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i.e., the short history of the betrayal of the “Palestinian cause” by Hamas, now become a shameful terrorist gang of mercenaries in the service of the Gulf tyrans ~ (WP-SFO chief editor)


Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas affiliated terrorist Bishr Yousef Ali al-Janoudi

(SANA) ~ A Palestinian-Jordanian terrorist affiliated to the “Muslim Brotherhood” admitted to involvement in terror acts and training terrorists in the Palestinian refugee camps and other areas in Syria.

Bishr Yousef Ali al-Janoudi stressed that the Palestinian movement Hamas was involved in the terror activities, in confessions aired by the Syrian Television on Thursday night.

Hamas, he said, had a project to build a brotherhood base in Syria.

Al-Janoudi, born in Kuwait in 1970, said he holds a Jordanian passport and that he pledged allegiance to the “Muslim Brotherhood” in 1989, where after he travelled to Pakistan and studied at the Islamic University until 1996, before he returned to Jordan to work there at the Muslim Brotherhood center in Amman.

He added that he later worked for the “Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas”, where he came to work directly under its leader Khaled Meshaal in Jordan until Hamas’ offices were closed by the Jordanian authorities and its leadership members were sent away to Qatar.

The terrorist said in his confessions that he moved to Syria by an official within Khaled Meshaal’s personal protection team, who is named Abu Bilal Mesaad, by early 2001.

Recounting the details of his and Hamas’s involvement in the events in Syria, al-Janoudi said a secret tow–day meeting of the Muslim Brotherhood was held in a farm in Sahnaya in July 2011, which was attended by Brotherhood leaderships from the Islamic and Arab world, including Meshaal.

The meeting, he added, came out with some decisions focused on supporting that so-called “Syrian revolution” and the departure of Hamas’ leaders from Syria and opening contact channels with Sheikhs and scholars in Syria whose ideology is close to that of the Brotherhood.

Al-Janoudi said he was tasked with training Palestinians in the Syrian camps within a “fighter preparing program”.

The training activities, assigned by Hamas members, started with training a Syrian from the “Free Army” and his 7-member group inside a farm in Drousha area.

Other activities followed, including qualifying and training the so-called “Al-Sahaba Battalions” in Daraya, the terrorist groups of “Ahrar al-Sham”, “Liwa al-Tawhid, “Suqour Idleb” and Failaq al-Sham” in Sarmada in the countryside of Idleb in 2012, according to al-Janoudi.

The terrorist admitted to participating in training “Shabab al-Huda Battalions” in Eastern Ghouta in Damascus countryside, where later a “training academy” named “Aknaf Bait al-Maqdes Academy” was established.

“Fighter training” activities were also held in the southern region, particularly in Daraa province and Houran area. Courses were given to the terrorist groups of “Mashrou’ Ummah”, “Ibn Taymiyeh” and “Al-Ajnad”, said al-Janoudi, adding that groups of “Al-Ansar Battalion” positioned in Old Homs were sent to Akkar to undertake training before being brought back to the old city.

Al-Janoudi confessed that he proposed establishing a “rapid intervention group” from Hamas cadres in al-Yarmouk Camp, near Damascus, which was indeed set up, facilitating the entry of the “Free Army” into the Camp whose fighters committed looting and robbery acts.

The terrorist admitted that he led the operations of setting up fortifications and digging tunnels in eastern al-Yarmouk Camp.

SANA, Reem/H. Said
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