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President al-Assad: Terrorism is cross-border issue that should be dealt with

Damascus, SANA – President Bashar al-Assad met on Wednesday a French parliamentary delegation headed by Jean-Frederic Poisson, Leader of the Christian Democratic Party.

The meeting tackled a number of issues including the situation in Syria and the threats posed by terrorism to all countries of the region and the world.

President al-Assad stressed that terrorism and extremism are a global phenomenon that knows no borders and should be dealt with, adding that many regional and Western countries, including France, are still supporting and providing political cover for the armed terrorist organizations in Syria.

His Excellency highlighted the role of the French institutions, particularly the French Parliament, in correcting their country’s policies to work towards the security and stability of the Middle East region, as this actually serves the interests of the French people.

Regarding the humanitarian situation in Syria, President al-Assad asserted that the two main causes of the suffering of the Syrian people are terrorism and the damage it causes to infrastructure, and the unjust economic sanctions imposed on the country which affected the living standards of the Syrians negatively and decreased the level of services provided to them in various sectors, especially the health sector.

For their part, members of the delegation stressed the need to unify efforts in confronting terrorism, highlighting the need to adopt a different approach regarding Syria as the current Western policies have failed to put an end to the war.

They said that as Parliament members, they will spare no effort to change their country’s current policies regarding Syria in a manner that would contribute to alleviating the suffering of the Syrian people.

President al-Assad had met Poisson earlier on July 12th, and during that meeting he underlined the important role that rational politicians and MPs in France and Europe can play in correcting Western policies regarding Syria and the region.

Poisson: French delegation will convey real image about the situation in Syria

Poisson affirmed that he and members of the French delegation who met President Bashar al-Assad will convey to their country the real image about the terrorist acts in Syria.

“President al-Assad received us for nearly 1 and half an hour and we have discussed the latest field developments in Syria, particularly after Russia’s participation in the war against terrorism… we have also tackled the political situation in the country in light of the preparations for the parliamentary elections next year… talks have also dealt with how to overcome ISIS,” Poisson said in a statement.

He added that the meeting has helped them understand the situation in Syria and they got acquainted with the life difficulties the Syrians are facing due to the shortage in medicine, water and electricity caused by terrorism.

SANA - Mohammad Nassr / Hazem Sabbagh
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