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‘Israeli’ Training Camps for Militants in Southern Syria

by Hussein Mortada, al-Ahed News, 23/10/2015

Battlefield events are all the same whether in Quneitra or in Daraa in the south of Syria. The repetitive failures of the proxy require the intervention of its master. The inefficiency of “al-Nusra Front” and its affiliates in the rural areas of both provinces and “Israeli” military alertness reflect fears of the repercussions of the Syrian Army and its allies’ control of al-Amal Farms and the surrounding area starting with Tal Ahmar and Tal Qabaa in Quneitra, up to the surroundings of Sheikh Miskeen and the Manshiyeh neighborhood in Daraa and touching the old border crossing, an official border crossing shared with Jordan.

The unsuccessful attack scenarios staged by the militants in Quneitra and Daraa proved the inefficiency of these groups to record any breach in the security perimeter imposed by the Syrian Army around Quneitra – a direct line of fire that set ablaze away all the endeavors exerted by the “Israeli” entity to revive the idea of the good wall.

The units of the Syrian Army and its allies staged a lightning-fast operation that took the “Israeli” entity by surprise.

This time, the entity also failed to back the militant groups because of the swiftness of the advance towards Tal Qabaa and Tal Ahmar and the rapid advance towards al Amal Farms and the outskirts of Taranja village, 12 kilometers to the north of Quneitra and the complete control over the farms, which forced the militants to flee towards the depth of the occupied territories.

They were welcomed in Sheeta where the “Israeli” Army established a center to gather militants before dispatching them to other areas inside the occupied Golan, Daraa Province, or the Quneitra countryside.

Surprise operations

According to information provided to al-Ahed News, after the residents of Majdel Shams attacked the ambulance, the “Israeli” entity started welcoming militants in several camps and posts that they established for training, planning, assembly, and arming.

They also established several field hospitals in more than one place. The sources said “each camp has an operations room linked to the central operations room and leads an axis independent of the others”.

The information highlighted that the “militants of Jabatha al-Khashab, Taranja, and Ophania are sent after being gathered in Sheeta to the ‘Israeli’ Army’s Artillery Battalion near Zaaoura Town.

Next to this battalion is a camp for ‘al-Nusra Front’ where artillery and rocket training takes place.

There is also a field hospital fully equipped to receive the wounded. ‘al-Nusra Front’s’ second camp is near the Golany Brigade’s outpost in Namroud Fortress in Banyas Village in the heart of Golan and near the borders with Tabarayya.

Jordanian intelligence officers work along with ‘Israeli’ Aman officers in this camp. In this post, there is also an operations room frequently visited by Jordanian militant leaders from ‘al-Nusra Front’ present in Quneitra”, a prominent figure among whom is “Abu Omar al-Urdoni”.

The information added: “The third camp lies in al-Qalaa near Badom Settlement and Point 105. Moreover, there is a assembly center near Wasset Town and the Maroum Golan settlement where there is an operations room that used to run operations at the Quneitra border crossing, before it was moved to Nahariya deep in occupied Palestine.

This room is dedicated for key operations, is run by Mossad and Amman, and is supervised by an officer fluent in Arabic from the Golani Brigade chosen by the Mossad.

In parallel, runaway officer Shareef Safawi, who now works with ‘al-Nusra Front’ and its allies, receives orders and resends them to the militants”.

The sources revealed that the rockets fired on Nahariya on 20/8/2015 were a message from the Resistance axis to the Zionist entity to the effect that the axis knows about this operations room and is aware of its activities.

The sources revealed that collaboration is not limited to the militants of the fronts in the rural areas of Quneitra. Rather, the “Israeli” entity received a number of militants from the rural areas of western, southern, and northern Daraa as the enemy is doubling its efforts in an attempt to weave the largest network of collaborators after the militants failed to break through the fortified defense line surrounding Daraa.

The Syrian Army launched a military operation, coupled with advances in Sheikh Miskeen town to the north of Daraa via the town’s southern entrance, which led to control over Brigade 82’s technical battalion and the collapse of the militants. This pushed the enemy entity to assure these groups that its support for them is still valid and, it further promised to train their militants”.

In addition to the aforementioned, the southern front remains to hold great importance, as it is linked to the nature of the struggle with the “Israeli” entity, and because it spans the Lebanese South up to the Western Beqaa.

Hossein Mortada-saa

Hussein Mortada on Alahednews
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