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(al-Ahed News) ~ Full speech delivered by Hizbullah Secretary General, His Eminence Sayyed Nasrallah, in the ceremony held to mark a week on the martyrdom of Hassan al Hajj in Lweizeh on Sunday 18-10-2015.






I take refuge in Allah from the stoned devil. In the Name of Allah, The Compassionate, The Most Merciful. Peace be on the Seal of prophets, our Master and Prophet, Abi Al Qassem Mohammad and on his chaste and pure Household and on his chosen companions and on all messengers and prophets.


Brothers and sisters! Peace be upon you and Allah’s mercy and blessings. Reverent scholars! Brothers and Sisters! Dear audience! Peace be upon you and Allah mercy and blessings.

First I would like to address all of you and in particular the family of martyr leader brethren Hajj Abu Mohammad to congratulate him for receiving this divine award of which he is absolutely competent and to offer my condolences for losing this dear person who left us and joined the eternal life. I console his family and his brethren fighters in the Resistance as well as the loyal and loving Resistance audience. We all share these feelings and these emotions as well as the same stance.

Hajj Abu Mohammad is one of the leaders, pillars, and brave fighters of the Resistance. Hajj Abu Mohammad is one of the brethrens who partook in the launch of this Resistance since its very first days to confront the ‘Israeli’ occupation of Lebanon in 1982. Since the very beginning, his choice was clear and his decision was final. He was present in all battlefields. He used to love martyrdom and expect it in every occasion. However, Allah Al Mighty chose to bless his life, and thus he lived all these decades. He lived tens of years which he spent as a fighter, a guard, an official, and a leader present in the field.
He spent his life and his youth in the Resistance. Since 1982, Haj Abu Mohammad had no life out of the Resistance in as much as fish has no life out of water. Fish can’t live without water, and Abu Mohammad couldn’t breathe air or bear any idea or be controlled in any place away from the Resistance. Thus from the very beginning, he used to live in its hills, valleys, tunnels, and frontlines, and he ended his life as one of its leader martyrs.

One of the most significant points about Martyr Abu Mohammad is his personal traits. I believe that this side is one of the most important points that characterize Hajj Abu Mohammad. After all, any military leader has military competences and military experience. This happens to any person in any place and in any military institution or military framework. However, the main characteristic in this personality lies in his remarkable commitment to religion. He was committed to the accurate religious provisions. He took pain to obey Allah Al Mighty and avoid His wrath. His morals were noble, he was very polite, and he was kind to people. This is not only the testimony of one or two of those who know him. Everyone who knows Abu Mohammad agrees on what I am saying.

He was very humble. He dressed a perpetual smile even in hard times. He was very loving, caring, and tender to everyone around him. He highly esteemed his parents and family. He was calm and patient. He was very tolerant and always willing to offer sacrifices. He was an obedient, committed altruist who respected others and listened attentively to them. He used to attend personally among fighters and be always present in the front lines.
This is what led to his martyrdom. In fact, his love to Allah Al Mighty is the central inclusive characteristic behind all the traits I mentioned and many others I didn’t. He is very ascetic.

There was no Abu Mohammad. We usually call him Abu Mohammad al Iqleem. He tried to make us call him Hajj Maher but to no avail. When you say Hajj Maher, they will tell you: “You mean Abu Mohammad al Iqleem”. Well, what we know about Abu Mohammad is that there is no Hassan al-Haj in him. He has no selfishness. He has no egoism: “I fought; I did; I gained victory; I strengthened; It is all thanks to me; You must be grateful to me. I am the thinking mind”. This ego destroys man and his people and everything around him. When this ego dissolves, man becomes divine. When this ego is powerful, man becomes a devil in the form of a human being. This ego was the cause of the devil’s problem with Adam. This ego was absent as far as the martyr leader is concerned. Thus he was chaste and pure, loyal and faithful, noble and dignified. All these good morals are true about martyr Abu Mohammad and his like who threw this ego out of the recesses of their minds and hearts. When the fighter gets rid of his ego, he feels that he is fulfilling his obligations towards Allah in his jihad, sleepless nights, pains, wounds, and sufferings. Thus he feels he is observing the right of Allah Al Mighty truly and observing the right of people truly too, and accordingly he does not begrudge anyone his jihad, his patience, his tolerance, his wounds, and eventually his martyrdom.

This fact starts from here. Today, we feel we are before a very special person on the religious, moral, spiritual, and psychological levels. We feel we lost a man of such characteristics before losing a competent and brave military leader.
On the other hand, we are before a competent leader who assumed fully his responsibilities. He made great achievements in the Resistance and in confronting the “Israeli” occupation from the South. He also had his achievements in the training camps and in all the posts he worked in and the responsibilities he assumed and that culminated in July War when he was one of the main and primary officials and leaders in facing this aggression besides facing the Takfiri terrorist scheme in the recent years.

Abu Mohammad is one of these many fighters and leaders who work away from the light. They are unknown on Earth but well-known in Heavens. They work industriously and spent sleepless nights; but nothing is known about what they do. Neither their name nor their photos are published except following their martyrdom. No one talks about them in person; people in general talk about the resistance and the resistance men. They talk about its leaders and heroes; but these are so and so and such and such. They do not come to the light spot until they become martyrs and leave this world and its people. Only then the people of this world come to know them and their names and see their photos and get acquainted to a part of their biography and the truth about their lives.

Even after their martyrdom, these leader martyrs can’t come fully to the light spot. Today we can’t talk about their personal achievements as was the case with the other martyrs. We rather talk about a part of the achievements of the Resistance. We can’t talk about what this brethren did or that Hajj made or that martyr achieved. We can’t even talk about the posts they assumed year after year and in this stage followed by that stage because these are among the secrets of the Resistance and the hidden facts of the Resistance which are linked to the structure of the Resistance which is still active. It did not enter the phase of history and records for itself and its figures. It is still active in the field; thus its secrets, hidden facts, experiences, structure, leaders, means, and procedures must remain secret. Thus when we talk about any leader in the Resistance, we talk in a broad general way.

Anyway, some people may be interested in what we are saying. They like to talk and listen to such things; but this is not the concern of the martyrs. After they received the grand divine award of martyrdom and reached the eternal life with perpetual blessings and left the prison of cages to the paradise of castles – as Abu Abdullah Al Hussein (peace be upon him) says – the martyrs are not concerned with praise, with talking about them, with referring to them with fine characteristics, or whether people remember them or not. But they remain to us the ideal to be followed, the pioneer and the guide to this path through their jihad, characteristics, and good deeds.

Brothers and sisters! With martyr Abu Mohammad and his likes, the achievement of the resistance was made in 2000 following 18 years of incessant industrious work. Afterwards, the Resistance ushered into a new era in the number of its fighters and the magnitude of its readiness; thus was the great victory of 2006 which was made by the Resistance men including this leader martyr. As July War came to an end on August 14, 2006, people went back to their ordinary lives and commenced in building their houses and working places as before. Similarly, Abu Mohammad and his brethrens went back to resume their work on the readiness of the Resistance on all levels and the strength of the Resistance which made the victory of 2006 because we are in the proximity of a greedy enemy with an aggressive terrorist nature, and man can’t feel secure in the proximity of a terrorist, blood-thirsty enemy. Abu Mohammad and his other brethrens went back to their very old story – the main obligation is guarding Lebanon, guarding the people of Lebanon, guarding our people, and guarding our honor, dignity, and sovereignty. The major responsibility is that they be in the frontal posts and face “Israel” and the aggressiveness of “Israel” and to confront the “Zionist” scheme. This is how he resumed his life after 2006. This is how the resistance fighters resumed their lives after the aggression of 2006 after their brethren martyrs left them.

As you have noticed in some of the broadcasted words said by Abu Mohammad on this equation, he highlights this equation of building the power that deters the enemy. We don’t have other way out. This is the experience that worked out so far. It worked out in protecting the country since August 14th, 2006 to our very day and our very hour and in every day our people feel secure in Lebanon and especially in South Lebanon, Rashayya, West Bekaa, and the regions that were occupied for a long time and the bordering areas that were subject to aggression ever since 1948 – meaning since the establishment of the usurping entity over Palestine and even before that when the terrorist Zionist organizations used to spread corruption at the Lebanese-Palestinian border. Today and in every time our people feel security, peace, serenity, and confidence to face the enemy, it is thanks to these men and this leader and his brethrens and companions and thanks to the Resistance besides the National Lebanese Army and the massive popular incubation under the people-army-resistance equation.

When martyrs – especially leader martyrs – fall our masses feel worried. What is the story? These are leader martyrs!? Did the Resistance enter the era of exhaustion? Did that lead to the weakness of the Resistance or to its retreat? So the masses feel worried and the enemy gloats. Unfortunately, some of the antagonists gloat too though this is not a space where we gloat over the loss of the other side. Still they act as such. On the ceremony marking a week following the martyrdom of our leader, I would like to assure you that the Resistance has for long years by now made a large number of leaders in the various levels and fields. In fact, the Resistance is not anymore a personal initiative. It is not anymore a group that exists as long as definite members or definite leaders exist. It has transcended the stage of establishment. It has its structure, pillars, school, leaders, cadres, fighters, intellect, doctrine… Thus the existence of the Resistance is not anymore linked to the existence of this or that leader, and should he be martyred, there would be a gap that can’t be filled. This is not absolutely the case with all our high esteem to all martyr leaders and the leaders who are alive too as well as to their great and important roles and achievements. However, praise be to Allah, these leaders changed their Resistance to a school, to an institution, and to an entity beating with life and able to get along and continue the path no matter who is martyred in the midway. And this is one of their achievements too. This is what I wanted to say to assure our masses and to make the enemy – and the antagonists if they categorize themselves as enemies – feel worried.

This Resistance is strong with the strength of its leaders when they are alive, and when they fall martyrs, it musters its power to be stronger. Thus the blood of Martyr Abu Mohammad al Iqleem is a new thrust and a new life pumped in the veins of this Resistance and the life of this Resistance and the determination and will of this Resistance.

Anyway, we, the brethrens of Abu Mohammad, remain adhered to our stance – that of the Resistance – and our jihadi obligations in face of “Israel” and in face of the “Zionist” scheme in the entire region. This is our obligation, and this is our faith and commitment. From this position, we were always and will remain with the resistance of the Palestinian people and their jihad and intifada in all its stages.

Today too, as we watch the Palestinian young men and women in occupied Palestine and as we watch the elderly and the young in occupied Palestine as they confront with their bare fists which are armed only with stones or knives and with bare chests one of the most powerful armies in this region and one of the savage armed entities, we see the extent of their courage, determination, and willingness. This makes the hope in the Intifada, the resistance of the Palestinian people, the resistance of the Lebanese people, and the steadfast resistance axis greater. Yes, the horizons are still open; and neither this entity usurping Palestine nor any of its guardians has any future in this region.

Today, this ever new Intifada is the only true hope for the salvation of the Palestinian people from the occupation, and it is the fortified stronghold that protects al-Aqsa Mosque and the sanctities. It’s everyone’s responsibility to stand by it and support it – everyone according to his capacities, abilities, and circumstances. This is what we look forward to and call everyone to because this is a new hope expressed by the new generations in Palestine. Today the hopes of all of those who betted on the Palestinians to feel tired and frustrated and calm down have gone with the wind. We are before a new generation or new generations who believe in the resistance and in the intifada. They believe in the dignity and honor of sanctities, al-Quds, and al-Aqsa Mosque. Thus they are ready to fight with knives the fully-fledged soldiers who are fortified in their armed tanks. This has very great moral, psychological, jihadi, and political indications.

The Palestinian people are proceeding in their intifada and jihad, and the peoples of this nation and the governments of this nation must back them and support them as much as they can.

Along with Hajj Abu Mohammad and his brethrens we embarked in confronting the Takfiri project which threatens the region and the world. This scheme is destructive to everything – to man, to life, to societies, to peoples, to civilizations, and to history. One might ask: What or who else do you want to stay alive besides you and your group? This question is weird. It’s weird to ask if they agree that others – apart from their group – remain alive! What do you accept to stay alive on Earth? This is a perplexing question and a new challenge. I don’t believe humanity ever faced such a question except in some of the old ages in history.

Anyway, this scheme returned to us in these recent years with the worst images ever and with its utmost capacities, and thanks to all the faithful fighters and resistance men we could stand in face of it. We have been fighting this bloody terrorist Takfiri scheme for over four years by now and in more than one field, and we are, and will be where we must be. We offered martyrs. Let’s talk about tangible outcomes. Was it not for the Resistance from 1982 to 2000, the liberation would not have been a tangible outcome. Was it not for the readiness of the Resistance following 2000 and the victory of the Resistance in 2006, there wouldn’t have been security and stability in Lebanon and in South Lebanon. These too are tangible results.

Today too, the steadfastness of several fields led to tangible results. I am not talking about our steadfastness. I am talking about the steadfastness of all of those who are fighting this scheme and standing in its face. Was it not for this steadfastness in the field in face of “ISIL” and its like in Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon, where would the region have been? Where would Iraq have been? Where would Syria have been? Where would Lebanon have been? Where would the entire region have been, and where would the entire world have been?

Was it doomed for these bloody groups to have control over Iraq and Syria and later on Lebanon, what would have been the fate of the peoples of these countries and the states of the region? The fate would have been that of the people of Mosel, Salaheddine, Anbar, Riqqah, Deir Zour, and others. Millions were displaced, and millions were left homeless. Their money was confiscated. Mosques and churches were demolished, and all historic and cultural remains were devastated. A kind of living unbearable to humans with their national instinct and mind would have been imposed. They kill for the simplest reason; they slaughter for the simplest purpose. This general atmosphere would have prevailed. Internal conflicts would have taken control, and no space for elections, true representatives of peoples, expression of freedom, and showing any kind of criticism, opposition, partnership, decision, dignity, and stability would have been kept.

So with the steadfastness of those who have remained steadfast during all of these years in the various fields, today we are touching the outcome of this steadfastness even if the battle has not come to an end yet and even if the battle is still open and long too. Still, thanks to this steadfastness these countries were guarded so far as well as the entire region besides – unfortunately – the antagonists who believe are doing well at a time they are deluded and ignorant. I also tell you that even this field steadfastness manifested in Yemen by the Yemeni Army and the popular communities in face of the US-Saudi aggression is what will save Yemen not only from the invaders for should the invaders manage to break the will of the Yemeni Army and the popular communities – and they will not Inshallah – al Qaeda, “ISIL” and their like would control Yemen and its fate as is the case now in Aden, South Yemen, Hadarmout, Meckla, and others.

So, all sides which are fighting today in face of this terrorist, Takfiri scheme are in fact defending all of us – all the peoples of the region, whether Muslims, Christians, or their religious and sectarian minorities. They are defending the Sunnites and the Shiites. They are defending their civilization, their history, their diversity, their right to live a dignified peaceful life, their right to partnership, and their right of free expression. In this path, Hajj Abu Mohammad fell a martyr. For this reason, he fell a martyr or else what would have pushed the leaders of the resistance and its fighters who spent their youth and over thirty years on the border with Palestine to go to the border, to Sahl al Gab where Hajj Abu Mohammad was martyred, and to the border with Hamah, Idlib, Laziqiyyeh, and Aleppo? It’s because both schemes – the Zionist scheme and the Takfiri scheme – want to reach the same result. They want to demolish our peoples and societies and to humiliate, conquer and crush them and to confiscate their will. But thanks to this steadfastness and this chaste blood we started witnessing a major change in the Arab public opinion. This is very important to us. Many things are changing inside many countries in the Arab world today. The vision is changing. The understanding of the nature of the ongoing struggle is changing. Faces are being unmasked. Facts are being revealed. The fog is clearing away. Consequently, we started hearing new stances. We are reading new articles. There are new trends, changes are growing day after day, and positions are changing. These are very important aspects.

However, this change in the viewpoint and in the internal, regional, and international stance was possible thanks to those steadfast in the field, to those who were martyred and offered their souls and blood so that this scheme would fail to crawl and control the fate of the region with bloodshed. What will have the final word in the future is the field too. What imposes on states to change their stance is the field. What imposes on the world and the peoples of the world to reconsider their evaluation and their vision and their understanding is the field. Thus we must always be present in the field.

On the day we mark a week following his martyrdom, we – the brethrens of Abu Mohammad al Iqleem – tell you: His brethrens and the men of the Resistance are today present in the battlefield where they must be more than any time in the past. They are fully ready because we are in a battle and in decisive and crucial stage. We will not abandon this responsibility. From the very beginning we had a clear insight, and day after day things become clearer to us, our insight becomes sharper, and our confidence and faith grow through the acts of those we are fighting in all fields and in all countries.

For example, in Nigeria, every other day, suicide bombings target believers in mosques. What is the religion of these believers? Islam. What is their sect? They are Sunnites. So let no one say we are defending Shiites and present the battle as a battle between Shiites and Sunnites. No, this is not true.

Boko Haram is of the same nature, intellect, and methodology. Look at the lists of Muslims who were killed and the mosques which are bombed. Indeed, they kill Muslims and Christians but we are giving this example to prove this point. They kill Sunnites just because they are not Boko Haram and just because they are not from their sect, do not have their intellect, and are not from their gang. When we fight them, are we defending the Shiites only or are we defending all Muslims?

The same applies all over the Arab and Islamic world. Yesterday in Qatif, in the city of Sihat, a mosque and a Husseiniyeh were targeted and martyrs fell as well as wounded. What is their pretext? They are infidels because they are marking the martyrdom of the grandson of the Prophet (peace be upon him and his Household). Were they marking the death of one of their sheikhs, they wouldn’t have been dubbed infidels; but because they were expressing their love to the Holy Prophet and His Household (peace be upon them) whose love was the charge the Prophet of Allah asked for in exchange for his mission as mentioned in the Holy Quran, and because they were expressing their consolation to the Prophet of Muslims for the martyrdom of his Grandson. That was enough reason for them to be killed, aggressed against, terrorized, terrified, and attacked with arms and bombs as is the case in more than one place.

Brothers and sisters! These incidents increase our faith, insight, and confidence that we are not wrong, that we did not make a wrong diagnosis, and that we did not go to a wrong battle. We made a correct sound diagnosis, and we are going to the right battle. As confronting the Zionists is a defense to all Muslims, to Muslim sanctities, the peoples of the region whether Muslims and Christians alike, human sanctities, and religious sanctities, fighting in confrontation of these terrorist Takfiri groups is in defense of Islam, Muslims, and the peoples of the region, the sanctities of the region, and human and religious sanctities. Thus this confrontation deserves grand martyrs such as Abu Mohammad and his like who were martyred in this path.

As we said, we will carry on assuming this responsibility on both levels. Inshallah, we have enough leaders, fighters, capacities, and competences to be present on both fronts. In Lebanon, we will remain the defenders in confronting the Zionists. In the region, we will also remain resistance men who confront any scheme that targets the dignity of people and their integrity, security, and values.

On the internal front, I would like to say a word before wrapping my speech, and I won’t take much of your time as I have already done.

On the internal front, we always assert our care for dialogue. We always cared for dialogue and answer the calls for dialogue. We always assert our care for meetings among the Lebanese because the interest of the Lebanese, the country, and political and security stability requires that.

We further partook in this government to achieve political and security stability in Lebanon though our partners in it fought to topple the former government. They traveled to all world capitals to besiege it and to boycott it. They were about to put the country on fire to go back to authority.

Today and despite the lame performance of this government and with our special esteem to its head – Premier Salam – and this is a mere fact and not a courtesy as the man proved to be patient, wise, calm, and responsible on the national level, we always call for guarding this government. Furthermore, we do not back toppling it for the goodwill of the country and not because we have portfolios in this government we stick to it. That is not the case. Neither in dialogue we search for a special interest for Hizbullah, nor in the government do we search for a special interest for Hizbullah. We are looking for national interest, the interest of the Lebanese in dialogue even if its efficiency was slow or limited. Still it keeps hopes valid and doors open. The interest of the Lebanese is in this government because the alternative is vacuum, and it might be collapse as well. Look at the entire region around us.

In the past few days, we heard something which our brethrens answered; still, I believe I must tackle the issue a little bit. What was said is not new in some of its aspects and in its spirit.

In the previous period, we used to hear from some political forces – The Future Movement in particular – when talking about dialogue as if they are begrudging others, as if they are carrying dialogue with you and came to the dialogue table at Speaker Nabih Berri’s seat while begrudging the Lebanese that they are going to dialogue. This feeling is unacceptable according to us. We do not accept that anyone begrudge us having dialogue. If you want to begrudge us that, then it’s better that we do without dialogue.

Second: They are in the government and are held responsible, and they begrudge the Lebanese that they have agreed to be in a government we and our allies partake in. So nothing satisfies them.

If you feel embarrassed or you feel that the virtue is yours for staying in the government, then do not feel embarrassed and leave as its better without this virtue of yours and may Allah be with you. There is no problem in that. That’s what I wanted to say about this feeling of grudge. What virtue do you have on us?
We do not want to begrudge anyone for having dialogue with him; we do not want to begrudge anyone for partaking in the government with him. In fact, it’s we along with our brethren resistance men in the other Lebanese parties and forces who liberated our country and offered thousands of martyrs and wounded, and stood victoriously in Bint Jbeil on May 25, 2000.

In fact, if a Lebanese achievement was made in the past fifty or sixty years it is the achievement of liberation made by the resistance. Still we did not begrudge anyone that we fought for him and liberated his land. Now you come to sit with us on the dialogue table and still you want to begrudge us that!? That is unacceptable, my dear!

Anyway, I don’t know if Speaker Nabih Berri returned back to Lebanon or not. We will tackle this issue later. In fact, this requires discussion. Anyway, I will call for dialogue as soon as possible because now we are preoccupied with Ashura councils. In fact, I will call the leadership of Hizbullah to reconsider the issue. If this is how you want to act, it won’t be that you leave dialogue only, I myself won’t accept to have dialogue with you. I do not accept to sit with you.

Second: We feel blackmailed. As a Lebanese, I am one of the people who felt blackmailed yesterday. Don’t you want to help us to step out of our failure and inefficiency in Bekaa? What is the story of Bekaa? A security plan was set for Bekaa. What is required from us? We as well as Amal Movement are political parties. They said they don’t want anyone to cover the criminals who violate security and the like. We never covered anyone any day. I challenge all security, military, and judicial institutions with a judiciary power in Lebanon to say that they came to arrest someone – a drug smuggler, a car robber, a hijacker, or a killer and we prevented them from doing so. In fact, they are inefficient and unsuccessful. Well, what do you want from us? Shall we arrest the criminals and hand them to the state? Has the state changed to a prison and a jailer? Are you a state or a prison directorate? It’s not our obligation to arrest the criminals and hand them to the state. Well, this is what we did concerning the collaborators with “Israel”. This has to do with the Resistance, and everything that has to do with the Resistance has its special considerations. But, are Hizbullah and Amal Movement responsible of arresting the criminals in Bekaa and hand them to the state? This is not our business. Why is there a state then? You know how sensitive this issue is. We are not turning our back to our responsibilities.

Our people in Bekaa know we have no interest in that; but some people want to drag Hizbullah and Amal Movement into conflicts with the families and tribes because our men are the sons of these families and these tribes. The state must be the state; the army must be the army; the security forces must be the security forces; or else what are the budgets set for? Why are salaries being paid? Why is there equipment? Why are hundreds of millions being paid? Why are there technical apparatuses, developed technologies, and tapping devices?

Anyway, if they talk about dialogue to blackmail us, we refuse to be blackmailed, and if they talk about staying in the government to blackmail us, here too we refuse to be blackmailed. Whoever likes to share in the dialogue table he is welcomed, and whoever wishes to quit he is free to do so. Whoever wants to stay in the government he is welcomed, and whoever wishes to quit he is free to do so. We refuse that such issues be the subject of blackmailing. We are not obliging anyone to partake in the dialogue or to stay in the government. As a section of Lebanese, indeed we take pains to secure our country and the political and security stability in the country and on continual contact between its political forces. We care for maintaining the current government and for searching for solutions. But go and search for the true problems and crises. Who and how were they made?

Anyway, in as much as we care for such issues, there remains the moral aspect of things. Frankly speaking, if the issue is personal and it concerns my brethrens and me in person, we may overcome our personal dignity being violated as if nothing is being done. But when it comes to the dignity of people and respectable currents and movements, we can’t tolerate their dignity being touched and harmed. Here other things are taken into consideration. No matter how caring man is, here other things are taken into consideration.

Anyway, no matter how fierce were the fields of confrontation with the Zionist enemy and the Takfiri enemy and the internal confrontations, we – the brethrens of brethren martyr leader Hassan Mohammad Hussein al Hajj (Abu Mohammad al Iqleem or Hajj Maher), the leader martyr – are proud of him and of his jihad and martyrdom and we will always assume all the responsibilities until achieving one of the two good endings – either victory or martyrdom, and on the personal level both good endings Inshallah.

May Allah Al Mighty have mercy on our dear martyr and may Allah gather him with the Prophet of Allah and the prophets of Allah and his chaste Household, with all the martyrs and the Master of all martyrs Abu Abdullah al Hussein (peace be upon him). I ask Allah Al Mighty to grant his noble family patience and consolation, and they are living a state of pride and dignity and high morals. May Allah grant all of you integrity, pride, and honor Inshallah to move along in the path of these dear martyrs. Peace be upon you and Allah’s mercy and blessings.


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