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President Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian state’s request of support from Federal Russia in combating terrorism flowing from all countries in the world, was logical and logical in its timing, since the US has been talking about an alliance against terrorism for months ago, but the US-led alliance had proven to be ineffective on the ground, Presidential Political and Media Advisor Bouthaina Shaaban affirmed.

In an interview with Russia Today TV Channel on Wednesday, Shaaban added that the Russian vision carries a deep understanding of what is happening in Syria and the region, and that the terror poses a threat against the whole world, calling on everyone to listen to what Russian President Vladimir Putin is saying about Syria and the region.

She said if the West joins Russia’s awareness, it will recognize that fighting terrorism in Syria is a need for the region and the world.. But the problem is in the West’s late understanding of what is happening in Syria.

She described field situation in Syria as excellent, because the Syria Arab army has
attained many achievements on the ground, mainly on the southern front, which they claimed that it was about to fall, or in Aleppo, al-Zabadani and al-Qalamoun areas, therefore we should consider the huge finance amount{provided to terrorists} and
the intensive flow of terrorists, Then it is normal to ask for the Russian assistance.

Syria relies on the Syrian army which has been fighting terrorism for the last five years, the Russian support and on its {sYRIAN} people, who acknowledge that terrorism is the enemy of every Syrian citizen, the Syrian State, institutions and
Future, Shaaban elaborated.

Hailing Russian President Vladimir Putin’s call for political engagement in Syria, Shaaban criticized the western double standard policy, which talks about the political action and at the same time embraces terrorism.

Shaaban pointed out that the Syrian government understands that the political action is an inter-Syrian dialogue that might be internationally sponsored; therefore there is no problem in discussing any ideas that lead to a political solution.

Syria has confirmed in Geneva Conference in 2014 the necessity of giving priority for fighting terrorism, because we cannot conduct a real political solution while terrorism is hitting large parts of our country, Shaaban said, noting that the West has been convinced by what Syria and Russia were saying at that time.

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