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…but that does not mean they will stop to try again … because who pulls the strings of the puppets in Washington and Pentagon is the ‘Israel lobby’ … and they have a different project for all of you, not only for Syrians...


The United States has “spectacularly” failed to achieve any of its goals in training so-called ‘moderate rebels’ (cutthroats terrorists like all others) in Syria and US military officials have come to realize that, says an American analyst.

Joe Iosbaker made the comments when asked about remarks by the chief of the US military campaign in Iraq and Syria Gen. Lloyd Austin III, acknowledging that the $500 million Pentagon program to train militants in Syria has so far yielded only “four or five” fighters.

“The US plan to train moderate Syrian rebels is failing spectacularly,” Iosbaker said.

He said that the failure was expected “because the idea of a moderate Syrian rebel is a myth.”

The analyst maintained that “the latest PR effort to train moderates is failing badly.”

The Pentagon had initially announced that it plans to train and arm about 5,400 militants a year as a proxy ground force against Daesh (ISIS) in Syria.


However, administration officials have said only a lackluster 100 or so militants have joined the program so far.

“This force arrayed against the government of Syria since the governments of Qatar and Saudi Arabia began arming them in 2011 are fanatics,” Iosbaker posited.

The US has been training and arming “moderate” militants supposedly to fight the Daesh terrorists, but analysts say they will end up fighting against the Syrian government.

Earlier this month Department of Defense officials were reported to be drawing up plans to put larger number of newly-trained militants in safer zones as well as providing them with more intelligence on the Daesh terror network.

R E L A T E D: Even the media propaganda of the American regime are forced to admit it:


“U.S. Administration Rethinks Syria Strategy”

Excerpts from  Wall Street Journal, 18/9/2015:

The Obama administration is considering scrapping its effort to create a large-scale Syrian force to fight Islamic State as it searches for alternatives to prevent the American-led effort from collapsing, officials said … […] … The administration is under pressure over disclosures by top commanders this week that the training program has produced only a handful of fighters on the battlefield. U.S. policy is also coming under growing criticism at home, where foreign policy experts and Republican political candidates have zeroed in on errors … […] … When the Obama administration shifted the main training program to the Pentagon, the military sought to train 5,000 Syrian rebels by year’s end. But the program has been slow to get off the ground and the first group of 54 fighters to enter Syria this summer was quickly routed by rival fighters…[…] …[…full article here…]…

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