

On the situation in Syria, al-Jaafari said that “reports of UN chief still ignore hinting to /the important aid/ offered by governments of member states to Syria through sending thousands of foreign terrorists, from more than 100 countries, into the country to perpetrate the ugliest crimes against Syrian people and sabotage the state’s institutions.”

 He added “that was not the aid expected by leaders and heads of governments at the 2005 summit as UN reports also ignore the obstruction of some governments to the political solution to the crisis in Syria and prolonging it, a matter which increases the suffering of Syrians and poses threat to international peace and security.”

 Al-Jaafari said the Syrians are paying the price of the wrong polices of the so-called “international community” and they fall victims of terrorism and gangs of human trafficking and they risk their souls in the death boats to flee brutality of the internationally-backed terrorist organizations.


Doctor Bashar al Jaafari
Syrian Ambassador to the United Nations
speaking on Daesh and its sponsors



syrian-flag-20131029-650x250official statement

Media source refutes claims about withdrawing citizenship or confiscating properties of Syrian immigrants

Damascus, 8 Sept 2015 ~ A media source affirmed that there is no truth to claims by some media outlets about withdrawing citizenship or confiscating properties of Syrians who immigrated or are living abroad due to the terrorist war on Syria.

The source asserted that such issues are set in the Syrian constitution which protects personal property and human rights, at the forefront of these rights being the natural right to have the citizenship of one’s country.

SANA - Mazen Eyon
Syrian Government official statement
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