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Putin: “Russia will keep providing military assistance to Syria”

Russian President Vladimir Putin affirmed that Russia has provided and will continue to provide military and technical assistance to Syria in order to fight terrorism which is an absolute priority now, calling on other countries to do the same.

This came during a speech at a meeting of heads of states of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) which kicked off in Tajikistan’s capital Dushanbe on Tuesday.

Putin said that the situation in Syria and its surroundings is too serious, with the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) controlling large areas in the two countries, and terrorists talking about their intention to establish control over Mecca, Medina, and Al-Quds (Jerusalem) and spreading their way of thinking in Europe, Russia, Central Asia, and Southeast Asia.

He pointed out that terrorists from different countries, including Russia, European countries, and many of former Soviet Union states, are fighting in the ranks of ISIS, stressing the importance of unifying international efforts to combat terrorism.

Putin also called on the Syrian government, the Syrian opposition, and the states of the region to unify their efforts in the battle against terrorism, stressing that without the active participation of the Syrian authorities and the Syrian Army, it would be impossible to expel the terrorists from Syria and the region as a whole, and it would also be impossible to protect the multi-ethnic and multi-denominational Syrian people from destruction, slavery, and barbarism.

The Russian president called on Western countries to desist from double standards policy and to stop any direct or indirect utilization of some terrorist organizations to achieve narrow personal goals like changing governments of states that the West is displeased with.

Putin noted that Russia had called for forming wide alliance to confront extremists where all countries who want to contribute to combat terrorism can do so in the same way as the armies of Iraq and Syria are doing now.
“It’s necessary to think about political reforms in Syria, and we know that President Bashar al-Assad is ready to involve constructive opposition in the state administration” Putin said.

He also denied the allegations that Moscow’s support for the authorities in Syria has sparked a flow of refugees, pointing out that Syrian refugees are escaping primarily from clashes resulting from the acts of external sides that sending weapons to terrorists in Syria, and that they are also fleeing the criminal acts committed by terrorists.

The Russian President stressed that if Russia had not supported Syria, the situation in it would have been worse than the situation in Libya, and the flood of refugees would have been even higher.


Lavrov: “It is impossible to defeat terrorism without cooperation with Syria”

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Thursday that turning a blind eye to the capabilities of the Syrian army in combating terrorism equals risking the region’s security for the sake of achieving Geo-political plans.

“Those who combat the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist organization should unify efforts, including the Syrian and Iraqi armies, based on international law and through UN organizations,” Lavrov said in a press statement following a meeting with Turkish counterpart Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu in Sochi.

“There are no justifications to escape cooperation with the Syrian leadership who confronts the terrorist danger,” Lavrov added, affirming that the Syrian President is the higher leader of a land force which is the most effective and which confronts terrorism on land.

He reiterated that Moscow’s stance is still firm towards Syria where the Syrian people have the right only to determine their future and leadership through democratic mechanisms and elections, adding that the international community should work to have the democratic process and elections fair and transparent and under the supervision of unbiased organizations.

2686178 08/27/2015 Maria Zakharova, Director of the Russian Foreign Affairs Ministry's Department for Information and Press, Speaks at a press briefing in Moscow. Vladimir Pesnya/RIA Novosti

Russian Foreign Ministry call for unify the international efforts to fight Daesh

Meanwhile, The Russian Foreign Ministry called for unifying the international efforts through a unified front to combat ISIS, affirming that it is impossible to reach an outcome without the participation of Syria.

Spokesperson of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova, at a press conference, called on Washington to acknowledge the volume of danger represented by ISIS and the impossibility to fight this danger except by “a unified front.”

She said that her country’s policy is based on supporting Syria in combating terrorist originations, adding “the main goal to which Russia seeks in Syria is not supporting President Bashar al-Assad, but supporting Syria in its war against ISIS and other terrorist organizations.”

Zakharova reaffirmed the Russian military support to Syria, saying “we have never made it secret that we carry out and continue applying cooperation with Syria, including the military domain as the Syrian army is bearing the big burden in the war against terrorists.


Naryshkin: “Russia will continue arms supplies to Syria”

Moscow will continue supplying weapons to Syria in accordance with the international law, Speaker of the Russian State Duma, Sergey Naryshkin has said.

“Russia has carried out and is still carrying out weapons supplies to the Syrian army… Russia never hid it… We have been doing it and we will continue doing it in accordance with the norms of international law,” Naryshkin said at the session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (PAOSCE) in Mongolia’s Ulan Bator.

“We urge the whole international community to unite in this struggle against the Islamic State terrorism and of course, to use these forces in this fight, first of all the  Syrian army,” he stressed.

The ISIS would have already felt more comfortable on the Mediterranean Sea coast and moved further if the Syrian army had not been an efficient force, Naryshkin said.

In a statement to journalists, Naryshkin said that it is possible that the United States wanted to destabilize the Middle East deliberately so that refugees should flow to Europe, saying “It is clear for everyone that the United States is the ideologist behind the aforementioned interventions.”

“I am not a supporter of conspiracy theories but the question arises by itself – Is Europe the final aim of those destabilizing the situation in North Africa and Middle East over the last years with such maniacal persistence?” he wondered.

He noted that “Someone has possibly proposed it, knowing that flows of refugees, those poor people running from death, would head to EU’s prosperous countries.”

He wondered..”Have many European political leaders sincerely talked about the reasons of that crisis, the flow of refugees that is practically overwhelming their countries right now?” “No, old Europe prefers to keep silent, with rare exception.”

Earlier on Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed that Russia has and will continue providing military and technical assistance to Syria for combating terrorism which has become a top priority, calling on other countries to do the same.


Churkin: “US rejection to cooperate with Syrian government creates obstacles”

Russia’s Permanent Envoy to the United Nations Vitaly Churkin considered on Tuesday that the US-led international coalition’s rejection to cooperate with the Syrian government and working through an authorization by Security Council creates obstacles in front of combating the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist organization.

“The US and its collation have decided to conduct away from an authorization by the UN Security Council, and they don’t try to get a permission to shell the Syrian lands, Churkin said in an interview with Russian RT TV, considering this as a serious problem for Russia.

He added “Our western partners say that are not able to cooperate with the Syrian authorities in any formula or form, and this causes problems.”

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