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Report by Ollie Richardson, Fort Russ, 21/10/2015

100% of Reuters articles are lies

How on Earth have Reuters come up with this one?! 80% of Russian airstrikes are not targeting terrorists?

Four-fifths of Russia’s Syria strikes don’t target Islamic State:
Reuters analysis

Almost 80 percent of Russia’s declared targets in Syria have been in areas not held by Islamic State, a Reuters analysis of Russian Defence Ministry data shows, undermining Moscow’s assertions that its aim is to defeat the group.

Oh right! Bombing ‘moderates’ doesn’t count. “a Reuters analysis of Russian Defence Ministry data” basically means an intern bootlicker who is given the template document from the State Department to fill in. The same cut, copy and paste articles surface across the entire MSM front. It is becoming very tedious to read the same lies and fictional accounts.
Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 22.14.45

Coup d’etat

It doesn’t require a PhD in History to understand the reason why Assad’s meeting with Putin was kept under wraps until the former returned to Damascus. USA would have gone ‘all in’ to stage a coup using what ‘moderates’ they have left. This blogger claims to have traced Assad’s journey to Moscow:

Sadly, common sense didn’t prevail for Ken Roth (Human Rights Fake Watch), who defaulted to his neocon-programmed algorithm:


The lies wont stop here though, because Putin called Turkey and Saudi Arabia afterwards to fill them in with the juicy gossip. Armchair analysts will put 2 and 2 together and claim Putin is setting up a transition.

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 23.38.39

Je Suis Qatar


As has been discussed many times in the past on Sociopath Media, Charles Lister is part of a USA-sponsored chain-gang in Doha. The Ministry of Defence has released footage of every major airstrike thus far, leaving the well in the Brookings Institute offices to dry up. That doesn’t stop its employees from pretending the war in Syria is ‘complex’, when it clearly isn’t. It can be summarised by the following equation:


Russia doesn’t give a rat’s ass if it is hitting ‘moderates’; they are chopping the heads off the Syrian Army soldiers. Even the ever corrupt Ban Ki-moon knows this is wrong, and stood and applauded Putin when he made his intentions clear.


Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 23.41.56

Losing Streak

If the Pentagon was a NFL coach, they would be finishing the regular season 0-16. General Breedlove looks like he struggles to tie his shoelaces, let alone create a successful geostrategic game plan.  Which leads us to this NYT piece, which, if we’re honest, is a cry for help.


The author acts like another sovereign country can legally be the possession of another through force. Afghanistan was used and abused in the 80’s by USA as an  attempt to destabilise the Soviet Union. Arming Bin Laden’s goons with Stingers was the game changer that swung the conflict in USA’s corner. Post 9/11 though was totally different, as they needed finances to fund the Iraq invasion. That’s where the opium cultivation came into play. As of today, the Taliban is reclaiming areas that the British/US forces occupied 10+ years ago, which is a rather strange occurrence. It’s almost as if USA is creating a new theatre of war in preparation for the inevitable liberation of Syria and Iraq from the Sunni organ-eaters. You can bet the ISIS scumbags that have fled thus far will be studying an Afghan roadmap…


Out with the useless, in with the bear

After 18 months of dropping supplies to the Takfiri cavemen, USA has the audacity to imply Russia isn’t trying hard enough. As if that isn’t a slap in the face, they have the cajones to give Iraq an ultimatum:

It’s a really difficult choice too for Iraq, do they want the medicine (Russia) or do they want further infection (USA)?The truth is Iraq is waiting to see how Syria pans out, and if they like the look of what Russia has done, they will give the green light. All USA is trying to do is drag its heels whilst it is escorted off the premises. But what the Land of Exceptionalism won’t tell the world is that the new Intel office (Russia, Iran, Iraq & Syria) has already worked miracles, as this respected PressTV journalist pointed out:

It seems that the division of labour stratagem is exactly what the doctor ordered, with Russia protecting the skies and the radius surrounding the Black Sea and Latakia.

Human Shields

What you are about to see is not parody or a prank. The suggestion to use Syrian citizens as human shields genuinely bounced around the floor of the Senate:


Not only that but the creation of buffer zones for the ‘moderates’.  No words can describe how pathetic and desperate these ‘ideas’ are. Today it was revealed, by the Russian Ministry of Defence, that Al-Nusra and ISIS have been in communication, discussing creating a merger to tackle Assad. This would make the Russian Airforce’s job much easier, but of course, USA would try to smear any airstrikes with the ‘civilian casualties’ brush.

Tie Her Up

Another consistent trend that can be found among State Department articles, is the lack of evidence to backup claims. Julian Röpcke knows this all too well, and has failed to date to produce even an indication he has a brain.


This shill however conveniently forgets that Ukraine’s government suffered a hijacking at the hands of Capitol Hill. She thinks that Putin marched along to Crimea and put a gun to the heads of the Crimeans. Being based in London, she has no right to offer lectures on ‘territorial integrity’ – just ask the Irish, Native Americans, Africans, Indians etc… But that is what they teach in UK schools – kiss the Queen’s feet and forget about genocide.




Eliot stop! our sides hurt!

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FortRuss, by Ollie Richardson
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