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Nora Barre fsa

Nora Barre, a face spread around the US mainstream media like a perfect Syrian “script”

Nora Barre

On CNN, Brooke Baldwin runs with the fake story even interviewing Nora Barre. The helpless looking, zero tear fake crying woman questions republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush at a town-hall meeting recently about what he would “do for Syria.”

Giving some sickening sob story of her relatives she helped to escape Syria recently to Turkey describes how these children forgot how to play on play equipment. Give me a damn break! The media sucks it up like a kid drinking chocolate milk with a straw.

This whole story, along with Nora’s story, is another attempt of the US led Fake Syrian Community in the United States SAC (Syrian American Community).

This community actually consists of ousted Muslim Brotherhood expats kicked from Syria when Hafez killed & outlawed most of them in the 1980’s.

Now, their children are carrying their torches and milking the American taxpayes for donations to keep their greedy charities going.

What these charities do is allow them lavish homes, vacations and lifestyles.


Rafif and Salwa

Nora, married to Luke Barre, is no different. In April of 2012, Nora jumped on the charity money making scheme bandwagon along with the lying big mouth Rafif Jouejati and Salwa Dakheel to start a charity called “Foundation to Restore Equality and Education in Syria”.

Personally, I think its a money laundering scheme, and should investigate it. Nora is/was appointed Secretary and Treasurer, Rafif the President, and Salwa the Vice-President. A cozy little group.

Untitled 20058

The entire “foundations” paperwork can be viewed here: http://nebula.wsimg.com/6b0f24c9b766ed39d42be5b816f7f911?AccessKeyId=224D5E7844D24D2BED1B&disposition=0

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luke barre

Nora is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the Terrorists group “Free Syrian Army” in the United States along with her cohorts.

Not to mention making money off this fake organization, she also volunteers at the  French-American School of Rhode Island. 


As a matter of fact (after running a google search for “Nora Barre”), in another charity (run by Generosity), Nora tells another sob story of her family left behind in Syria.

Funny thing is, the little girl shown in the photos seen on her charity page, look strikingly familiar to a young Nora photographed and uploaded years ago to a photobucket account of Mary W “Pink Whoree.”

Dont be surprised if these photos actually show Nora as a HAPPY child, suffering nothing but a family vacation.

refugee family

Untitled 20050

Charity sob story here: https://www.generosity.com/fundraisers/nora-s-fam-rebuilding-lives-of-14-syrian-refugees

I think the biggest shame here is a person named Nora Barre scamming or milking the American people out of thousands of dollars that she may very well be placing in her own pocket along with her cohorts. Also, acting like a sad, random Syrian just asking Jeb Bush a question, appears to be a complete set-up for the media regarding Syria, yet again. I am so sick of these fake Syrians living in the United States that would rather watch every Syrian killed in Syria, and every building demolished JUST to get rid of Assad.

THESE ARE NOT REAL SYRIANS would do this to their fellow Syrians! These are Muslim Brotherhood that want Assad out no matter what the cost!


Jeb Bush, you have either been played like a fiddle,
or you are in on the media manipulation scheme! 

by NevaehWest


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