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In researching for this article, I came across the usual suspects, and the hundreds of charities they represent. So far, after looking at literally hundreds of charities collecting money from people around the world to help aid the innocent people of Syria, the legitimate ones are less than a handful.

None of them carrying the green red black colors are aiding the real Syrians, but aiding the terrorist organizations (or their supporters), in Syria.

 I’ll show you a few to show you what I mean. Years ago, I did a video about this charity. Their facebook page has long since disappeared as many of the terrorists did. The people behind these charities now live in nice houses (some within Turkey), and elsewhere other than Syria.

This is the first I investigated. Prospect Park New Jersey mayor Mohamed T Khairullah supported this charity. Now, surprise! Because he supports the terrorists fighting against the legitimate Syrian government, and the innocent Syrians who support them. You will see him photographed wearing a scarf that bears the name of the charity.


charity 1

“Suriye Dayanisma Dernegi” (turkish-language) means “Syria Solidarity Association” ~ [by Cem Ertür]

charity 3

charity 2

As you can see, the charity isnt really helping Syrians, but killing those who dont support the so-called “revolution” in Syria. Another charity doing the same is called “Every Syrian.”

Its members are also terrorists from the “Free Syrian Army”. It isnt free, nor does it have plans to bring “freedom” or “democracy” to Syria. Its a United States and United Kingdom supported group of Muslim Brotherhood supported terrorists and highly paid mercenaries trying to overthrow the legitimate government of Syria. Charitable looking bunch of chaps, eh?

By the way, they have new Hyundais, not Toyotas in these pictures.

every syrian

every syrian2

every syrian3

Lets not forget to mention the “Union Rebels of Aleppo”. A frightful bunch of unsavory characters also from the terrorists group known as the Free Syrian Army. They are no more a union as they are a “rebel.”

They rape, torture and kill innocent Syrians supporting their government. Make no mistake though, the people running these charitable organizations are the ones making the money. Many have taken lavish trips, but thats another story.

aid workers

In the photo shown above, the terrorist shown is the relative of Prospect park New Jersey mayor Mohamed T Khairullah named Yassin M Khairullah. Harmless looking fellow unless he was aiming that gun hes holding to you or your families heads.

In the picture below, you can see where he lists the mayor as a “family member” and is photographed with the mayor on one of the 4 or 5 or 6 trips the USA tax payers have probably funded by giving to his bogus charity Watan America.



In photo below… (in another article I did: “US Mayor Mohamed T Khairulla, Kenan Rahmani & Company Behind the Destruction of Syria with ISIS Lies & US Tax Dollars”), Yassin (with red circle around him), is holding a sign written in English (to scare the American people into thinking he is a big bad ISIS OR Jabhat al-Nusra al-Qaeda radical Islamist who will be bringing the Black flag to the white house.

What a joke this picture is when US senator John McCain supports these Fake Muslims. The sign reads, “WAIT FOR US WHITE HOUSE! BLACK FLAG IS COMING SOON!!!”

Oh, thats suppose to scare you Americans! Id like to see them try. America has men living in the mountains heavily armed that would teach these freaks a lesson or two. Same men, same mayor, same horse crap.

NJMayor - Copy2

In this photo (below), Yassin is posing an innocent Syrian (shown receiving “aid” in the form of food), from one of these bogus charities who want you to think they are aiding Syrians.

This BS that has been spread to make you believe their unbelievable lies to the point at which it would be funny if Syrians werent dying BECAUSE of them!

Yassin as Syrian

In this next photo, we have the “moderate” terrorists posing by the same ambulances as Alan Henning is. These ambulances came by way of the UK by another charity (one of many listed on the trucks).

There are so many “charities” who claim to bring “humanitarian aid” to Syria that one cannot keep up with them all. Know they are NOT aiding innocent Syrians, but terrorism in a country plagued by many foreign terrorists.


Turkey has been happy enough to allow them to cross their borders to Syria.

Jalal Altawil

And least we not forget former NATO member Oscar Bergamin and his charities. He runs a few, and has traveled into Syria Im sure to “aid” the terrorists in their fight against the sovereign nation of Syria.

Why this doesnt land this guy in prison somewhere with the mayor is beyond me. Guess anyone can run a “charity” and there is no oversight to check into the validity of it at all.


The biggest scam of all is ON the people around the world that really want to help the innocent Syrians who are in a proxy war raged against them for the last 4.5 years so they donate to these scam charities.

Saudi and Qatar combined have literally spent BILLIONS on these Fake Muslim Fake Jihad murdering Monsters, and they HAVE the billions to do so! So many around the world do NOT.

So next time you want to actually help a Syrian, do your research to find out where your money really goes.

Otherwise, you arent just aiding terrorism in Syria, but your helping the members of the Muslim Brotherhood buy really nice homes, vacation homes, cars, bikes, etc. and take very lavish vacations around the world.

Can you do any of that? As you can see, terrorists in Syria have PLENTY of money. They dont need yours!

Jihad cash



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